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My Sweet Trouble (Can and Sanem AU) by edomdarestodream
My Sweet Trouble (Can and Sanem AU)by Edomdarestodream
Sanem is a new detective trying to prove herself to her captain and department. Can is a world traveler and photographer who tries to help his best friend Metin, a lawye...
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Feminine Secrets by pinkiriss
Feminine Secretsby iris🌙
She must take on the identity of her dead older brother, Trystan Song, in order to keep her mother safe. As she enters a new school in an unfamiliar country, she must pr...
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konaha's prisoner's (sasunaru) by crazyfreakdeath
konaha's prisoner's (sasunaru)by crazyfreakdeath
this is a story about naruto who was frame for smuggling brugs and put behimd bars for 4 yrs where he meets sasuke who will be his room mate but the thing about this pr...
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The Last of Us(Fanfiction) by silverwingsofmetal
The Last of Us(Fanfiction)by Jada Danielle harris
Follow Nova Miller as she goes through the apocalypse with her adoptive father Joel Miller and she has a secret one that her father doesn't want getting out
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The Dreamer and the Half Breed [1st story in the series] by TheAwesomeOpossum
The Dreamer and the Half Breed [ TheAwesomeOpossum
Smuggling through the clone wars? Sounds like fun but what happens when Kessa gets on the sith separatist ship? Will grievous allow this?
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Shots For Ganymede by vanwolffen
Shots For Ganymedeby Van R. G.
Humanity reached for the stars, going beyond Mars. At the asteroid belt, they encountered life. And humanity was made to turn back. Captain Fisher from the Space Force...
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Tidal Force by SarahBeth9009
Tidal Forceby SarahBeth9009
**3rd place in the Sci-Fi category of he Butterfly Awards 2020** In a future not so far from now there are a group of people known as Maji. These beings, both human and...
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Zion X Reader: Dangerous Fellow by armybtsO_o
Zion X Reader: Dangerous Fellowby armybtsO_o
You know how the story goes, just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life until an unknown virus had spread. Dead skin hanging off the dead body's, thick blood all over t...
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Becky and Cass-Game Expos and Cosplay Danger by ScottGrisham
Becky and Cass-Game Expos and Scott Grisham
Becky and Cass go to a game expo to do some nominal reporting. Wherever Becky goes though, she's bound to find trouble. Part 2 coming soon
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Pirates of the Snow - A Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic by ShahbanouSheherazade
Pirates of the Snow - A Pirates ShahbanouSheherazade
Jack Sparrow is determined to pay his debt to the daughter of Teague's closest friend, and his plan will even make him rich. But he has other worries: a stolen ship, a c...
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Born In Prison by AmberJoline
Born In Prisonby Amber Joline
Everything is normal in the Telford Unit in Texas, well normal isn't the best description. It's a state prison, for males only, with one exception. She has been locked u...
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How Is It At Taldora  by QuincyKluivert
How Is It At Taldora by Quincy Kluivert
This story is based on murder mystery where we find out why some smugglers randomly start targeting members of a small clan and try to kill them all along. Ruth Stevenso...
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The Delmira by DragonsDreaming
The Delmiraby Jamie Anderwood
It was supposed to be a simple rescue mission of six crewmembers off of a broken-down cargo ship. But when R.A.S. Agent Asya Daimon was transported onto the distressed s...
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Influence by amberkbryant
Influenceby Amber K Bryant
WINNER OF WATTPAD STUDIO'S PITCH-TO-OPTION CONTEST!!! Millions believe she's a murderer. One man believes she's innocent. The Internet would see her hang for a crime she...
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Confidential Affair by kmabini
Confidential Affairby K. Mabini
Romina is on the verge of losing her interest in her passion when a man, who will bring back the dying fire within her, comes into her life. Romina is a journalist who...
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Smut Shots And Afterthots by WinnieThePoohBlankie
Smut Shots And Afterthotsby Honey Bunny
Smut Shots and Afterthots with risehigh4321 + others if they wish to join "You are my candy girl, and I want you wanting me~" he sang, bowing down on his knee...
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Letters from Shanti Ashram, India by DivyaWeed
Letters from Shanti Ashram, Indiaby Divya Weed
I lived in India from 1984-2005, and wrote to my parents regularly about my adventures in Indian ashrams. From 1984-1993 and again 2001-2005, I was living in Puttaparthi...
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Beyond Your Sight by SBlackPearl
Beyond Your Sightby S A N A
Its a story of two people Living so close Yet so far Living in one world, But still out of eachother's worlds Both were in fight, One with inner demons and the other w...
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sweet talker; yoonmin  by calthepanickingpilot
sweet talker; yoonmin by cal♡
sweet talker- (adj) a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. ~ short chapters a...
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Coffee Cartel by BuddyBeanPeanut10
Coffee Cartelby BuddyBeanPeanut10
So far just making it up as I go along. No real plan in mind. Any advice or comments would be amazing. Current plot: - Young soldier turned international cartel leader...
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