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The mute, the blind, and the faceless by MaeHayes6
The mute, the blind, and the MaeHayes6
This story is about a young woman named Clarisse who has escaped her abusive foster father and she is also mute. She moves to a new home in the woods where she finds a f...
pennywise by slendermanshadowgirl
pennywiseby slendermanshadowgirl
no its not my story and its great plus its a video seiris
Tendrills of Love by JazzzHandzzz
Tendrills of Loveby Jassssyyyyyyyyyy
I love her. Because she loves me, Understands me, Stays for me, Doesn't fear me, And doesn't hate me. She loves my smooth egg-like faceless face.
My slender life by lil_Neko2014
My slender lifeby Theradicalpotato
when a girl name Jade runs into Mr. tall dark and handsome in the woods what will she do or will she not even have time to think before shes killed. Will she die or naw...
Slenderman - Blind Love by kurolyte
Slenderman - Blind Loveby Arkay
A dangerous and intense love story between a young girl and a faceless man. Of course, the question is, how will they kiss?
Strange Happenings (A Slender FanFic) by TobyzAmazinxxoo
Strange Happenings (A Slender J. A. Sylva
Slenderman is a legendary scary monster, guardian of the pages. Violet Jaybird is an 18 year old girl that is afraid of nothing and has strange powers. She lives on her...