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Bad Dreams-A Cake Fanfiction (AU) by HoranhipsterGen
Bad Dreams-A Cake Fanfiction (AU)by gaynevie
Poor Calum. Every night, he fears sleeping. He's scared of what will happen, and if he will still be living when he wakes the next morning. In a way, he's becoming suici...
5SOS Songs - The One Shots by checkyestrisha
5SOS Songs - The One Shotsby trisha
In every song we listen to, we can always find pieces of us and a person that we can somehow relate on it. So, which song is your life? Find out.
random stuff :p by fivesoslcver
random stuff :pby t𝘢𝘺𝘭𝘰𝘳 ♡
made another alt account just cause i can
I D I O T by Calerella
I D I O Tby Calerella
What happens, when you give your everything to a rockstar, does it crash and burn or does it succeed, Mia is a 18 year old girl forced by her stupid mom to become a boy...
5sos by musiclover3444
5sosby musiclover3444
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey simmer down simmer down they say we're to young now to amount to anything else but look around we worked to damn hard for this just to gi...
YOU LOOK SO SHRIMPY by watrmelonsugar
Why I love michael clifford by michaelcliffordyay
Why I love michael cliffordby michaelcliffordyay
I love michael Clifford so much and in this book will be way more than a few reasons why? Leave in the comments if you agree or who you fav 5sos member is
looks so perfect || hemmings a.u by mwazowskii
looks so perfect || hemmings a.uby mwazowskii
this is a story of a girl, a band, and of course a little bit of love in the air.
Wanderlust by violetflame20
Wanderlustby Violet flame
Wanderlust:- A great desire to travel and rove around
Reject-town by Tbhashton_
Reject-townby •
"Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the town of the unwanted, the losers, dreamers, the unique kids, the punks and the lost. Have fun, and don't forget this tow...
Days 'till you wake. (Calum Hood 5sos) AU by jiggelypuff_Irwin
Days 'till you wake. (Calum Hood El!
She couldn't stop writing letters to their grave...
Teenage Queen • Teenage Luke Hemmings Fanfiction by aspenmatthews
Teenage Queen • Teenage Luke Aspen ;)
In which a teenage girl meets an ocean-eyed boy, who turns her world upside down.
summer rain // m.g.c by QueenClifford_
summer rain // m.g.cby britt
you never truly forget your first love just ask michael clifford
5 Seconds of Summer Prefrences by purple_bubblez22
5 Seconds of Summer Prefrencesby purple_bubblez22
5sos prefs they could be long or short and you can request some and they will be up in about a week. Please check out my other works, like fanfiction I've written. Thank...
Exhibits//A Luke Hemmings Story by woolandsatin
Exhibits//A Luke Hemmings Storyby woolandsatin
Small town California native teaches Luke Hemmings about life on the west coast.
Amnesia (afi au) by hello_hood
Amnesia (afi au)by hello_hood
If you don't swim you'll drown But I guess that's a lesson that Jean had to learn for herself • {If you want to be made into a character for this book, feel free to pm...