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The School Days by ashley-kuwonu
The School Daysby 💎AshleyDolan-Daddario💎
Ellie Chamberlain, Emma Chamberlain, Grayson Dolan, and Ethan Dolan all begin high school. Unfortunately, so do Madison Beer, Meredith Mickelson, Sofia Olivera, and Jame...
  • charles
  • liza
  • james
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Cheongug천국 (Heaven)Academy  by Rebiscotin
Cheongug천국 (Heaven)Academy by Sofie Mica Montecillo
She is one of a kind.... a goddess... She has a kind soul but a cold heart... Cold as Ice but in the right hands she melts... Don't you ever mess up with her... Try...
  • supernatural
  • academy
  • power
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°☆Sof'gRaM☆° by chapemos-tzuyu
°☆Sof'gRaM☆°by Icon: Seulgi ♡
Lo de arriba ~
  • sofia
  • gram
  • fakegram
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Young and hungry rp by CharlotteGBooth
Young and hungry rpby Onceuponanarniangirl
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  • roleplay
  • gabi
  • chef
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Good is the New Bad  by Eva_Evil_Queen
Good is the New Bad by Eva Queen
Eva Griselda Queen and her older sister Evie always taught that looks are eveything but once they get a change to go to Auradon they learn that beauty isn't everything
  • drawings
  • evilvsgood
  • evilqueen
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Broken and Beautiful by TanyaBarrett6
Broken and Beautifulby Tanya Barrett
Maddie feels like nobody loves her, but she knows everyone does
  • sofia
  • carson
  • maddie
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Love is Fatal by LucasLockHeart
Love is Fatalby Lucas
No one is all bad and no one is all good. Similarly there is no black and niether there is white. There are countless shades of Grey. You aren't a sinner but I'm no sain...
  • lethal
  • hate
  • fatal
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3582 Miles Apart by xXChocolateKatyXx
3582 Miles Apartby xXChocolateKatyXx
It's been years, she told herself, over and over again. He moved on, you should probably do the same. Put the pieces of your heart back together, she said. But it's hard...
  • romance
  • suspense
  • sofia
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Is it just a dream?|| a Malvie Fanfic by dovestories
Is it just a dream?|| a Malvie Dove stories
A fanfic of Mal am Evie from the Disney Channel original movie Descendants. Read the story to find out...
  • mevie
  • lesbian
  • lesbianlofestory
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Drams Do Come True  by harperherronmills
Drams Do Come True by herronschubs1005
Sofia, a 14 year old girl, is a freshman in high school, and has two boy best friends, Grant and Rowan Olive. Sofia and Grant have always been the closest out of the thr...
  • crush
  • love
  • grant
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lucid letters by darktoxic5102
lucid lettersby Zoey
After Meredith realised was experiencing Alzheimers symptoms, she starts writing in a journal everything that has happened since working at the hospital, the tragedies...
  • richard
  • joesbar
  • ellis
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