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My Best Friend's Brother by GraceWrites20
My Best Friend's Brotherby GraceWrites20
The bride in black popped onto the screen and I jumped throwing my popcorn, and my arms over my face. I had buried myself behind Liam. "I thought you liked scary m...
Between Our Sheets | Falice by Celine_CooperJones
Between Our Sheets | Faliceby Celine_CooperJones
"This started out as just sex and that's how it'll stay." "So we're just friends who fuck?" "Exactly." ❌ Alice Smith is freshly divorced an...
pretty boy (jun-ho x pink soldier) by booty_muncher
pretty boy (jun-ho x pink soldier)by booty_muncher
'well, you're a pretty boy, aren't you?' 'thank you, sir,' jun-ho flushes. ''sir',' the soldier chuckles. 'as much as i like that, you can call me by my name, for now.' ...
damien the irresistible by qkenwrites
damien the irresistibleby q. ya fav erotica writer
[18+ // explicit content including cursing, sexual situations, and use of alcohol and drugs. // do not read if underage or aforementioned warnings are personally upsetti...
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Hush by Purple_Ghost_1782
Hushby Masters in Clownery
After life threw Alexander around for years, things finally started settling down. He had a loving family, an education, and caring friends. A home. But of course, the w...
A Man's Touch by LeilinaToilolo
A Man's Touchby Leilina Toilolo
Elizabeth has just gotten her heart broken by her first love Lucky Spencer and is sad but most of all angry. She has decided to just let him go when a friend of hers is...
Secrets ~ Quackity X George by ilovekarljacobssm
Secrets ~ Quackity X Georgeby Eddie <3
Sapnap, Quackity, and Karl are in a relationship. Dream and George are also in a relationship. But are Quackity and George really happy?
Waves (a KongArt fanfic - complete) by QueenyC10
Waves (a KongArt fanfic - complete)by QueenyC
Kongpob is exhausted and probably needs to study all weekend, but the third years insist that everyone goes out.. One small thing can create waves... This was my birthda...
Broken Rules [Slow Update] by 2soft2sweet2yummy4u
Broken Rules [Slow Update]by Safia💕💋
"I have to go "i gasp as his finger still dangle around my cream panties "5 minute "he practically beg moving his fingers in circular motions and my...
my brothers best friend by itxbaeaj
my brothers best friendby itxbaeaj
Who knew that moving to another place could change your life completely and that to for the better .. Meet amy she is a girl who has to move away from her hometown and s...
Just Like A Movie by Snowbazzle
Just Like A Movieby Snowbazzle
Simon never thought he'd make it to stardom, let alone be a popular household name. Being famous has had its ups and downs. It's mostly easy though, except for the fact...
Sneaking Around by Saucyy_Mee
Sneaking Aroundby Saucyy_Mee
19Year Old Liy'Ahriiana mom leaves for a business trip and she sneaks around with August Alsina when her mom specifically told her not to... find out what happens in th...
Ruby by Balladoad
Rubyby Farista Sairuv
You're a girl. A girl with coal-black hair. You're alive. And the way you feel, trapped in a destiny you didn't choose, makes you yearn for any kind of escape, even deat...
Daddy who? by penelope009
Daddy who?by penelope009
He knows and I know, everyone else doesn't.
Like A Masterpiece  [Completed] by lovestorieswriter
Like A Masterpiece [Completed]by Evy
Alexa has been really into art ever since she started following classes at school. Now her teacher tells her she might have a shot at getting a spot in the special progr...
Best friends Brother  by Lacey6278
Best friends Brother by Lacey6278
Y/N and Scott have been best friends since the day they were born. She's told him everything. So how can she tell him that she is falling for his older brother ,Chris...
You, Me, and the Weird Girl by abbiemyers1313
You, Me, and the Weird Girlby abbiemyers1313
Jodie is an innocent girl who's all about getting good grades and going to a great college. But that all changes when she receives a note from a secret admirer which lea...
Random stories from my head by starmunch8294
Random stories from my headby Nightsmen
The one who tells the tales of the story lost to time.
Watching Shadows by CrookedMath
Watching Shadowsby CrookedMath
Since the day Undertaker and his long time lover split up, he's been secretly watching him, wondering if he feels the same emotions he does. Unfortunately for both men...