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𝗦𝗻𝗮𝗶𝗹 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱🌺 | Bnha by octo13
𝗦𝗻𝗮𝗶𝗹 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱🌺 | Bnhaby beefy
❝in which a 6 year old girl gets taken from heroes. Oh and there's actually a plot to this.❞ BNHA X CHILD OC(FEM) READER SLOW UPDATES
Playtime (Male Shota Reader X Snail loli human)  by Gladsoda
Playtime (Male Shota Reader X gladsoda horseman
Ah yes a story! about two children playing together but I can't spoil you readers yet~ Being list... In... I really need to thank Snail house for creating the great art...
Shrek and Spongebob by xtylerpx
Shrek and Spongebobby Tyler
a true love story 😍😍😍
this is america.  by laurenrunsondunkin
this is america. by laurenrunsondunkin
you should read this story !!super emotional!!
Oh yea Its GoBl1m tImE by qwp112
Oh yea Its GoBl1m tImEby qwp112
What is up fellow GobL1n6z!!!! This is 4 goblining purposes, i thought it might be necessary with CORONa around, n' stuff. Credit to Ladylightningbug on Tumblr for the i...
Snails by fuzzycupcakes
Snailsby fuzzycupcakes
I like snails. This is a story of a snail Just to let you know, this is complete and utter balogne. It's stupid. It is a bunch of random thoughts put into words. Enjoy...
Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan fiction )) by Ryzracxx
Ocean ((Merman in my tub fan ESR Studio
Ocean is deep Deep with wonders and mystery Through this story is about a girl who is human yet love water like the creature that live within it. ((Various character x...
ófdieling. by mmongring
ó 🐶 m o n g ! ✨
hanya sepenggal kisah karangan dengan Seungmin sebagai pusat semestanya. warn : bxb, bl, yaoi.
GaTtA rUn FaSt MaN. by GaTtA_gO_fAsT
GaTtA rUn FaSt GaTtA_gO_fAsT
don't read this it will get you mad if your a Gramer person. ALSO PS I AM NOT TRYING TO WRITE.
gallery of snail by RedsAwesomeWorld
gallery of snailby Red
anime characters i turned into snails
Vector x Reader (y/n) Fanfic// Femboy Hooters is the only form of government AU by simp4vector
Vector x Reader (y/n) Fanfic// simp4vector
You are a femboy in the future. Femboy Hooters rules the world, and while that may seem like heaven, things go awry. Just when you feel like giving up, a new femboy is o...
F O R E I G N// noen eubanks by CatalinaSkata
F O R E I G N// noen eubanksby Catalina
noen eubanks fanfiction lowercase intended
Snail: A Little Einsteins Fic by rudy-lover-69
Snail: A Little Einsteins Ficby rudy-lover-69
My friend gave me the prompt "Annie finds a snail.... but makes the mistake of telling Leo." This is the story based on that.
Snieth (Turbo x Keith)  by Dickeumoans
Snieth (Turbo x Keith) by Dickeumoanie
One day, Keith goes on a mission to planet snail. There, Keith finds his true soulmate; Turbo the snail.
the samurai snail by turtles123321
the samurai snailby turtles123321
the smallest snail in all of japan. he trains at the school for samurai snails called pawa and suffered bullying and a ninja newts. he is on an epic quest to defeat t...
Comet by yodelist1959
Cometby yodelist1959
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Horoscope by meece1934
Horoscopeby meece1934
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Onion by protoneme1961
Onionby protoneme1961
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