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poison slushy | jd and veronica  by gay_eggos
poison slushy | jd and veronica by gay_eggos
veronica and JD get into a fight, they 'make up' and go get slushies. someone ends up dead.
  • poison
  • heathers
  • veronica
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A Daydream Away by beautifulremains17
A Daydream Awayby Britt
Please don’t look over here. Don’t notice me. I silently pleaded, but as always luck was against me because I suddenly found myself staring into a familiar pair of sea g...
  • dating
  • shopping
  • dear
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See Where This Goes, a JD (Jason Dean) x OC story by AngelOfSolipsism
See Where This Goes, a JD (Jason Angel of Solipsism
She had just moved to Sherwood Ohio and was looking forward to finishing her senior year, not socializing with anyone and minding her own business. Little did she know t...
  • jd
  • badlifechoices
  • ốc
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Freeze Our Brains by unsocialheadphonekid
Freeze Our Brainsby Unsocialheadphonekid
Micheal X JD who would think that these two slurpee boys could fall in love? ME anyway enjoy and please like share and follow love J
  • jd
  • punched
  • wall
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What If... by owenharpersgirl
What owenharpersgirl
What if the slushy had hit its intended target? I know it's been done before, but I've had it written since just after 'Michael' aired, but only got around to typing it...
  • mikechang
  • glee
  • finnhudson
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General Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else by EdCowling
General Stuff that doesn't fit Ed Cowling
Ok, this is the place for my mutterings, mumbles and weird stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. My good ideas, bad ideas and things I should have left out in the rain :...
  • slushy
  • generalfiction
  • oddities
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This Is My Tale To Tell by bebedewy
This Is My Tale To Tellby ٠ Raisa ٠
Alexa Maya Rider lives with her mom and little brother Flynn. She discovers a world of the fairies and the truth behind the disappearance of her father James Rider. She...
  • casual
  • fairy-imaginary
  • bullies
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I'm not okay - my chemical romance by Dalamanza
I'm not okay - my chemical romanceby Dalamanza
Part of my music-vid series: The story of the music video "Im not okay (I promise)" by My Chemical Romance (completed).
  • girlfriend
  • jocks
  • frank
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JDxSlushie by Emmalynne333
JDxSlushieby Skylar Jersi
Thx x.licy.x 0wo on YouTube for the idea! Love this!
  • heathers
  • jd
  • slushy
Beautiful (Cason Dean X Konica Sawybell) by Heathershamiltrash
Beautiful (Cason Dean X Konica Heathershamiltrash
Konica knows a lot of things. She knows that she believes that there is good in everyone, and dreams of ivy coloured walls and smoky French cafes. She wants to go to col...
  • idontknowwhatimdoing
  • fanfiction
  • heathers
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It's Me, Baby by PiazzaGirl
It's Me, Babyby PiazzaGirl
Picture this: It’s your first time away from home, you’re on a plane for the first time all on your own... and then the engine fails. Bad, huh? But it gets worse. Fro...
  • love
  • alcohol
  • sand
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The Guide by TamxMimi
The Guideby ItzxMagicallyxDelicious
People go red in the face when they meet 17 year old Max Lane. Parents don't want their children exsposed to Max's bad deeds. Max has always been a bad seed- since birth...
  • fat
  • branden
  • dilly
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Slushy Girl by sleepyslug
Slushy Girlby ˗ˏˋ holly ˊˎ˗
Cammy is the new girl in town, and like every new girl in a particularly new place, she is inevitably doomed with the prospect of facing a brand new school with... *gasp...
  • spinoffstory
  • justthatpizzaguy
  • slushie
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Musical Oneshots by A1isonP1ayz
Musical Oneshotsby A1isonP1ayz
BMC, Heather's, Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton.
  • marthadunstock
  • jasondean
  • jd
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We shouldn't have by hdb_love
We shouldn't haveby Haley
When Rachel Berry gets bullied everyday at McKinley and changes her whole self
  • sam
  • glee
  • quinn
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Operation Klaine (featuring Keeta) by ellienerd14
Operation Klaine (featuring Keeta)by Ellie :)
In a crazy attempt to hurry up there friends relationship, Katniss and Peeta find them self 'dating'. But as fake feelings grow real *wink* Katniss and Peeta might be fo...
  • blurt
  • everlark
  • hungergames
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A school designed for powered teens, only ten can graduate and I want to be one of those ten. The ten that graduate get super hero licenses so they can be super heroes...
  • ice
  • adventure
  • fun
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Forever Yours by katiest
Forever Yoursby Katie T.
Alana Ray Breeze is a fun-loving girl. She went through an ugly duckling stage and has emerged a beautiful swan. She still hasn't fully broken out of her shell, but mayb...
  • spring
  • icecream
  • convertible
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