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[Servamps,Eves and Subclasses] Servamp x Reader Oneshots!😆 by Ana_Melodi2911
[Servamps,Eves and Subclasses] Ana_Melodi2911
This book contains oneshots of your beloved Servamps,Eves and Subclasses where you can choose your favourite character(s)! So I hope y'all enjoy this!!^^ ♐REQUESTS ARE O...
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Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Reader || by 99_AnimeLover
Eve Too Melancholy || Tsubaki x Moon_Sliver
(Y/N) (L/N) is a sixteen-year-old high school student who was sent to her older cousin Mahiru's so she could get to know him again. she doesn't really like socializing...
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Servamp Zodiacs by Amira1990807
Servamp Zodiacsby Akira
Zodiaki z Servamp
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SERVAMP One-Shots/Zodiacs/Boyfriend scenarios by Dawson_Wolf
SERVAMP One-Shots/Zodiacs/ Idiots With No Laws
These are one shots/Zodiac and BF scenarios that are themed around well what says up top. so I hope you have fun reading this and please tell me who's your favourite ser...
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Endearment ~ (Yandere) Servamp X ♀️ Reader/OC~ by Adrienne1020
Endearment ~ (Yandere) Servamp X ♀ Cloud328
"Hey cuddle bug... Come here, I wanna take a nap..." "Yo, (Y/N)! You wanna go out sometime?" "Don't worry my little butterfly, I'll protect you...
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One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FF by noxiousseraph
One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FFby ° • i'm a hologram • °
Music often brings people together in unexpected ways, as it speaks naught to the person, but to the core of their being. Shirota Mahiru is coaxed into accompanying his...
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Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorrows by Nemuruyukine
Servamp: Of broken bonds and Nemuruyukine
Servamp fanfiction. When the eves abruptly decide to break the contract with their servamps, it's a storm of confusion, anger and mostly pain that rages within. Little d...
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Queen by SongsOfHerDreams
Queenby Jenie
Hello guys~ [ Mikuni x Reader ] A real man is always afraid of losing his queen - just like in chess. During his high school years, before he killed his mother, Mikuni...
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SERVAMP: A Not So Ordinary Summer Vacation (FAN MADE) by iamfancyyyy
SERVAMP: A Not So Ordinary Eliana Martinez
It was just a regular sunny day as Mahiru planned on going somewhere since it's the start of The Summer Break Vacation where the classes in school are already over and y...
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Chaotic Times  ⌲ HazelSnow [2/3] by Manimatsu
Chaotic Times ⌲ HazelSnow [2/3]by 𝓗𝓪𝓻𝓰𝓻𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓣𝓻𝓪𝓼𝓱
|| Book 2 of 3 of the HazelSnow series || "Mom, I'm joining Team Skull, to help save Alola from the chaos of darkness." "Oh, that's nice, sweetie." R...
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Servamp: Oneshots + Headcannons + Reacts by ServampProtection
Servamp: Oneshots + Headcannons ServampProtection
This is a Servamp Oneshot + Headcannon + React book run by Me (Lucy) and my friendo Anna My friend will be doing the Oneshots (since shes so much better then them) I'll...
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Servamp Truth or Dare by anime4life2006
Servamp Truth or Dareby Mamiko-Chan
Ask or dare any of the Servamps and Eves and maybe the subclasses.
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❤️❤️❤️Servamp Imagines❤️❤️❤️ by DogooFaust13
❤️❤️❤️Servamp Imagines❤️❤️❤️by Allison Hill
This is a series of imagines between Servamp characters and the reader/Significant Other (S/O). These are the Servamp characters I'm planning on doing at a time: •Sleepy...
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The Fox's Eve by AlejandraDaisuki
The Fox's Eveby Alejandra Daisuki >3<
What would happen if, after the fight with Kuro and Mahiru, Tsubaki went wondering around town but ends up feeling ill, whitch is very weird for being a vampire. Just as...
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One more Time by Ami_2704
One more Timeby Can'tHideFromDarkness♥️
Mahiru got a call early in the morning for a secret meeting with the so called mad scientist in his group of friends. Later, he finds himself forced to drink a strange l...
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Servamp; The Eve of Melancholy (Mahiru x Oc) by SkyQueen0
Servamp; The Eve of Melancholy ( Sky Queen
It was just another ordinary, yet dreary day for me on a rainy day. Until I found an oddly colored fox injured in an alley while I was going home. So I took care of him...
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Servamp Art Book (cause why not) by Post-it-Notes
Servamp Art Book (cause why not)by Post-it-Notes
Mostly doodles of the Envy pair right now because I fricking love JeJe I don't know why If someone comments someone one for me to draw then I'll try to draw it probably...
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The Shrine of Truth (Cross-posted from Ao3) by Mahiru_Shirota
The Shrine of Truth ( Mahiru_Shirota
Shirota Mahiru is a boy who grew up in his family's shrine deep within a beautiful part of the Forest of Spirits. His only friends were the only kids who ever really wen...
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SnowLily! by TheObserversLookout
SnowLily!by TheObserversLookout
SnowLily's lifestory
SERVAMP X READER!! by Shakira_Balqis
SERVAMP X READER!!by Shakira Balqis
||NOT EDITED|| it all say on the tittle and this book cover you are 14 years old kid name Shirota (y/n) you live together with your big brother shirota mahiru 15 years...
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