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Princess Charming by makexbelieve
Princess Charmingby Heather James
Every culture has its own version of Cinderella, whether it features glass slippers and fairy godmothers, or enchanted trees and magic fish, the love story endures and g...
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Cinderella in High Tops by Elizabeth_J_Author
Cinderella in High Topsby Elizabeth_J_Author
You've think you've heard all those Cinderella Stories haven't you. The Evil Stepmother, the two horride Step-sisters, the lost Glass slipper and the Prince Charming at...
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Not Cinderella's Type by JenniJames
Not Cinderella's Typeby Jenni James
***MOVIE ON AMAZON PRIME NOW!*** (award-winning movie) --Featured-- Indy Zimmerman has a new stalker who won't leave her alone no matter what she says to him. Never min...
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The Urban Princesses: Cinderella by RavenclawMaven1198
The Urban Princesses: Cinderellaby Soph :)
This modern take on Disney princesses gives you a look at what their lives would be like today. Ella Saunders is your average sixteen year old, she has friends, school...
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In Her Shoes {Book One} by SEViolet
In Her Shoes {Book One}by Sara Elaine
You have heard my story many times, and in the retelling most of the actualities of my adventure have been relegated to the realm of make believe and fantasy. Magic, w...
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Glass by Lady_Scribbles
Glassby Lady_Scribbles
A retelling of Cinderella. For years, Ella has lived under the tyrannical thumb of her stepfamily, wishing for nothing but freedom. One night, a spectacular series of ev...
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The Muslim Cinderella by xxxxxmagic
The Muslim Cinderellaby ♥
Iqra is a 17 year old Muslim girl who respects the Muslim rules. She is at the age of marriage. Her parents try forcing her into getting married, though Iqra isn't inter...
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Niall Found My Glass Slipper? (A One Direction Cinderella Story) by niallsbff1412
Niall Found My Glass Slipper? (A Ris
Krissa is your average 21st century Cinderella, with an evil stepmother, an equally horrible stepsister Laurel and the luxury of living in the basement not being 'worthy...
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Cinderella by KevinKwan
Cinderellaby Kevin Kwan
The tale of Cinderella, retold. The magic, of Cinderella. (Based off of the 2015 version of Cinderella, Cover's picture and story do not belong to me)
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The Garden (Cinderella 2015/Kitella) by wernythepoohx
The Garden (Cinderella 2015/ wernythepoohx
Secret gardens, swings, and slippers. What more could one ask for? ---------- Kit's point of view when he introduces his secret garden to Ella as they slip away from the...
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Cinderella, the Untold Story by Luxiufer2
Cinderella, the Untold Storyby Xiu
Forget everything that you have heard about Cinderella. This is a completely different Cinderella than the Cinderella's stories you have been growing up with for this is...
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Fractured Fairytales - Cinderella by Mockingjay100
Fractured Fairytales - Cinderellaby Mockingjay100
Once upon a time there was a kind, smart and beautiful woman called Cinderella, but she was very unhappy because she was treated like a slave by her wicked stepmother an...
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Living the ASIAN Life by happy_times
Living the ASIAN Lifeby happy_times
If you're Asian you'll understand. If you're not...welcome to our world.
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Young Man & Interview by SadiaSaifAnsari
Young Man & Interviewby Sadia Saif
This is a story about the survival of poor people. How they manage to live. How they live with uncompleted desires. How they wished to get a better future. How love make...
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Finette Cendron by YvesFlores3
Finette Cendronby Yves Forbes Flores
Finette Cendron (meaning in English, Cunning Cinders) is a French literary fairy tale written by Madame D'Aulnoy It is Aarne-Thompson type 510 and other tales of this ty...
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Not So Cinderella by QuinerSacyLove
Not So Cinderellaby QuinerSacyAlexianLove
"Live like there is no midnight." *** For Antoinette Gertrude, life is perfect. A little ball of bliss, a dream which came true. But one day, it all comes cras...
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mine by Blavky56
mineby Blavky56
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More Smiles than Tears *One Direction AU* by HopefullyMsDeppSoon
More Smiles than Tears *One HopefullyMsDeppSoon
The boys of One Direction were never really in One Direction. They were simply best friends growing up and then they fell into love. They adopted Jennifer Rae Anderson a...
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Cinderella || A Modern Story [Wattys2015] by tiyaanahh
Cinderella || A Modern Story [ Tiana
Ever since Claire was a little girl, she dreamed about travelling the world with her father. Just after graduating high school, she planned to do exactly that. But when...
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