A Love Before Friday by Lilcubefalife
A Love Before Fridayby Lilcubefalife
Before he started smoking before Debby Carla and Donna This is Craig before he earned his playa card... Craig was young but he wasn't dumb he knew what he wanted but did...
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Never Alone (#6 in Blacklist) by allie_aka_emily
Never Alone (#6 in Blacklist)by Extreme Blacklist fangirl
The Blacklist, and yet it's another Keenler fanfic
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  • lizzie
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Smokey's Story by Aryagonlover219
Smokey's Storyby Aryagonlover219
This is the story of my OC Smokey, the forestWing.
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Hunter x smoker (a sacred bond)  by scribbles_admin
Hunter x smoker (a sacred bond) by Art person
Skippy and smokey are the well known special infected that talk, hunt, bathe in blood like normal people except the blood part. Skippy the hunter is more bright and kill...
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Mission Undercover by Cilara2440
Mission Undercoverby Cilara2440
(Random filler cover pic) Willow from birth was raises to be the heir of the underground syndicate, Ghost. A sheltered child, she never has left the protections of the G...
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Never be sad for what is over. Just be glad that it was once yours. by SlimThicccQueennnn
Never be sad for what is over. SlimThicccQueennnn
A Lapidot Fanfiction. Warning: SAD
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