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Drunk Nights and Late Decisions (snowbaz)✔️ by lonley_author
Drunk Nights and Late Decisions ( Lonely author
Simon's drunk, and thinks visiting Baz's house is a good idea.... TW: alcohol, coarse language, mild violence, blood, smut
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20 First Kisses by angelsfalling16
20 First Kissesby angelsfalling16
After reading Carry On, I kept thinking of different ways/times that Simon and Baz could have had their first kiss, so I decided to start writing them down. Some of them...
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My Cup of Tea (snowbaz) by bibliosoph
My Cup of Tea (snowbaz)by bibliosoph
Baz is the son of Mr. Pitch, the CEO of Pitch Industries. Instead of focusing on his business studies like he knows he should, Baz spends his time at the local tennis cl...
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Stolen First Kiss by QueenOfGIFS
Stolen First Kissby Queen
Snowbaz onshot. Baz just really wants to kiss Snow. I'm sorry if this is trash, it's my first Carry On fic.
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crowley: a snowbaz fanfiction by pseudonym00
crowley: a snowbaz fanfictionby pseudonym00
simonxbaz - - - requests are appreciated - - - i do not own these characters know the drill
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Stay, Simon by sincerely_her
Stay, Simonby her
Simon gets hurt trying to fight off a goblin, and Penny's healing spells aren't working. She ends up bringing him to the one place he doesn't want help from. Baz's Hous...
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Snowbaz one-shots ✔️ by lonley_author
Snowbaz one-shots ✔️by Lonely author
Read the book cover, that what it is, I'm trying to not use words that will get this flagged lmao. Used to have like 40k on this till it got taken down 😒 If you like my...
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Head Over Heels - A Simon and Baz fic by foursixten
Head Over Heels - A Simon and Hanna Harvey
Simon and Baz have lived through seven straight years of sharing a room and hating it. But this year that all might change. When they are paired together (against their...
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Sun Splashed Ink Wells (SnowBaz Soulmate AU) by Zivieistrans
Sun Splashed Ink Wells (SnowBaz Jambie
Simon Snow and Baz Grimm-Pitch attend Watford Univerity together. In this universe, much of the population have soulmates. Whatever your soulmate writes on themself will...
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It's complicated// snowbaz✔️ by lonley_author
It's complicated// snowbaz✔️by Lonely author
It's complicated, Baz and Simon are stupid and can't understand that loving each other doesn't make them weak. Tw: alcohol, cursing, Huge thank you to @simon_snow for e...
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The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Diary) by Beezeena
The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Lauren
Simon finds Baz's diary after flipping their room upside down in a fit of rage. Except it's locked... Then Simon agrees to do a 'favour' for Baz. Simon didn't know it wo...
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All That We Are by hi-its-lefty
All That We Areby •Lefty•
Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch; the self-proclaimed super villain that almost ate up all magic and the world's friendliest, least-bloodthirsty vampire. Together the...
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A Carry On story: Come back to me Baz by hellcat5000
A Carry On story: Come back to hellcat5000
Simon Snow is looking for his long time bloody perfect nemesis Baz and unknowingly summons him back with a few unexpected details. Such as Agatha. How can Baz prove his...
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I'm A Wreck // SnowBaz by crescentpml
I'm A Wreck // SnowBazby Asher he/him
Baz dropped his head onto the edge of Simon's bed, next to Simon's limp hand. "I'd take all of your stupidity if it meant I could have you back." ~ Or, when G...
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Simon & Baz by Pan_adins
Simon & Bazby Baz
Simon & Baz sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
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Beyond (Simon Snow Series) by clairewestonofficial
Beyond (Simon Snow Series)by Claire Cather Weston
For all Simon Snow fans that want a little bit extra before we get that third book. I hope that you like what my way of settling it, even if it's not as good as Rainbow'...
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SnowBaz One Shots by MeganW923
SnowBaz One Shotsby Megan Wentworth
Hey guys! This is going to be my series of one-shots based on Rainbow Rowell's iconic gay couple Simon Snow and Baz Pitch!! They are honestly so cute and are canon!! The...
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Sixth Year by countingmoles
Sixth Yearby countingmoles
It's Simon and Baz's 6th year back at Watford. Last year Simon followed Baz around like a hound trying to prove he was a vampire. After a bloody incident one soccer trai...
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SnowBaz Oneshots by nephilimchild
SnowBaz Oneshotsby nephilimchild
Snowbaz oneshots that were inspired by other writers, songs and other things :)
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Because We Match (Carry On Oneshots) by psychoticsoysauce
Because We Match (Carry On Riley
Just some fluffy oneshots of my sons Requests Open Updates Probably Slow *cover photo not mine*
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