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Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife (An appraisal of Islam 'n India) by BSMurthy
Puppets of Faith: Theory of BSMurthy
On one hand, this 'book of logic 'n reasoning' appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Me...
Let Reviewer  by queen_antidotes
Let Reviewer by antidotes
This is a reviewer for LET from different sources in Internet. CTTO
LET Reviewer: Social Science 3 by wizmorrisonx
LET Reviewer: Social Science 3by chonakeny
This reviewer contains 30 items questionnaires with answer keys attached. Good luck, future LPT's!
LET Reviewer: Social Science 2 by wizmorrisonx
LET Reviewer: Social Science 2by chonakeny
The second part of LET reviewer for Social Studies/Social Sciences major with 50 questionnaires. Good luck future LPT's!
Peter Griffin Vs. Identity Politics: Logic vs. Ideology by checki18
Peter Griffin Vs. Identity Checkina H. Coulibaly-壽曦鏗
This story is about Peter Griffin and his best friend Brian Griffin fighting against the most cancerous virus called Identity Politics, which has damaged the process of...
10th Standard Social Science Volume 2 Exam Guide For English Medium by suraschoolguides
10th Standard Social Science Sura School Guides
Are you a 10th standard student or your children studying in 10th and preparing for board exams then you should prepare based on the latest syllabus to get more marks. T...
Among the Desert Lands of Sh'Tra Pmar by Matthew-Poole
Among the Desert Lands of Sh'Tra Matthew Poole
Are interested in sociology or any other social sciences? Well, welcome to my very owm ethnography, here, on wattpad. This was my very first attempt at a ethnograp...
Social Studies/ Social Sciences by livelaughloveph
Social Studies/ Social Sciencesby Agatha
LET Comprehensive Reviewer Based on the NCBTS and Table of Specification (TOS)
Social Science homework help by helphomework
Social Science homework helpby helphomework
We will provide you a complete social science homework guide and all the relevant research papers. Our presence and all time support will tend your career graph and scor...
Guilded by EvelynKingsWoods
Guildedby Himeko
Forgive me friends. This story is going through false promises like other stories. I do not know when the next update will be. I do have the entire plot filled out in my...
Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution  by tae_3648
Socialism In Europe And The @rmjinminhopekookmintae
Hi....... I'm a student of 9th class..... I wanted to learn history in an interesting way so decided to write this story in a watt pad vibe. This chapter may contain err...
Gnosis by Gnostiko
Gnosisby Russell
Publisher’s note on this book: This book is a radical leap into the apex of philosophy, psychology, and the science of seeing what’s real for oneself. Written...
What is  philosophy? by AILXNY
What is philosophy?by
It is an exciting task and at the same time very daring to try to present the philosophical knowledge. By: Ailany Ceballos
What are Social Sciences by stevensmithau
What are Social Sciencesby stevensmithau
The concepts of social sciences requires students to complete numerous different sociological concepts.Students are required to complete numerous academic projects for a...
Social science discussions on comics by theknightsofglenn
Social science discussions on theknightsofglenn
He/him An experimental blog type thing I'm trying where I can blend my two loves, comics and the social sciences. I aim to discuss the important link between the two and...
Morality: An Excuse by AnshMaini
Morality: An Excuseby Ansh Maini
Someone killed a person. What are your thoughts? Is murder bad? Why? Murder is bad is fiction, not reality. Why do we believe it? How did we get stuck with something so...
Class 8 Social Science Sample Papers Will Help Students Practice for the Exam by kalpana06chauhan
Class 8 Social Science Sample kalpana chauhan
Extramarks is an online learning place which provides the study materials for the students of ICSE. The ICSE Model Paper Class 8 Geography will help students practice an...
The Perils of Manipulation by _QuothTheRaven_
The Perils of Manipulationby _QuothTheRaven_
This book goes deep into the science of Manipulation. You'll learn not only effective ways to deal with manipulative and toxic people in your life, but also the many roo...
Futureworld by BeingOfTheFuture
Futureworldby BeingOfTheFuture
What will society look like in the distant future? Here's your chance to find out! Our Anonymous Time Traveler, leaving notes in undisclosed locations randomly to prot...