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Combustion [Available for pre-order~Will be Taken Down on 12/24/19] by Jyvur_Entropy
Combustion [Available for Jyvur_Entropy
Rachel lives in constant fear that she will burst into flames. She can feel the heat building in her gut. She keeps buckets of water under the bed. She keeps them to fen...
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Bloody Boy by AideeKay
Bloody Boyby Aidee Kay
* A story about how Damian Wayne is dealing with seeing a shadow figure when he sleeps at night* He never felt so scared and knew he couldn't try to run away based on th...
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Paralyzed (boyxboy) by SiennaSway
Paralyzed (boyxboy)by Sienna Sway
His lips were rough and chapped. They were colder than that single time I'd felt them in the dead of winter, but inside his mouth held the remnants of warmth, like he ha...
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breathe ; by aquariusdreamer
breathe ;by ˗ˏˋ𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐝𝐬ˊˎ˗
.*+ self appreciation poems +.* a collection of poetry which helps to cope with any form of mental health issu...
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Pain Will Always Come Back to Haunt You by Kevy_Grayce
Pain Will Always Come Back to 🔥Kevy🔥
Peter Parker attempts to juggle being Spider-Man, a high school student, and traumatized all at the age of sixteen. Aunt May does her best to be supportive of her superh...
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Sleep Paralysis by Amiauron
Sleep Paralysisby Marissa Teng
Sleep Paralysis stories taken from my dream journals.
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Make Them Scream by AmyMarieZ
Make Them Screamby Amy Marie Z
Alex is the lead singer of the up-and-coming rock band Make Them Scream. Despite the fact that the insomnia he's fought with since he was a teenager has been worsening...
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The Sleep Paralysis by LimGruif13
The Sleep Paralysisby Limei Lee
Short quotes and poetry
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What it's like to have sleep paralysis  by Pastel_Princess59
What it's like to have sleep Pastel Princess
I have sleep paralysis and I thought it'd be a good idea to write down my horrifying experiences. Good luck
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Insomniac by SnoopyWoodstock9
Insomniacby Principal of the Thing
Warning: contains mild language, disturbing themes (e.g. night terrors, sleep paralysis) and brief bursts of violence/angst. Also contains (platonic) Fronnie. Credit of...
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Am I awake? (ON HOLD) by wassup_3345
Am I awake? (ON HOLD)by Lovely_reader
Sang is not what everyone makes her be; shy, perfect, abused. No, Not this time . Sang suffers from sleep paralysis but not any, is where her deepest fears happen. She...
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Pinned Down by grapeland02
Pinned Downby Teri Kawaii
What will you do if one lazy afternoon, while relaxing at your favorite spot in the house, your entire body suddenly freezes. Your eyes were forced to shut close, you cr...
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Skub One Shots by ambergardi
Skub One Shotsby jace norman stan
for when I get bored and the demon I see when I get sleep paralysis is watching me from the corner of the room
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The Boy In The Green Room by daaisymagana
The Boy In The Green Roomby daaisymagana
I'm entering this for the #thegrudgecontest. It was a terrifying experience I had involving sleep paralysis around three years ago. My story may not be very long but it...
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Shes A Dixon (Daryl Daughter/Carl Grimes) by Eilish_Mikaelson
Shes A Dixon (Daryl Daughter/ Fries and A
⚠Slow Updates⚠ Zoey Dixon was somebody who as soon as you looked at you would see her as different. Not many friends, and lives in the woods with her father, never knowi...
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Alone |skephalo by hansukechan
Alone |skephaloby Amel1a Chan
Skeppy moves in with badboyhalo and likes it there, he then finds out that he's been hiding something from him the whole time...and wants to figure it out
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Man of the Shadows (And Other Short Stories) by pebbles774
Man of the Shadows (And Other peb
A collection of short horror stories. Some aren't mine (some were two-sentence horror stories) but rather ones I've heard of and just extended them to make them into a...
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the sweetest nightmare: a sleep paralysis demon x reader fanfiction (parody) by FreshlySqueezedMemes
the sweetest nightmare: a sleep ram ranch
you were just another unloved nobody at your school begging for a crumb of coochie, one night you had sleep paralysis for the first time and met kumiko, your new sleep p...
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The blackout. by Gorillazlovzz
The HEyNoOdlE
The blackout would be based upon the weird dreams I've been having. I know this story might not get as many viewers as I wanted it to get but 👩🏻‍🦲
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Sleep Well by nathan_owu
Sleep Wellby nathan_owu
My daily struggles.
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