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The Painful Beauty Of Spring by ilovealanrickmansff
The Painful Beauty Of Springby I love Alan Rickman SFF
100 Word and 600 Character Summary: Jessica Haldemann (a private music teacher in her early twenties) suffers from terrible spring allergies, and she discovers the hard...
  • pleasure
  • grass
  • handkerchief
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Fever (Jungkook - BTS) by MissSerafine
Fever (Jungkook - BTS)by MissSerafine
The members of BTS are excited to relax on their weekend off, but they discover a flaw in their plan when Jungkook comes down with a fever. (This is a SICKFIC - There w...
  • diarrhea
  • vomit
  • btsjungkook
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Nathan Chen Sickfics by mavisstarling
Nathan Chen Sickficsby Mavis Starling
They get better at the end, I promise. Sickfics, of all different sorts. Updates are currently on Monday, and Friday.
  • sneeze
  • vomit
  • fic
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Glee//sebastian and Santana-sneeze fic by sneezyprincess
Glee//sebastian and sneezyprincess
sebastian agrees to meet santana at a local café to discuss what happened when sebastian slushied blaine. However, sebastians allergies seemed to be playing up and thing...
  • sebastiansmythe
  • allergies
  • sebastianandsantana
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One direction sickfics  by lxstsxull
One direction sickfics by lxstsxul
Requests are open guys!!!! Just random sickfics for one direction. Available: one shots, BOYXBOY, bromance, child and him, you and him, child then him, he looks after c...
  • harrystyles
  • carsick
  • sickness
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How many times I have sneezed today and other  crap by 1800-fuck-off
How many times I have sneezed Yeet
  • rants
  • sneeze
  • random
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FNAF Sneeze Roleplay! by FanglessFeline
FNAF Sneeze Roleplay!by FanglessFeline
A sneeze roleplay with these guys cause why not? 🤓😜
  • fnaf
  • roleplay
  • sneeze
DDLC Sneezefics by SneezingTrashbag
DDLC Sneezeficsby Yeet
WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SNEEZE FETISH, YOU WILL THINK THIS IS WEIRD. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. XD Some DDLC sneezefics 'cause I'm bored. ((Cover art is not mine btw.))
  • allergies
  • dokidoki
  • monika
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Sneeze fetish RP by S-n-E-e-Z-y
Sneeze fetish RPby S-n-E-e-Z-y
  • sneezy
  • achoo
  • sneeze
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Seaside by LynnWarry
Seasideby Kalyn
The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. Let us follow Maddie in her most fun and confusing summer vacat...
  • love
  • maddie
  • begging
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Random Fandom Drabbles by BotchedExperiment
Random Fandom Drabblesby glue
Some of these are incredibly old, so beware! Currently includes Party Animals, Eureka, Supernatural, The Rockwood Institute, Detentionaire, and The Outsiders.
  • foster
  • vomiting
  • sneezefetish
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Sneeze Fanfiction and Drawing Requests! by FanglessFeline
Sneeze Fanfiction and Drawing FanglessFeline
You can request in the comments of the first part. Read the rules and have fun 😄!!
  • randomsneeze
  • readrules
  • requests
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Bendy and The Ink Machine Sneeze Fics! by FanglessFeline
Bendy and The Ink Machine Sneeze FanglessFeline
Some of the character's sneezes!
  • batim
  • sneezefic
  • batimsneeze
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Baldi's Basics Sneeze Roleplay by Suicide_Soul76
Baldi's Basics Sneeze Roleplayby 자살_영혼76
I'm bored and it's midnight sooooo yeah. ???‍♀️? I made that cover, lol my drawings suck. Really hoping to enter wattys2018, this shows pride for THE SNEEZE FETISH COMMU...
  • bbieal
  • sick
  • wattys2018
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Once Upon A-choo bababa//SaTzu by twiceislayf_71
Once Upon A-choo bababa//SaTzuby i sarang you
[In which Chou Tzuyu fell inlove with Minatozaki Sana's sneeze.] ••• "But child I ain't no fairy. I'm a witch." "What? The...
  • dahmo
  • witch
  • sneeze
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Game Grumps Sneeze RP by GrumpBump69
Game Grumps Sneeze RPby fuckle buckle
Just some Game Grumps sneeze roleplay. Add your own ocs too!
  • ocs
  • sneeze
  • roleplay
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Cuphead Sneeze Shots by FanglessFeline
Cuphead Sneeze Shotsby FanglessFeline
For all your sneezy Cuphead needs! They might need tissues, cause it gets messy ;). (It's only boys) Yay! It's child friendly!
  • cuphead
  • cupheadsneeze
  • sneeze
Stuck Sneeze by GrumpBump69
Stuck Sneezeby fuckle buckle
Dan has a cold, and his sneeze won't come out!
  • gamegrumps
  • sick
  • sneeze
Hamilton Sneeze One Shots by SneezyRose
Hamilton Sneeze One Shotsby SneezyRose
Well, the name says it all. again. I hope you enjoy this, anyways, though.
  • alexander
  • achoo
  • hamilton
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Random Sneeze Skits by FanglessFeline
Random Sneeze Skitsby FanglessFeline
Im bored...
  • sneeze
  • random
  • sneezes
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