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When Hope Calls: A Human Trafficking Story by David_el
When Hope Calls: A Human David L
One phone call. One kidnapped girl. One impossible rescue mission. When the staff of a human rights NGO receive a call from a distraught girl, Mya, claiming she ha...
confessions of an angry black teenage drama queen by PLVTONIC
confessions of an angry black luna
i breathe teen angst !! and social justice!!!
PSA ➳ hiatus by chinavase
PSA ➳ hiatusby Melissa
The book in which I educate people about the hard-hitting topics in life.
Have a Heart Day Letter to Canadian Government to Help Indigenous Kids 2023 by Balladoad
Have a Heart Day Letter to Farista Sairuv
This is the letter I wrote to the government of Canada, asking them to stop discriminating against First Nations children and families on reserves, and asking them to st...
Forbidden Desires by leasea123
Forbidden Desiresby leasea123
In a world divided by caste, Aria, a gifted artist from the lower class, and Aiden, the privileged heir to the elite, ignite a forbidden love that challenges the oppress...
Emma Watson's Advocacy by 1madscientist
Emma Watson's Advocacyby mad scientist writing
The description is about Emma Watson's advocacy for gender equality and women's rights, as a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and the face of the HeForShe campaign. It h...
The Jewel of Vajranagri: Chronicles of Princess Devyani by Shubhangiee
The Jewel of Vajranagri: Shubhangi Chakraborty
"The Jewel of Vajranagri: Chronicles of Princess Devyani" takes readers on a captivating journey into the medieval society of India through the eyes of Princes...
Project Different (Coming Soon) by Gryffindir_Demigod_
Project Different (Coming Soon)by Gryffindor
Feng Mian, Abiha, Aamir, Bridget, and Marri are fighting back. Fighting back with everything they can. Everything from social media, to protests, to calling state senato...
Poemsby Black Mikey
A book of poems/spoken word, all by me :)
The Idle Rebellion by Faint-Projection
The Idle Rebellionby Faint Projection
A short story set in a near future where a man named Quin is sent to infiltrate a dangerous movement composed of people unable to find a job in the increasingly automate...
Poetry by ShriQuinn
Poetryby Shoba
Just poems I made. Some may be fandom related or my views on the world. Random outlets if inspiration strikes
Halls of Injustice by Mark061003
Halls of Injusticeby Mark Mills
An analysis of the Supreme Court's decisions that fly in the face of social justice, and some thoughts on how to reform the Court.
The Power We Are Given by taytaynerd2
The Power We Are Givenby Taylor
A malicious, telepathic, politician is attempting to force the LGBTQ+ community into camps. One group of superpowers teens will try to stop him. Will it be enough?
The Large Hearts of Heroes by naomip3
The Large Hearts of Heroesby naomip3
Carson Bridges is a half-asian half-white girl living in Brooklyn. She launches herself into the extremely liberal but disappointingly sexist world of Ravenwood Technica...
The Definition of Dysania (A Collection of Short Trepidations) by Nightingale_Nebula
The Definition of Dysania (A Nightingale_Nebula
What is your greatest fear? You might be able to find it here. What is the most peculiar situation you can think of? What would you do if you were thrown into it, from b...
Women's March 2019 Washington T-Shirt by womensmarch2020
Women's March 2019 Washington Women's March
We are outraged. We are organized. They forgot that 5 million women lit the world on fire two years ago. On January 19, 2019, we're going to remind them when we flood th...
The Poker Chip Flipping Prison Chaplain by ChaplainU
The Poker Chip Flipping Prison ChaplainU
Buck Bismark Buhler, the new prison chaplain, walks the hallways wondering why the inmates are so joyful. Their raucous laughter, broad smiles, and jubilant fist bumpin...