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Hermione Lestrange // Pansmione by regardingtonystark
Hermione Lestrange // Pansmioneby LB
On Hermione Granger's 16th birthday she finds out she's actually a pureblood and the daughter of one of the richest and most powerful dark wizard families of all time. T...
Child of Azkaban by Mysticheartsoul
Child of Azkabanby Mystic heart soul
Harry Potter has always been hated. His parents hated him that was why they sent him to Azkaban with all the dementors. But what happens when they have the wrong savior...
The Slytherin Court by finalbladekitten
The Slytherin Courtby finalbladekitten
Hermione Granger always knew she was different. Receiving her Hogwarts Letter though, entered her into a place unlike any she's ever seen let alone read about. She expec...
A Trio of Serpents by onyxjay
A Trio of Serpentsby Onyx (Jay)
"A Potter, a Weasley, and a Muggle-born in Slytherin. That's a pretty odd combination, don't you think?" Amazing cover by Khabootea
The No-Good Silver Trio by kulmer027
The No-Good Silver Trioby Potatoes For Dayz
The golden trio was sorted into Slytherin, hence the name silver trio :) Also, I obviously don't own any characters
Dark Twins [drarry and pansmione] by Spider-Child_05
Dark Twins [drarry and pansmione]by Amy Bosworth
Harry and Hermione go through an early inheritance on the 31st of July, their birthday. They find out the truth. When Hogwarts starts they get resorted. Who is their fat...
Hermione Granger and the Philosopher's Stone by LaurenTheBishop
Hermione Granger and the LaurenTheBishop
She closed her eyes. Freak. The hissing was never far from her mind. Hermione calmed herself and asked the question it all came down to. 'On the second path, would peop...
Little Dark Age by Daria_Blackrose
Little Dark Ageby NaCl cuz i'm salty
[SLOW UPDATES] What if Harry didn't ask the Sorting Hat for not putting him in the snake house? What if Ron wanted to be different than his whole family? What if Hermio...
lilla riddle by izzyrrrrr
lilla riddleby issabella mercer
hermione as lilla riddle im going to make up some of my own characters please follow and message me if u have some ideas
This story is set after cursed child. What happens when Harry accidently goes back to the time he was born? Will he live the same life again or will he set things right...
GREEN AND SILVER » discontinued by sophism_
GREEN AND SILVER » discontinuedby SOPHIE !
❝ SLYTHERIN! ❞ ➵ extended summary inside so this is legitimately the worst book in existence, but im keeping it up for mEmOrIeS and hopefully so i can look back and see...
Silver Trinkets by AyaRavensong
Silver Trinketsby Aya Ravensong
Magical genetics are very complicated. Far more complicated than the typical witch or wizard knows. It was never as simple as Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn. When one...
Mudsnake by dietc_o_k_e
Mudsnakeby diet c o k e
Hermione Granger was the first muggleborn witch to be sorted into Slytherin House of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I do not own Harry Potter.
The Malfoy's Muggleborn Angel by ScarletRose2844
The Malfoy's Muggleborn Angelby Ezera Hunter
What if Hermione wasn't in Gryffindor what if she was sorted into Slytherin how would that change the story and would she be accepted into a house thought sole for pureb...
Mudblood to Muggle-born by thatcanadiantimelady
Mudblood to Muggle-bornby Maya Ruby
Hermione Granger was just your average nerd until she was thrust int the world of magic. How will she manage to survive in a world full of snakes, especially when one de...
The Darkest Silver Trio by OtakuForLife4545
The Darkest Silver Trioby DeathlySlytherin666
What if the Golden Trio were sorted in Slytherin? What if Harry, Hermione, and Ron were all dark? Harry Potter: Boy-who-lived, Slytherin, fascinated by the dark art...
Granger to Maytrix by niva_214
Granger to Maytrixby niva
It's seventh year for Hermione and her friends. On her 18 birthday she gets a surprise. She's the oldest pureblood family. She's now a Slytherin. Every guy wants her, G...
When Darkness Falls by demiguisedrarry
When Darkness Fallsby Georgia
Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, beacons of light, or that's what they were supposed to be. Whilst the wizarding world sees them as heroes, the truth i...