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Briars ↬ D.M. by MissMeAgain
Briars ↬ sibelle
「 Once upon a dream in a magical castle A beautiful princess fell into a long deep sleep Only a kiss from a handsome prince could awake her So he can...
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Diaval X Reader (Maleficent) by FeirceAngel
Diaval X Reader (Maleficent)by Anna
You are Aurora's older sister, and are cursed when Maleficent comes to Aurora's christening. How will you navigate the struggles of the world? Will you find true love in...
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Heaven nor Hell-Castiel by azzie89
Heaven nor Hell-Castielby azzie89
In which the Winchester brothers find a sleeping girl in a coffin. [SPN S1-5] THIS IS A CROSSOVER BETWEEN MY FANFIC, "SLEEPING BEAUTY," AND SUPERNATURAL.
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.: Awake :. Kylo Ren .: BOOK ONE :. by bowtiesandstars_
.: Awake :. Kylo Ren .: BOOK ONE Holly
Supposedly she knows secrets to Luke Skywalker's whereabouts. She knew of the droid that hid the missing piece of the maps, even of the entire system. But no one knew wh...
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Counting Sheep by WriterKellie
Counting Sheepby Kellie Bowe
Bryn Hayward has never checked a book out of the library before. Thanks, internet. What she doesn't realize is that someone's checking her out, too. [A sleeping beauty...
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Beauty & Her Teacup by roxanneraej
Beauty & Her Teacupby RoxanneRae
"If I told you a secret, what would you do?" "Keep it?" I questioned, not at all thrown off by the randomness that is Theodore. "What if I tol...
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CRIMSON ° JASPER HALE  by intrvgalactic
❝IM NOT AFRAID OF MONSTERS, IM TERRIFIED OF LOSING YOU ❞ a tale of the endless cycle love lost and love found. highest ratings: #1 in #jasperhale #jasper #wolfiecindy s...
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Disney One-Shots by ShadowGirl1996
Disney One-Shotsby ShadowGirl1996
Hey guy. My cousin loves Disney so I wrote this for her. In the one-shots everyone is the same except the character that is being paired with the reader.
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Sister [Descendants 3] by RSE_ME
Sister [Descendants 3]by MJ
She is a god, she doesn't belong in the Isle. She knows she is capable of many more and much bigger things. But being a child of two prominent villains unables her to fu...
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The Initiative (A Sleeping Beauty Remix) by DumDumPops4
The Initiative (A Sleeping Cayleigh G. Kennedy
Aria Lewis is a member of the Initiative, a group of young Aces meant to protect Sarias from those who try to destroy it. Having just woken from suspended animation afte...
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at the stroke of twelve [POETRY] by FeatherlightDarling
at the stroke of twelve [POETRY]by bleum
Poetry Book #1 C I N D E R E L L A at the stroke of twelve 🥂🥂🥂 A collection of poems inspired by Cinderella.
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Descendants Watch Their Movies by Nicegirl5903
Descendants Watch Their Moviesby Nicegirl5903
Takes place before Descendents.
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Next Time I Fall *editing* by ashykinzz
Next Time I Fall *editing*by A.C. Richards
This story is a combination of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Once there was a young, beautiful princess by the name of Anastasia. She was cursed at a very yo...
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Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks Characters X Reader by JenaVeng04
Genderbent Disney & Dreamworks 🌻 MagiJen 🌻
Basically a book of reader inserts about our favorite Disney villains, and heroes as the opposite gender. The art isn't mine. Comment what you would like for me to do an...
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Dancing on Glass by RenaFreefall
Dancing on Glassby Rena Freefall
#26 in Fantasy ~ In six months, Cinderella will be free. At nineteen, she comes into her inheritance and will be rid of her wretched stepfamily. All she has to do...
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Into Darkness-TVD/TW Crossover by azzie89
Into Darkness-TVD/TW Crossoverby azzie89
In which Sleeping Beauty is taken to Beacon Hills. [TW S2-4] [AU] [DEUCALION x OC] [slight ELIJAH M. x OC] Cover credit to @-BlackVeilBride AU CROSSOVER BETWEEN MY FANF...
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Fly You To The Moon (Diaval Fanfic) by infinityblueskye
Fly You To The Moon (Diaval Fanfic)by skye
"I will fly you to the moon..." Highest Ranking #4 samriley #8 angelinajolie #13 diaval #21 fly #42 sleepingbeauty #147 maleficent #431 raven #686 moon
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The Tale of a Magickal Bard(GIRLXGIRL) by TheYokaiFan
The Tale of a Magickal Bard( TheYokaiFan
Gentle fingers ran through your hair as they weaved flowers through your tresses. The autumn breeze bristled passed your ears, tickling you causing you to laugh. "...
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Through The Thorns by FallenAngel2o2
Through The Thornsby Hey
This is a Maleficent fanfic. In the time when Aurora was still a child. Another makes it into the moor. Will she be excepted by Maleficent Will she be safe? Will she f...
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