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Severus... Reformed / SNILY ( The Basilisk
(Best Ranking: #1 in SNILY, #3 in VOLDEMORT, #6 in ALBUSDUMBLEDORE and #30 in SEVERUS) 2nd place in the Magical Book Awards Severus Snape thought he had run out of cha...
Watching Harry Potter//Random Updates  by Wolfstars_Bitch
Watching Harry Potter//Random Wolfstar4ever
The Generation of Harry Potter travel to the past to change their future. Watch the past Generation react to the life of Harry Potter with a few twists. rewrite of Wat...
Alive (Snily) [COMPLETED] by harrygin1
Alive (Snily) [COMPLETED]by harrygin1
Severus Snape is upset that he has lost the women he loves. One year later he is visiting her grave in Godricks hallow and something strange happens.
Snily- If things were different  by harrygin1
Snily- If things were different by harrygin1
What would happen if Snape ended up in Gryffindor? What if Petunia didn't hate Lily for being a witch? what if Snape had a sister?
Family Portrait// Snily by Lovegood_3
Family Portrait// Snilyby My_3ndl3ssP4in
Lily and James Argue. Lily and Their Daughter leave Godrocs Hollow
Snape and Lily's daughter by VittoriaBitencourt
Snape and Lily's daughterby Vittoria Bitencourt
Lily actually forgave Snape after he had called her a mudblood. They have an affair and later Grace Lily Snape is born.
Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times... by B_Minnie
Happiness can be found even in B_Minnie
Petunia and Severus both miss Lily with all their hearts, but that shared pain brought them closer together than they ever dreamed possible. Me and my friend Paulw00p ar...
Friends Don't Do The Things We Do by mossclown
Friends Don't Do The Things We Doby Oscar
Remus Lupin kisses his best friend by the lake. His life comes caving in on him. Friends to lovers, aggressive angst, based on me having to come out to my girlfriend co...
drarry oneshots by saturnstiic
drarry oneshotsby 𝓈aturn !!!
A collection of oneshots based around Draco and Harry, which is currently being rewritten!
Creatures of Hogwarts (book 1) by rubypine
Creatures of Hogwarts (book 1)by rubypine
Everyone gets there creature inheritance on there eleventh birthday. So what happens when Harry gets his and a letter from his mom stating he should create a group of pe...
I Didn't Know I was Pregnant: Harry Potter Edition by mermaid886
I Didn't Know I was Pregnant: mermaid886
A series of one shots with different Harry Potter characters and various pairings where a baby is born to the couple without prior knowledge of the pregnancy. Pairings l...
Ѳʋттα мʏ Ƨʏƨтɛм | ʝ. Ƥσттɛя by writer1092
Ѳʋттα мʏ Ƨʏƨтɛм | ʝ. Ƥσттɛяby Writer1092
"You've got to get this 'drug' out of your system." Where a girl and boy both need to move on from someone. I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER, IT BELONGS TO J.K. ROWLI...
Katey Potter: Book 2 by Lilly-Brooke
Katey Potter: Book 2by Katelyn Hagenbush
The sequel to Katey Potter: Book 1. It's not necessarily easy being the twelve year old pre-teen daughter of one Severus Snape, who is fair, yet unfailingly, extremely s...
Harry Potter characters react to ships by KittyOfChaos
Harry Potter characters react to KittyOfChaos
As the title says, Harry Potter characters will react to ships, feel free to request ships! Everyone is still alive, except Wormtail hes a single pringle forevs
Harrypotter Ships 2 by Mangayaoifreak
Harrypotter Ships 2by Yaoifangirl 1
der zweite Teil von Harrypotter Ships WÜNSCHE IN DIE KOMENTARE
HOW TO MAKE A BOMB HARRY POTTER OC! ( tips and tricks ) by dimitrescus
in which i tell you how to do things that i cannot eloquently do myself Iannister © 2017
Lily Evans' true sacrifice - FINISHED - by LilyInTheRabbitHole
Lily Evans' true sacrifice - Lily InTheRabbitHole
Harry is in sixth year when the breaking news is announced: Lily Evans has been found alive and has come to Hogwarts to seek refuge. With old friends and foes of her ge...
Reacting To HP Ships  by Satans_Good_Child
Reacting To HP Ships by apollo and hyacinth's daughter
I'm broad and crazy this is the result.
Secret Daughter (A Harry Potter FanFic) by 10lauren2
Secret Daughter (A Harry Potter Lauren
Elliana Snape is the secret child of Severus Snape and Lily Evans Potter. A prophecy foretold that Lily Potter would bear two children, both with fates intertwined with...