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50 Ways To Say Goodbye (Kellic) by Pierce_the_horizon8
50 Ways To Say Goodbye (Kellic)by Davy Jones
In a very on-and-off relationship, Vic keeps trying to explain why Kellin keeps leaving him.
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Heroine - Kellic - by stressedkilljoy
Heroine - Kellic -by Frerard's Bitch
Kellin Quinn dislikes Vic Fuentes. He'd never met the guy, but he'd also never heard good things about him. However, that didn't stop him from feeling absolutely terrib...
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Eternally Yours - Frerard - by stressedkilljoy
Eternally Yours - Frerard -by Frerard's Bitch
(Sequel to 'I'll Never Let Them Hurt You') Gerard and Frank just graduated from High School and things have never been better. But all good things must come to an end.
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The Life of Hayley Fuentes:Freshman Year by my2ndlyfe
The Life of Hayley my2ndlyfe
Three years ago Hayleys brothers were kicked out of the house, ever since then all she's wanted to do was move to San Diego to be with them. After years of abuse she fin...
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Moment of Truth by KoliQuentes420
Moment of Truthby Kittrellix
coincidence or faith?
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smut one shots (kellic, frerard + more) by looklyla
smut one shots (kellic, frerard looklyla
the title says it all I am going to try to post every day warnings will be at the start of each chapter just like the ships and a lil' summary so far I have done 1. cu...
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EMO BAND PREFERENCES by ActualFuckingSatan
Idk(how) what I'm doing anymore. This piece of trash emo book is pReFeReNcEs CAUSE WHY FUCKING NOT?! Idk(how) who made the cover I found it on google. This includes (dee...
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You Got Me by hxllvcinxtions
You Got Meby “𝔪𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔢𝔩!”
⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ Includes: Abuse Eating Disorder Rape Suicidal thoughts -- Kellin would be considered your ordinary neighbor if he didn't over-worry about the neig...
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Baby || Multiship CG/L Oneshots  REQUESTS OPEN by Panic_of_this_disco
Baby || Multiship CG/L Oneshots 💚Frankie💚
A book of CG/L Band oneshots REQUEST ARE??? Started 5/2/19
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alone by lunatheasexual
aloneby lunatheasexual
kellin was the outcast of the school. vic was the popular kid. there was no way they'd collide, right?
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Jersey Hearts by TheLivingWillDie
Jersey Heartsby bitch
Quinn and Kai finally get adopted after 17 years in an orphanage. Quinn gets adopted by Frank Iero and Kai gets adopted by Gerard Way. Slowly Quinn falls for Mikey and K...
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Scars (Sequel to Cuts) boyxboy - Kellic by collidewiththemadnss
Scars (Sequel to Cuts) boyxboy - collidewiththemadnss
- Sequel to Cuts- Kellin struggles to recover from his trauma and Vic struggles to see his husband in pain, leading to a bad decision that has catastrophic consequences...
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Kidnapped by Derek Jones by xoxo_kkarly
Kidnapped by Derek Jonesby Karlynn Victoria
Jacklyn didn't have the perfect life. Her mother was murdered when she was nine and things just went down hill from there. Her step dad was abusive and she had no friend...
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If I was your vampire (kellic) by gr8v_yrd_bby
If I was your vampire (kellic)by gr8v_yrd_bby
It's the typical high school story, suicidal teen, abusive parent, violent bully. One night Kellin wanders into the forest determined to end it all. But can one brown ey...
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Hide Behind Trouble - Kellic by ISweepy
Hide Behind Trouble - Kellicby ISweepy
Vic, fresh out of high school, moves to Michigan to study law as his father did, who is the sheriff. When he isn't busy with classes, he helped at the station. His newes...
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Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboyby collidewiththemadnss
Kellin Quinn had a traumatic upbringing and since has had a hard time staying out of his head. He is sickened by what he loves, and despite trying so hard to heal, he co...
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Oneshots by oursaviorkellinquinn
Oneshotsby oursaviorkellinquinn
Kellic and Gawsten oneshots! I'll try to add trigger warnings for each individual story :)
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Random One-shots and imagines by Paradisekpennycuff
Random One-shots and imaginesby ✨Paradise✨
A book of random one-shots and imagines of most of you fav singers and actors
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my stupid ass shit by TheLivingWillDie
my stupid ass shitby bitch
Just a book of random stuff that I had no where else to put. Some memes some one shots and a bunch of other stuff.
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