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One Shots! by mkelley1014
One Shots!by Kitty1014
Just one shots of youtubers. All fluff with smut hints at times. Requests are always appreciated!! Please keep in mind that this was my first successful book and it laun...
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Forced Friends by Human_Persons
Forced Friendsby LonelyGirl
Max. Not a people person. Has terrible anger issues Ross. Is very quiet. Gets bullied. Red. Is insane. Gets bullied. Has no one Barney. Not a people person. Doesn't...
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If We Where Together Where Would We Be(Skyzan) by WEIRD_FEAR
If We Where Together Where Would Fear The Weird
So max and sky have known each other for a long time now and both had a huge crush on the other but was to afraid to admit it. Will they finally reveal their feelings to...
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YouTuber One Shots by breebnha
YouTuber One Shotsby Bree
Here I'll take requests and post some YouTuber One Shots. I will also do X readers, so please leave suggestions! :) Here are some YouTubers I watch: Shane Dawson (and al...
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MyStreet and SkyMedia Yaoi/Yuri One Shots by LesbianMomFriend
MyStreet and SkyMedia Yaoi/Yuri I'm Your Lesbian Mother Now
OneShots with my ships in it. I accept requests, but certain things I have to deny. Details inside.
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Rage Quit (Sky X Mithzan) by Ash_Blitz
Rage Quit (Sky X Mithzan)by Ash is Cube Trash
Max is notorious for his epic rage fits mid-recordings, but one day he lets his emotions get the better of him.. A/N: This will have shorter chapters and probably not be...
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Sky x Mithzan (SkyZan) by Mayobrine
Sky x Mithzan (SkyZan)by Camera Cookie
This fanfiction is about Sky and Max (Mithzan) it's an ordinary day at the Sky Media offices and Sky and Max are with all of Sky Media, editors and all. Sky is the most...
Skymedia and Friends Oneshots by MelissaDubs
Skymedia and Friends Oneshotsby MelissaDubs
I know that Tim, Ross, and Max don't work at skymedia anymore so just pretend they do. I don't know if Tim actually still works there but I think he does. And I totally...
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SkyDoesMinecraft Ships by GeorgeTheUnigiraffe
SkyDoesMinecraft Shipsby GeorgeTheUnigiraffe
Just a collection of mah fave YouTuber's ships <3 all u gaiz
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A Beautiful Lie by LilyLuvzSugar
A Beautiful Lieby Mafumafu Trash
In a world of monotone, a beacon of color started to shine. {discontinued}
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Sad Max by GeorgeTheUnigiraffe
Sad Maxby GeorgeTheUnigiraffe
He could wait, of course he could wait, and watch his heart ache and want and need more and more every day. Now, he was strong, but Max would grow weak with waiting. The...
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Rainy Nights (Adam x Max Skyzan Fanfic) by SotaPop_
Rainy Nights (Adam x Max Skyzan ‘SotaPop
What could possibly go wrong when clouds crowd the skies and rain hits the ground with a splat? What could possibly go wrong when you're tired and groggy and you suddenl...
New Hybrid by PikaCat28
New Hybridby RLW28
Hello everyone I'm a person that posts things here. I hope you all enjoy hearing my new story New Hybrid. The story is about a boy named Max who starts a new school. The...
Sky Media One Shots by GamingPotato7
Sky Media One Shotsby Ellie
I'm open for ideas!
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SkyZan x reader oneshots by _CreepyPastaxX
SkyZan x reader oneshotsby _CreepyPastaxX
ok look so it like this, Max x reader, Adam x reader and SkyZan.
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TsunderMax (a Skyzan fanfic) by Kittybomb102
TsunderMax (a Skyzan fanfic)by ThatShorti
Max always loved Adam since the day they met. He knew that Adam loved Ross, but he didn't care. The only thing wrong with it was that Max was a Tsundere(someone who refu...
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MCYT: Shipping One-shots by creativecreamer
MCYT: Shipping One-shotsby Yeet
Just some one-shots of some ships in MC community
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Skymedia ships by WeepingWoods39
Skymedia shipsby Alzaria
I will write any Skymedia ship If you are under age then this story isn't for you, some sexual content may appear
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Newscapecrew ONE-SHOTS by the_light_wolf
Newscapecrew ONE-SHOTSby the_light_wolf
Give me request and I'll do my own ships to
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