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lucid letters by darktoxic5102
lucid lettersby Zoey
After Meredith realised was experiencing Alzheimers symptoms, she starts writing in a journal everything that has happened since working at the hospital, the tragedies...
  • derek
  • seattle
  • merder
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LOVE IS ASLAN by ceptybrown
LOVE IS ASLANby ceptybrown
Ini bukan cerita tentang romansa.. Tapi cerita tentang secret admirer seorang gadis. Cerita tentangku, Sofia. Yang memendam cinta dengan kakak kelas dan ketua OSIS di s...
  • bakpia
  • aslan
  • sofia
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Harm (Transformers Bayverse) by Skyblade238
Harm (Transformers Bayverse)by Katana
My life has been normal. I've had good grades, a full ride to a university, and had a happy family. It was only just me and my mom. Yes, we were poor, but I didn't care...
  • eelectricity
  • missioncity
  • autobots
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Is it just a dream?|| a Malvie Fanfic by dovestories
Is it just a dream?|| a Malvie Dove stories
A fanfic of Mal am Evie from the Disney Channel original movie Descendants. Read the story to find out...
  • lgbtq
  • lesbian
  • sofia
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Alright Everyone Today Sofia Hugo Amber James Zandar Desmond And Vivian are here To play Truth or dare Plus All of them Are stuck In a Mansion in a Middle of the Sea Don...
  • sofiathefirst
  • hugfia
  • vivian
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Stallion Island (Adaptation) The Flippant Lord and The Defiant Princess by Nightxshade
Stallion Island (Adaptation) The Nightxshade
Nayoumi Ortaleza is no ordinary woman. She's intelligent, influential and very attractive. She's not the type of girl that easily to crumble or take failure and she prov...
  • ladyboss
  • princess-in-distress
  • sofiaphr
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te conocí de casualidad by ArielianPuche
te conocí de casualidadby Misaki Mei
sofía le pide a dove que se haga pasar por su novia para descubrir si es verdad que sabrina esta enamorada de ella
  • fanfic
  • dovfia
  • cameron
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3582 Miles Apart by xXChocolateKatyXx
3582 Miles Apartby xXChocolateKatyXx
It's been years, she told herself, over and over again. He moved on, you should probably do the same. Put the pieces of your heart back together, she said. But it's hard...
  • newyork
  • love
  • suspense
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Walking Away by MizDosa
Walking Awayby MizDosa
Sofia always runs away from commitments and relationships. Aiden thinks she's the love of his life. But can he forgive her for her past mistakes? Or is it too late?
  • heartache
  • romance
  • sofia
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Our Lives - Why Dont We  by Sofia_Besson
Our Lives - Why Dont We by S_Besson
Five girls move to Los Angeles together and meet five boys. Little did they know, their lives were going to change forever. This fanfic is all the boys not just one spec...
  • natali
  • emma
  • jonah
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Spiders and Ladybugs Don't Mix! (Spider-Verse/Miraculous Ladybug Crossover) by Sandleaf
Spiders and Ladybugs Don't Mix! ( Ravenfeather
What happens when a radioactive spider find's it's way into the Miraculous world? Answer: A whole lot of chaos. Sofia Silver always knew that the universe hated her. Los...
  • gwenstacy
  • marinette
  • akuma
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Sofia Carson Imagine story  by Emma_6780
Sofia Carson Imagine story by Emma☺️
Kind of self explanatory from the title, hope you enjoy!
  • sofia
  • readerxcharacter
  • romance
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The War of Kingdoms | a sofia the first fanfic by adomanian
The War of Kingdoms | a sofia ope ♛
RPA as gone upside down all the adults in the Kingdom disappear. The children are then left to fight a war by themselves. A/N: I am so sorry I will work on the summary...
  • hugo
  • cleo
  • sofia
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Stories From the EverRealm by SimplyNotAnEgg
Stories From the EverRealmby Emma
A series following the lives of our beloved EverRealm Royals. Incorporates stories everywhere from Avalor to Enchancia.
  • naomi
  • stf
  • elenaofavalor
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I Hate You;I Love You by lrreanzares
I Hate You;I Love Youby lrreanzares
"Jack died for Rose, Romeo and Juliet died for each other. Bidam died fighting for Deok man on the other hand Deok man died because of sadness to the loss of her be...
  • love
  • dan
  • sofia
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Cheongug천국 (Heaven)Academy  by Rebiscotin
Cheongug천국 (Heaven)Academy by Sofie Mica Montecillo
She is one of a kind.... a goddess... She has a kind soul but a cold heart... Cold as Ice but in the right hands she melts... Don't you ever mess up with her... Try...
  • sofia
  • academy
  • goddess
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Love is Fatal by LucasLockHeart
Love is Fatalby Lucas
No one is all bad and no one is all good. Similarly there is no black and niether there is white. There are countless shades of Grey. You aren't a sinner but I'm no sain...
  • care
  • lethal
  • sofia
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Perfect Imperfections  by oozilia22
Perfect Imperfections by oozilia22
Layla Michaelson has always been perfect. Too perfect. She's gorgeous, brilliant and she knows everything. But her perfect little life comes to a halt when her best frie...
  • life
  • newbie
  • victor
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°☆Sof'gRaM☆° by chapemos-tzuyu
°☆Sof'gRaM☆°by Icon: Seulgi ♡
Lo de arriba ~
  • fakegram
  • carpenter
  • sofia
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Under Pastel Colored Skies by Wish_I_Was_Dreaming
Under Pastel Colored Skiesby Vanessa
"I loved him." "No you didn't. You're just mistaking love for lust." He said glancing down at me. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing c...
  • band
  • sofia
  • gettingherback
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