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Loving the Mountain Man by AdrianaAnders
Loving the Mountain Manby Adriana Anders
A woman on the edge... Christa Evans is having a rough night. She's lied to and harassed, then she loses her job. And that's before the crash that sends her car careenin...
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Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Oliver Sykes by RecklessMartinez
Our Secrets Will Kill Us // Mae
Amelia Taylor was a normal girl living in Australia until she met, him. Oliver Sykes, a cocky, rude, arrogant boy who teases Amelia every chance he gets. Once Oli moves...
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You Infuriate Me // lucaya ✔️ by MadeleineJ99
You Infuriate Me // lucaya ✔️by madeleine preston
Lucas moved to New York from Texas last year, and ever since there's been one girl who always seems to get under his skin. And this girls name, is Maya Hart. Lucas hate...
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Written In Snow ©™ by Musiclover200613
Written In Snow ©™by Hannah
Willow believed she was invisible. Elliot knew she was not. ____ After a series of unfortunate events, Willow and Elliot, opposite personalities who otherwise would ne...
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Trapped | Vkook by Park7Jiminie
Trapped | Vkookby 𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷. ₛₐₜₐₙ'ₛ ᵦₒᵧ™
Jeongguk and Taehyung hate eachother. A simple weather condition trapped them inside Taehyung's mother house for a bit too long. Maybe they become closer? Vkook: TopTae ...
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Determination (Sans x Suicidal!Reader) by PaulaZocktUwU
Determination (Sans x Suicidal! Paula Zockt
You and your little sister Frisk flee from your alcohol addicted father who verbally and physically abused you. Accidentally falling into the underground, you encounter...
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UNDERTALE: The Game's Script by LizzySinistera
UNDERTALE: The Game's Scriptby L i z z y - S i n i s t e r a
I have taken the liberty of writing the entire script of UNDERTALE. Written in British English. I have looked around and I can only find certain sections but I am writi...
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FONTCEST (Sans x Papyrus) by sans_puns_
FONTCEST (Sans x Papyrus)by comic sans
This is a book in which sans doesn't remember what happened in the old resets, only that have happened. But one day he has a nightmare, and he remembers something... - ...
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Snowed In (1) by itsmyjam
Snowed In (1)by Lyss ☽
Just one week from Christmas, Sam Thornton and her twin brother are inconvenienced with the news of new neighbors who, unfortunately, have been befriended by their overl...
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Test subject  by maybe_rain
Test subject by ΜΔ¥β€ 𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟
"Now for poor little Frisk." He began to say. He better not make something up just to keep her here. I swear, this girl was to much of a goodie-goodie to have...
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If Asriel Never Died by xStrayGodx
If Asriel Never Diedby DeliveryGodYato
This is the story of Undertale. Everything goes along perfectly normal like it does in the game, with Asriel and Chara meeting, they make the pie for their dad, he recov...
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GrillbyxReader [UndertalexReader] by GameVoid
GrillbyxReader [UndertalexReader]by GameVoid
Cover Art:
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Not like You by DogsPaw
Not like Youby Junya Paw
You are a Human that fell into the Underground. when you wake up you find yourself with memoryloss. What will happen to you down there? What was your past? Who are you...
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Snowed In by saturdaysadness
Snowed Inby Harley
Two college students. One snow storm. One eventful night. This Christmas romance tells us the tale of Bristle Hefner and James Wright as they spend Christmas eve snowed...
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She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader) by Dawn_Yamato
She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader)by ♡Peachy♡
Note: this is pretty much complete so... knock yourselves out! Now if you excuse me... I'm going to Jump off the closest possible ledge
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Napstablook x Reader (Undertale Fanfic) by xFabCakes
Napstablook x Reader (Undertale Lizzy Weir
My first Undertale Fanfic! I don't know how this will turn out but hopefully it goes well. Enjoy? ;3 ~ Fabs Cover art: 'Napstablook' by creamuu (DeviantArt): http://the...
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Control || Chara x Reader by BitterSweeticide
Control || Chara x Readerby Nova
You don't remember how and when you fell into the Underground. All you seem to know is that it's inhabited by monsters with little to no signs of human life. You make it...
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Dual Stones - Undertale Fanfiction (COMPLETED) by IcyDuelist
Dual Stones - Undertale Willow Pines with Rainbow Eyes
Duska has something most people would call a traumatizing childhood which she only escaped from a few months ago. Now she finds herself beneath the very mountain she was...
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Secret Affairs by baeinski
Secret Affairsby venus
"It has to be a secret" she whispered "Why cant we tell anyone?" i asked "What if Oliver or the fans see?" she spoke looking into my eyes p...
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