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Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN] by FairytaleTalia
Don't Be Sorry [ERERI/RIREN]by FairytaleTalia
Hanji gets Eren drunk. And that dork stumbles right into his heichou's room, forcing a kiss on Levi as he can't control himself. What happens when they get closer? ^^^^...
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The Holy Bible Of Ereri/Riren (oneshots) by Neko-Midget-Levi
The Holy Bible Of Ereri/Riren ( ♡ɳεҡø ℓεѵเ♡
*REQUEST IS OPEN* this is my first book so...yeah I'm not good at writing a description because I'm just but the title says it all (coming soon) they'll be kinks, fluff...
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Teachers Pet ~ LevixEren by Erensthiccass
Teachers Pet ~ LevixErenby † Erericultist †
17 year old Eren Jeager, one of the most populare teens in high school is assigned a new English teacher { Mr. Ackerman }and starts to have a crush on him. Eren is late...
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The Black Cat [Ereri/Riren] by FairytaleTalia
The Black Cat [Ereri/Riren]by FairytaleTalia
Eren met Levi by coincidence. He ran into the smaller male when he was trying to be punctual to P.E. for once in his life. But like Eren was, the artist inside him was c...
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~Ereri Pictures~ by AshleyGarcia345
~Ereri Pictures~by JARAD
This is my book about Eren x Levi~ For all Ereri Fans!!! XD. if you don't like boyxboy , then I would warn you that you shouldn't read this book. I hope you all enjoy...
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Young Love by TruthNotSpoken
Young Loveby Ren
Levi Ackerman is a thirty year old Earl of the Kingdom of Maria. He's stoic, cold, and bitter on the outside and everyone outside of his small group of friends believes...
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Let's Dive! (Ereri/ Riren) by multifandom_reads
Let's Dive! (Ereri/ Riren)by multifandom_reads
Eren has always been into diving ever since him and his dad bonded over it when the Olympics were on one summer, a long time ago. He has been on his school's diving team...
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Family~ereri (sequel to my monster)⏸complete⏸ by yaoi_writter
Family~ereri (sequel to my αяму_σтαкυ
This takes place years from erens and levis first pair of babys, their wedding and their honeymoon. In those years eren had a pair of twin boys. (make sure you read &qu...
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Riren/ereri oneshots  by Heytherekillmenow
Riren/ereri oneshots by The Sterling fox ♊️
Levi x eren oneshots some are smut
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How could you...?[Cheater Levi x male!Reader] by miyasucc
How could you...?[Cheater Levi x miyasucc
[ps this is my first fanfic ahaha im sorry if it's bad :')] All you've ever did was love him with all of your heart,but he took your heart and crumbled it into millions...
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Demon boy! Eren x Levi  by Heytherekillmenow
Demon boy! Eren x Levi by The Sterling fox ♊️
A demon boy and a stalker meet. A hunter and somebody with a strong hate meet. Can one dangerous duo's melody save them from the others shot? Who will be left standing t...
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'fαllєn fσr чσur wσrds' ((book one)) by thesatanicshitbag
'fαllєn fσr чσur wσrds' ((book sam
♡ℓєνιχєяєи fαиfι¢ιтσи♡ eren Jeager, a 17-year old boy who has the short end of the stick in life. Abused on a daily basis, both school and his apparent home for being bo...
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How I got to see a miracle by Eren-Ackerman98
How I got to see a miracleby Eren Ackerman
It's finally here, the sequel you asked so many times for~ As usual I won't spoil anything, so please enjoy those of you who likes this type of things like mpreg and ri...
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Don't leave me (Levi x eren) by jaegerbombb
Don't leave me (Levi x eren)by Lilith
Eren And levi have been through a lot together in the few years that they've known each other, it was time for hidden feelings to be dealt with. WARNING: season three sp...
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Bad Little Kitty (Neko Eren x Levi Fanfic) by ThistlefangOwO
Bad Little Kitty (Neko Eren x ThistlefangOwO
Eren is a Neko who ran away from his abusive owner. Levi is a grumpy old man who needs some happiness in his life. As steel gray meets the sea foam and raven dives into...
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Unforgettable (ErenxArmin One-shot) by Attack-on-Kat
Unforgettable (ErenxArmin One-shot)by Attack-on-Kat
Armin. A young and pure hearted little boy. But the poor child, always dealing with bullies while walking down the path. A lonely path it was. Until that new family move...
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Ereri  The Merman I Have Fallen For  by Hellen16YaoiShipper
Ereri The Merman I Have Fallen Ereri/Klance/Sebaciel/Tododek...
Prince Eren got separated from his Kingdom as he is on a new adventure meeting a human Prince but getting captured by him. But what will happen when his friends will wa...
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Cruel Neko (Ereri/Riren) by Kayota_
Cruel Neko (Ereri/Riren)by Kayota_
This is a story where Levi is a neko that has had to be contained in a facility for violent creatures almost like a prison, Neko's are very important to society so peopl...
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Mr. Perfect. (ERERI/RIREN AU) by fujoshi_dreams
Mr. Perfect. (ERERI/RIREN AU)by god of gayness
Eren was perfect at everything. From baking to sports, he topped at #1. Best described as a story of two alphas. {best ranking: #2 in shigekinokyojin}
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I've already chosen {Eren X Armin X Levi} by sugarcuub
I've already chosen {Eren X sugarcuub
Armin is in love and he wants that person to be the one who he hugs, kisses and holds in his heart. What happens if the other male who Armin does not love begins to go '...
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