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How to survive in an igloo without a gay panic(A Smg34 book) by Smg34forlife2
How to survive in an igloo E
DISCONTINUED? __________________________________ Smg4, Smg3, and the episode Snowtrapped all belong to Smg4. Don't worry. It's just Snowtrapped in a book form, but wait...
SMG4: The Revenge Arc  by JayField2005
SMG4: The Revenge Arc by FieldApple4
(This story is set after the YouTube Arc and before Axol's Death) SMG3 is jealous after losing the YouTube arc but what if he handles things differently another time aro...
SMG3 x SMG4 (COMPLETED)  by ChicaFazbear32
SMG3 x SMG4 (COMPLETED) by RandomFanficWriter
So I Wanted To Do A Fanfic Of My Most Favorite Ship: SMG3 x SMG4. Also This Story Is A Lot Different Then SMG4's Videos, So Don't Yell Saying "This Happened Before...
💐Field of Dandelions💐 by CatzGotz
💐Field of Dandelions💐by 📖CatzStory📖
A smg34 one-shot i did for fun by a dyslexia, inspired by the muisic Dandelions by Ruth B. hope you like it full of fluff 💐
you stupid boy [ SMG34 ♡ ] by luk3lovesyuu
you stupid boy [ SMG34 ♡ ]by SMG3!!
hello there!! i think this story is prob gonna be long, ill just try and type whatever i can every day two parts of every chapter like today.. i hope you like this story...
Smg34    {Smg3  x  Smg4}  by supermarioglitchy3
Smg34 {Smg3 x Smg4} by SMG34 Kineen
"Two arch-enemies both hate each other to death! Or is there more?" These is a story of the Smg4 characters: Supermarioglitchy4 and Supermarioglitchy3 Smg4 the...
SMG34 but better by MushiCatWriter
SMG34 but betterby MushiCatWriter
SO... I'm just doing this story for fun and uh I wanted to make a SMG34 story. I've read most SMG34 stories and they are pretty cool, so I thought why not make one mysel...
A Meme-ish Adventure... (SMG4 X Reader) BOOK 1 COMPLETED by kalxco_
A Meme-ish Adventure... (SMG4 X @_coffeejell0 on twt
(Y/N) is an ordinary person who just happened to stumble into the Mushroom Kingdom. They find themselves falling in love with someone, but only know because of his YouTu...
SMG34 by varazi
Don't ask why am I doing it xD I just ship SMG4 x SMG3, they're cute together when they're not killing each other.
SMG34 (SMG4 x SMG3) by Fangirl121212
SMG34 (SMG4 x SMG3)by Fangirl121212
Hai! So, I watched SMG4's video, "Snow trapped" and started to ship these two together. This is only my second-ever written fan fiction, so it won't be that gr...
MARIO X MEGGY The Ultimate War by mightymash4349
MARIO X MEGGY The Ultimate Warby MightyMash4349
Smg3 comes back from the Internet Graveyard, thanks to an old friend, and now seeks his greatest revenge on the Smg4 crew with his greatest plan yet! Will the Smg4 crew...
Happy? Mar10 day (Birthday special) by JoshuaCecil
Happy? Mar10 day (Birthday special)by Echo
It's Mario's birthday. But almost everyone forgot. Not knowing that his family was setting up a surprise party. Will Mario have a truly happy birthday? Let's find out.
 Smg4 What if...?  by doomslayer615
Smg4 What if...? by The King Of Hell
Was rated #1 story in MxM in December, 2021 ???: Time.... Space.... Reality... It's more than a linear path. It's a prism... of endless possibilities... where a single c...
"Two Braincells Work Better Than One!" (smg34) by Mr_Glucose
"Two Braincells Work Better Than girlboss
i'm probably going to regret this later 😍 also this is basically just a whole bunch of gay shenanigans between these two fuckasses 🥰 so yeah, enjoy, or don't. cover ar...
SMG34 ask book!  by Cocco_Bear
SMG34 ask book! by
you make questions, SMG4 and 3 give answers, no NSFW question of course
SMG4 Fanfic: The Melancholy of SMG4 by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Melancholy of SMG4by DS123 // DS123 Productions
After SMG4 and Melony gets forced to move out... MORE dramatic events occur!!!
dead | smg4  by edit0r-reader-Aar0n
dead | smg4 by SMG3
friendship to Death
Starman3 and Bob's Sexy Smexy GameShow Deluxe!!! by mightymash4349
Starman3 and Bob's Sexy Smexy MightyMash4349
Mario and his friends are forced to play in a stupid deadly gameshow made by both Starman3 and Bob against their will. And their life. Let's hope they manage to survive.
Black, White, & Gray (SMG4 or SMG3 x OC) by TheLotusMask
Black, White, & Gray (SMG4 or Lotus J. Nicola
Is this am SMG3 X OC story or an SMG4 X OC story? Only one way to find out! ~~~ Not a sound had came from her mouth... Her mask must be glued to her face... Does she eve...
Possessed - An SMG4 AU by EmmaZWorld
Possessed - An SMG4 AUby (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠✧⁠*⁠。
×○ I suggest reading the warning chapter before reading.○× "Oh god, it's breaking out-!" SMG1 panicked. He then started using his meme powers to make sure 01-7...