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Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Edit My Feelings ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
Your new roommates Damien and Shayne get you a job at Smosh because they're the best roommates ever, duh. But one of them gets you more than just a job, they get you cat...
blue hair dye (Damien x Reader) | completed by joliesfiction
blue hair dye (Damien x Reader) | Jo
Damien x Reader The best thing about your new job as a Smosh Games cast member is getting to work alongside that cute brunette with the blue highlights in his hair calle...
Generally Speaking [Smosh x Reader Oneshots] by GeneralEyes
Generally Speaking [Smosh x Amy ✨
[REQUESTS: Open] Finally, right? I've been writing so many books for Smosh here on Wattpad, but this is only the second time I'm doing a book for Smosh x Reader! As som...
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Ian Hecox] by GeneralEyes
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Amy ✨
First: an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Damien Haas had to learn that lesson the hard wa...
Just friends, we swear by Jaelynntodd
Just friends, we swearby Jae
Highest rankings: #1 in DamienHaas #2 in Smoshgames A Damien X reader fanfic. [Book one.] You moved out to LA and applied for a job at Smosh! You were and fit perfect...
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~ by LemonLimeLibby
Quality Content ~Shayne x Reader~by LemonLimeLibby
You decide to drop everything and move LA to pursue your dream of acting. When you get a job at Smosh, you find yourself falling for Shayne Topp, and he might be falling...
You're my favorite (Shayne x Reader) by joliesfiction
You're my favorite (Shayne x Jo
A story in which you fall head over heels for Shayne Topp, the cute blonde guy that you bump into by coincidence once, but hasn't left your mind ever since.
SMOSH SHORTS (slow) by smoshsgames
SMOSH SHORTS (slow)by em!
- platonic ships and aus included! feedback appreciated <3
~Smosh One-Shots~ by LemonLimeLibby
~Smosh One-Shots~by LemonLimeLibby
Smosh One-Shots! *Requests open* Message or comment any Smosh ships or x reader's (romantic or platonic) you want to see and I'll do my best to write them! *This is a sm...
Smosh Oneshots by tommyfiinch
Smosh Oneshotsby tommy's party
cute short romantic stories about the smosh family. requests open!
Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Reader) by Booperdooperbooper2
Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Dis bitch 👏
Oh no, I've gone and started yet another story. But there are NOT enough Damien stories around here! The title pretty much says it all, right? Prepare for some fluff! (N...
Fools: Anthony Padilla x Reader by littlebiguniiverse
Fools: Anthony Padilla x Readerby p.s.
When you and your cheating boyfriend break up, you meet someone you never expected to meet. Will your relationship work out? Or will everything fall apart? HIGHEST RANKS...
The Sister (Shayne Topp x Reader) by MaeBelle3
The Sister (Shayne Topp x Reader)by MaeBelle
My name is Y/n L/n. I'm the younger sister of S/n, who currently dates one of the Smosh Games members, Damien Haas. She recently moved in with him due to the fact she lo...
Benefits (Damien Haas X Reader) by ShelIsNotOnFire
Benefits (Damien Haas X Reader)by Shelby Lynn
Damien used to love mornings, but that was before he met her. (A/N this is based off of a Shayne prompt I did in another story)
Like you a Latte - Damien Haas One Shot by Mini_Cool
Like you a Latte - Damien Haas mira🌻
Damien and Y/N work together in a coffee shop. They have been for almost half a year. When Damien's feelings reach an all-time high and Shayne convinces him to say somet...
take a chance (wes x reader) by tommyfiinch
take a chance (wes x reader)by tommy's party
"take a chance on me. that's all i'm asking." - (Y/N)'s whole world is in Philadelphia. Their partner, their friends, their job. Their heart and soul. But coul...
I'm Only the Editor (Shayne Topp x Reader) by ToBeJessay
I'm Only the Editor (Shayne Topp Jessika (Topp)
A cute and simple love story staring YOU! After 2 years of working with Smosh and editing their videos, Ian approches you with a huge promotion. Although you are alread...
Noah x Reader! by iinostalgic_baylie
Noah x Reader!by baylie!
Y/n Johnson; Wes' younger sister, is a 19 year old girl. She gets a message from Wes to join the crew and moves in with him.