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Snowed In by sgsouthard
Snowed Inby Sarah Grace
This is a short story. When a businessman, Max, begins to plan for his future things take an unexpected turn. Will Max get his dream life or will things spiral out of h...
Bromance Romance ~ sansby fanfiction. by its_jay_
Bromance Romance ~ sansby Howdy I'm Jay
One last reset, Frisk promised. One that will fix everything. But they made Sans promise something in return for getting everyone on the surface. ~ This is a story that...
UNDERTALE: The Game's Script by LizzySinistera
UNDERTALE: The Game's Scriptby L i z z y - S i n i s t e r a
I have taken the liberty of writing the entire script of UNDERTALE. Written in British English. I have looked around and I can only find certain sections but I am writi...
Exploring Options by SantyRedFox
Exploring Optionsby SantyRedFox
The story is going through editing! I can't believe i'm doing this. I think i have to specify that i'm not trying to make this story good (You can realize that since i t...
If Asriel Never Died by scarleteyes_
If Asriel Never Diedby simp
This is the story of Undertale. Everything goes along perfectly normal like it does in the game, with Asriel and Chara meeting, they make the pie for their dad, he recov...
Snowed In by mossbelly
Snowed Inby courtney
Kennedy Matthews hates a lot of things, but at the top of that list is none other than Wesley Adams. He's the combination of all things wrong with the world and yet his...
❅Sиσωє∂ ɪи❅ by Dark-Ivy
❅Sиσωє∂ ɪи❅by Dark-Ivy
The clans of snow peak plains are suffering the worst Cold-Frost yet and when new leaf is finally due to come, it doesn't. ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆...
She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader) by Pwweachy
She Gets Me...(Trajan X Reader)by ♡Peachy♡
Note: this is pretty much complete so... knock yourselves out! Now if you excuse me... I'm going to Jump off the closest possible ledge
Napstablook x Reader (Undertale Fanfic) by xFabCakes
Napstablook x Reader (Undertale Lizzy Weir
My first Undertale Fanfic! I don't know how this will turn out but hopefully it goes well. Enjoy? ;3 ~ Fabs Cover art: 'Napstablook' by creamuu (DeviantArt): http://the...
Sans human form by BlackIchigo_straycat
Sans human formby Black kitten
What if Alphys experiment goes wrong and turns Sans into a human how will the others react to this. This story will be short because im out of ideas
the untold experiment (Undertale OC) by AllyDraws
the untold experiment (Undertale Ally
kyra a human girl who is half human and monster but she is one of the experiments of gaster she lives up with the humans but was never treated correctly she has powers i...
FONTCEST (Sans x Papyrus) by sans_puns_
FONTCEST (Sans x Papyrus)by comic sans
This is a book in which sans doesn't remember what happened in the old resets, only that have happened. But one day he has a nightmare, and he remembers something... - ...
Judgement: An Undertale Fanfiction by joytotheworld12345
Judgement: An Undertale Fanfictionby Joy
Book One of the Judgement Series Sans doesn't like humans. They were the ones that started a war and trapped all of the monsters underground, after all. Until a certain...
Not so bonely anymore by SweaterMaster
Not so bonely anymoreby SweaterMaster
Because I'm weak and I need soriel fluff
Behind Locked Doors (Soriel Fanfic) by SincerelySpace
Behind Locked Doors (Soriel Fanfic)by Space Out ( •⌄• ू )✧
The two had known eachother for a for awhile - yet they did not know eachother. The two were the perfect pair - yet they're was an obstacle between them, and a pretty bi...
Love Story for everyone. by AngelBlueDawn
Love Story for Angel
A collection of shorts and one-shots. Each chapter a different love story, something for everyone. Chapter Five - Caffinated Confessions #coffeeshopsbrewstories contest...
Don't Forget by LavenK_writes
Don't Forgetby Kikay
For years since the war, it was a well known fact that skeleton monsters has died out from its existence. Years later, that is proven wrong when two skeletons suddenly...
Get Out of My Head!! (an Undertale Fanfiction) by KawaiiPastrma
Get Out of My Head!! (an Kawaii Pastırma
This is a story that about Frisk. but I change Frisk a little bit she is very , very depressed and sad in this story. Warning:Bad grammar. So the story is about How Ch...
Undertale: The First Playthrough by helloidontbite
Undertale: The First Playthroughby smolbrain
UPDATE: Hello, I'm back to uploading chapters! Currently exploring Waterfall, the land of water, falls, and muscled horses. The next chapter is probably going to be very...
Control || Chara x Reader by BitterSweeticide
Control || Chara x Readerby Nova
You don't remember how and when you fell into the Underground. All you seem to know is that it's inhabited by monsters with little to no signs of human life. You make it...