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wild Wild Boy by VictoriaTemple7
wild Wild Boyby Victoria Temple
I was happy with my life being alone and living in the middle of nowhere. This was until a young wild savage boy appeared at my home, after escaping from a freakshow whe...
Feminist Rage by LauraAMartin
Feminist Rageby laura
A collection of poems about feminism, empowerment, and the power of change. (all poems are mine)
The Craft; Witchcraft Basics by equinoxwitch
The Craft; Witchcraft Basicsby Equinox Witch
A basic rundown of everything I know about the craft. I am a Christian witch who incorporates hoodoo into my practices as a way to honor my ancestors, the ones who carri...
When Hope Calls: A Human Trafficking Story by David_el
When Hope Calls: A Human David L
One phone call. One kidnapped girl. One impossible rescue mission. When the staff of a human rights NGO receive a call from a distraught girl, Mya, claiming she ha...
No Love No Tacos Tees by KetrinaSmith
No Love No Tacos Teesby KetrinaSmith
No Love, No Tacos. This Is The Official No Love, No Tacos Shirt, With a Portion of Sales Going to Alfonso Medina And His Amazing Marshalltown Restaurant, La Carreta Mexi...
Poetry Collection - When two turn into one by maurauderette
Poetry Collection - When two Lily Evans 2.0
I've been struggling with my two identities - being German living in Canada - and this poetry collection reflects my journey. It's all about fitting in, being new in a d...
Mother Mutilated by Balladoad
Mother Mutilatedby Farista Sairuv
Mother Nature's body mutilated. She lies there, her power, her glory, her immortal liberty Rendered helpless by our slashing roads and our piercing pipelines Our factor...
Have a Heart Day 2021 by Balladoad
Have a Heart Day 2021by Farista Sairuv
The situation for First Nations children is incredibly discriminatory, unfair, unequal, and deeply traumatic. First Nations kids don't get adequate social services, get...
My Writing  by redvelvetcreep
My Writing by Jacqueline |-/
So some of this is kinda crap and some of this isn't bad and some of this is pretty great. Chapter titles = poem titles. Any trigger warnings will be posted in brackets...
The Moderates by miraculouslyFutile
The Moderatesby Molly Schuknecht
What if internet stereotypes were mythical creatures? This unique fantasy story follows the life of Anthony Adley, as him and a close friend learn how to change the worl...
Island of the Unemployed by EasyWriter1
Island of the Unemployedby Michael McAllister
The world is dominated by a single corporate entity. The human race is enslaved in a tightly monitored and controlled environment, with no reasonable expectation for red...
Tomorrow by rmtrujillo
Tomorrowby R.M. Trujillo
A fictional account of a Syrian refugee family, caught up in the reality of war, survival, and possibly the biggest humanitarian crisis of the modern era.
The Idle Rebellion by Faint-Projection
The Idle Rebellionby Faint Projection
A short story set in a near future where a man named Quin is sent to infiltrate a dangerous movement composed of people unable to find a job in the increasingly automate...
Ladies First by GenderEquality4All
Ladies Firstby EqualPeople
A poem (said in a rap kind of style) on female rights.
The Leader's Journey by ArtikaTyner
The Leader's Journeyby Artika Tyner
Leadership is a journey often mistaken for a destination. The Leader’s Journey: A Guide to Discovering the Leader Within provides guidance and inspiration for that journ...
Rants Of A Transgender Smol Bean by Sad_Lil_Boi
Rants Of A Transgender Smol Beanby 🏳️‍🌈
H-hi name is R-Ryan and this a a rants It will mostly i-involve LGBTQQIIAPO+ daily s..struggles and other t-topics.
PSA ➳ hiatus by chinavase
PSA ➳ hiatusby Melissa
The book in which I educate people about the hard-hitting topics in life.