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Somewhere by WhoopsHarryStyles
Somewhereby WhoopsHarryStyles
Book 2 of the Nowhere USA Trilogy Michele and Harry met in the strangest possible manner, and now they need to navigate the waters together so they can mutually care for...
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Nowhere USA by WhoopsHarryStyles
Nowhere USAby WhoopsHarryStyles
It's 2021, and Harry has been accused of never being on his own. What better way to test the theory than to move to a small town for three weeks? Sometimes you want to...
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WE GATHER TOGETHER by Edward L. Woodyard by EdwardLWoodyard
WE GATHER TOGETHER by Edward L. EdwardLWoodyard
Sometimes you have to go far away to realize just how close you really are. A straightforward, honest and emotional journey of the heart, We Gather Together is a percep...
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Freshly Painted Lines: My Sixteen Year Old Philosophical Autobiography by MirableMiserablis
Freshly Painted Lines: My MirableMiserablis
I wasn't one of those sixteen year old kids that thought they knew everything in this majestic place called 'life'. I did know everything. And I was kind and considerate...
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They Refused to Stay Quiet  by ChrisCortez190
They Refused to Stay Quiet by The_INFJ_Knight
I decided to make a collection for my poems. Here we go.
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Ink and Ice (The Saiopia Chronicles, Book One) by TreeOfStories
Ink and Ice (The Saiopia Julianna Gabriel
#24 in unrequitedlove, #4 in romanticfantasy || "Nothing can save Azure Thresh from her fate." In Saiopia, those with magic - the Impossible - live a complicat...
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The Life of Her  by morganfulgham04
The Life of Her by morganfulgham04
Wren is just a normal girl. You would never expect what could happen to a normal girl. The life of a 7th grader starts off simple, but Wren has some surprises in store f...
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The Holidae Girls by jodi_boyles
The Holidae Girlsby Jodi Lynn Boyles
Valentine and her five sisters; Easter, Patricks, President, Labor and Memorial are doing the best they can to survive life in the house of an eccentric mother. Valentin...
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Small Town USA: Famous in a Small Town (Short One) by Sky-shine
Small Town USA: Famous in a Stephanie
Memphis Wheeler was the golden boy, the best the small town had seen in years. Everyone loved him, he was really going places. Everything seemed good from the outside. B...
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Life if a small town girl. by lisssssss18
Life if a small town lissssssss
This is a story about an average teenage girl going through the ups and downs of life and struggling in every aspect of her life. Eventually it all comes together when s...
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Serendipity by foureyedgal
Serendipityby Four Eyed Gal
Dr. Xander Stevens visits his friend, Dylan McFlynn who was a manager and has a girlfriend, Steffanie Brooks. Soon, Steffanie will discover Dylan's secret that will make...
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Summer of 1984, a Short Story by ShannonSnider
Summer of 1984, a Short Storyby shannon snider
It's 1980s New York and tomboy Tye has been shipped to her grandmother's for a small town summer vacation. Reuniting with a childhood friend leads to life changing exper...
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Forever Home by mnsharp
Forever Homeby Michelle Sharp
What would you do with 2 billion dollars? Faith has never had it easy. Raised in the foster care system, she rarely had anything she could call her own. Friends were har...
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