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MY LIFE AS A SLAVE by pjvtb3404
In this story, we see through the eyes of a young African female slave that was taken to the Caribbean. She will speak of her experiences and how her life went.
  • slavetrade
Slave Girl  by ThatRandomWriter13
Slave Girl by ThatRandomWriter13
I wasn't supposed to be here. None of us were. The farm work us too hard, I'm scared I'll die from exhaustion. I hear of English girls who get to have proper childhood...
  • africa
  • farm
  • slavetrade
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Flooding thoughts by DeanisLeanBean
Flooding thoughtsby DeanisLeanBean
A slave breeder with a soft spot for the cute things in life starts to realize that the slave buisness isn't as humane as he was lead to believe
  • fantasy
  • slavetrade
when two worlds become one  by werewolf5505
when two worlds become one by werewolf5505
this is a story about what happens when a portal between two worlds opens, one world is ours with our technology, the other world is one with magic and mythical creature...
  • warlock
  • world
  • government
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Slaves no more! by LongShanks101
Slaves no more!by
Riink Atesh, formerly known as Victor Hadrada, is what all call an abomination. All but his kin that is... Victor had died in his past life, and as punishment for his si...
  • orc
  • slayer
  • reincarnation
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Hot Sex by Deneishal
Hot Sexby Deneishal
Winter Dale is a sex carved 21 year old how got sold to Adam Ex watch how this story unfold WARNING * SEXUAL CONTENT*
  • slavetrade
  • wattpad
The End by miraculous_loser
The Endby miraculous_loser
After a devastating attack the United States fall and war breaks loose. Men are being taken left and right to fight in a war that will kill them. After the men were take...
  • fighting
  • end
  • fantasy
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