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 A Jeffy Tale ( Eyeless Jack X Jeff X Lui) by Mokishiina
A Jeffy Tale ( Eyeless Jack X moki
Every Since the killing of his family... Jeffery has been acting weird A Ej x jeff and a Lui x jeff fan fiction By Moshiina
Slender Brothers Meets Their Opposite by violaandellen
Slender Brothers Meets Their violaandellen
[Hi guys I just wanted to make this cause I was bored :P sry I'm not putting trendor in this story :( ] 3 of the slender brothers, Slendorman, splendorman, and offenderm...
Red like Christmas by NeoValentine-
Red like Christmasby Neo Valentine
A special Christmas episode for my finished story "Red like Roses". Amy is my own character. The characters used in this story are not mine. In this story, th...
Slenderman Is A Dad?(Reader Is In It) (Slenderman X Zalgo)  by AllAmelia
Slenderman Is A Dad?(Reader Is AllAmelia
This is my first story and I have almost no imagination so expect this to be horrible
Ask Splendorman and the others by Kurthunter
Ask Splendorman and the othersby ××☆ K ☆××
comment ur dares and questions in the comments!!!?! enjoy!
Together Forever by believerinlife
Together Foreverby believerinlife
Everyone knows Jeff the Killer's story or how he went insane shortly after moving, but we were never told what his life was like before that. He only had one friend, a d...
A story from a slender family member by bonecatAndcompany
A story from a slender family Bonecat & Company
(get this pic I found until I'll drew my own cover for it.) This is a story where Ky and his big four brother will have some kind of adventure in they forest has stuff w...
love on the perg of death by darkpanda123
love on the perg of deathby darkpanda123
when I saw him... he was on the edge falling to his death
My Creepypasta Diary by Stardust_EJ
My Creepypasta Diaryby Stardust .
This is a story about a girl named Evelynn. This is not the first book in the series and I will try to publish the others as soon as I can. The only characters that I ow...
My Mystery Life (Slender Man Family) by lilnightmare
My Mystery Life (Slender Man Marisa
SUP STARS! this is a creepypasta story that my friend ScarlettRose965 and I made. (don't forget to follow her) This is about a girl named Angel who is 13 years old and l...
The insane life of a Pasta girl by MoonandStar0
The insane life of a Pasta girlby MoonandStar0
Yo. I'm Star, daughter of Zalgo, but when he um... Ok I'll be frank, I'm actually a hero... And I had to kill my dad... But Slendy took me in. I'll update this night by...
Truth Or Dare // Creepypasta Edition by Kitten_Writer
Truth Or Dare // Creepypasta Galaxy of Wonder
you get to give us writers and some other people in the 1st book some truths or dares and that's really it but hope u like this book
My slender life by lil_Neko2014
My slender lifeby Theradicalpotato
when a girl name Jade runs into Mr. tall dark and handsome in the woods what will she do or will she not even have time to think before shes killed. Will she die or naw...
One Messed-up Family (slow updates) by Treacherous_Rex
One Messed-up Family (slow updates)by T-Rex
My parents have always told me to never go in the forest outside our backyard. They told me there are monster that like to take children and eat them. I was told this wh...
Creepypasta Group RP by LillyTheSuccubus
Creepypasta Group RPby Lillian.....Or Lucifer
welp here is another group Rp...but this time Creepypasta addition! I have an individual Creepypasta rp book as well just check my individual RP book reading list