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The Flash Rewrite by XenMultiverse
The Flash Rewriteby Xen Martin
The Flash was a good movie not a great movie but since James Gunn is of course cleaning house and soft rebooting the DCEU, I feel that a lot was missing from this movie...
The Dark Knight Returns by XenMultiverse
The Dark Knight Returnsby Xen Martin
The Dark Knight Returns in my BvS rewrite set in the Christopher Nolanverse
My Idea For How The DCU Could Have Been! by DrakeWilder
My Idea For How The DCU Could DrakeWilder
The Lineup Of Movies That Could Have Been The DCU.
The Dark Knight's Jester by TheDorkyTomboy
The Dark Knight's Jesterby Lexi Lee
One night, Bruce Wayne gets a surprise visit from a mysterious figure. Who calls themselves the dark knight. Though who lies under the mask, is someone he was not expect...
Legion of Superheroes by XenMultiverse
Legion of Superheroesby Xen Martin
Supergirl has been on Earth for more than a year and has bonded with her cousin, Superman who unfortunately is being controlled by Darkseid Read what happens as Supergir...
My DC Cinematic Universe Fancasting by Cailstormwind76
My DC Cinematic Universe Fancastingby Cailstormwind76
I loved all the movies that have been made so far and the actors and actresses in them. It is super disappointing that the heads of WB aren't going to keep what has been...
The Batman : A FOE by shutopandkissme
The Batman : A FOEby arr 🚩
Batman is Weak, Alone and Tired the Corruption of Gotham City is at it's peak. Deathstroke is hunting down The Cape crusader and League is creating an army of Supervilla...
Batgirl Begins by XenMultiverse
Batgirl Beginsby Xen Martin
It will always be a shame that Batgirl got canceled but you know how I do things here. If DC won't do it, then I will as a mini series CAST Leslie Grace as Barbara Gord...
Man of Tomorrow by XenMultiverse
Man of Tomorrowby Xen Martin
This is the movie we should've gotten with Henry Cavill's return. The more I hear of his second sequel to MoS, the more intrigued how the stories would've put itself tog...
ARGUS by XenMultiverse
ARGUSby Xen Martin
After the events of Justice League Unlimited Part 1, the government is now on edge about Darkseid. This is the first thing we see of our DCEU/Nolanverse that's post Dar...
Batman v Superman: Retelling of the Infamous Martha scene by TyrannosaurKing
Batman v Superman: Retelling of TyrantKing
A sorta Wonderbat retelling of the infamous Martha scene that had memes of the line "Why did you say that name" where, what if Diana was there when Bruce was a...
Who is the Dark Knight? by XenMultiverse
Who is the Dark Knight?by Xen Martin
In the fifth chapter of the Dark Knight Franchise, it is blended more with the DCEU in that this takes place after Justice League. Here is Who Is The Dark Knight? CAST C...
Black Adam: Knightmare by JamieWicker
Black Adam: Knightmareby JamieWicker
The world is in ruins. Darkseid's invasion is complete. Superman controls the forces of Apokolypse. All hope seems lost, yet Batman's team continues to fight. They s...
Justice League Unlimited by XenMultiverse
Justice League Unlimitedby Xen Martin
Darkseid is coming and we need to prepare for his arrival. That includes the villains too. CAST Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman...
Green Lantern: The Series by XenMultiverse
Green Lantern: The Seriesby Xen Martin
After the first Green Lantern movie, there are some things Hal has to deal with, so this is not going to be about Hal. This series will instead be about John Stewart, wh...
BvS ultimate edition: An emotional roller coaster by PrincessAura08
BvS ultimate edition: An Garbita Saha
Here I will describe my favourite scene and my understanding of them. This is my favourite movie despite all the reviews.
The Power of Shazam! by XenMultiverse
The Power of Shazam!by Xen Martin
This would be a soft reboot of Shazam sorta like Daredevil: Born Again but with Shazam but also sort of resets the Snyderverse at the same time. This is still a continua...
Black Lightning by XenMultiverse
Black Lightningby Xen Martin
Jefferson Pierce was last seen in the Power of Shazam. Now, he is the Black Lightning in this movie
Green Arrow by XenMultiverse
Green Arrowby Xen Martin
James Gunn revealed his DC Slate yesterday. I couldn't help but notice someone was missing from the slate This is a movie, not a TV show where he is more comic accurate ...
Justice League Unlimited Part 2 by XenMultiverse
Justice League Unlimited Part 2by Xen Martin
He's not coming. He's already here. We are at the end of my DCEU/Nolanverse This takes a lot of cues from the dead Snyderverse. This is me resurrecting the Snyderverse o...