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Friday by itsreallykiasia
Fridayby Kiki🤐🎈
"I know you don't smoke weed. I know this, but I'ma get y'all high today. It's Friday, y'all ain't got no job and we ain't got sh*t to do"
  • mr
  • dayday
  • willie
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My Cats Old and New by robinstar46
My Cats Old and Newby Robin
My cats
  • fonzey
  • glitter
  • diana
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Smokey by MaloryKnox
Smokeyby That's messed up
Ok so this is my first proper story so yeaaahhhs... Idk...words Read and vote pleases even though it ain't the greatest ~Also it's not been edited or anything fyi~
  • smoke
  • fireplace
  • shack
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Imperfect Sense by _ixxiv
Imperfect Senseby Genevieve
Kylie is the vampire princess of all clans. Pierce is America's British alpha to half the packs in the country. These two species are sworn enemies, yet fate brought t...
  • smokey
  • jerk
  • love
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Glitched out  by zoey061015
Glitched out by zoey061015
"The T.V is acting up again... Great just what I like, static" Everything around me hasn't always been like this, where it would go to pure static, or even d...
  • smokey
  • depression
  • glitch
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Don't Cry by Shadowtron05Lions
Don't Cryby Shadowtron05Lions
? ? 1999? - July 11 2016 A stray cat was found under a pickup skinny and hungery. The cat was given to a young girl who loved her so much. Even after 15 years. The cat d...
  • poem
  • smokey
Smolex By Pl0x by The_Pengzilla_Crew
Smolex By Pl0xby Pengzilla Crew
Smokey The Bear is a smug asshole, so Alex comes along and shows the asshat his place.
  • smokey
  • alex
  • ploxsucksatthisjsheneedsmorecreativity
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More That Meets The Eye / Book  1 Danika's P.O.V. by DaHarm
More That Meets The Eye / Book DaHarm
A TFP fan fiction about a girl named Danika and her friend Savanna who meet the autobots. In Danika's P.O.V. You can find Savanna's P.O.V. with Galva Star P.S. visit som...
  • tfp
  • danika
  • transformers
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Pack  Oneshots by Chamber1020
Pack Oneshotsby Nova Burst
This is a what if story of the pack. EHEHEHEH... eh. I might add a couple of drawing for the scenes if I feel like it.
  • ember
  • ash
  • toxic
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the wonderland trap by thewildhearted
the wonderland trapby lauren
"well, strange girl from the side of the road, we're in wonderland." alice clarke's father works in a secret government department that puts all kinds of peopl...
  • liz
  • thevoid
  • lucy
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The Pug Adventure by bluetacopanda
The Pug Adventureby Nicholas
  • update
  • day
  • part
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Smoky Mountain Wolf (completed) by AngelGailRose
Smoky Mountain Wolf (completed)by Angel Gail Rose
Areena Luxor is seventeen and alone, a new transplant to The Great Smoky Mountains. It’s Christmas time and her one wish is to not be alone. She gets more than she barga...
  • paranormal
  • creatures
  • linkin
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Deadly Relations by Lillacflower123
Deadly Relationsby Lillacflower123
Smokescreen's sister, Steamcog, makes it to Earth. he's always been close to her, and not seeing her for years is devastating for him, even if he doesn't show it. what w...
  • omg
  • death
  • smokey
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Too Much Smoke by DynamMiller
Too Much Smokeby Dynam Miller
Hunter and Calleigh's friendship is great but the friendship soon becomes a strain.
  • calleigh
  • relationship
  • toomuch
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