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Taming the World Eater by Kreepydark
Taming the World Eaterby Wilłing Wallfløwer
(Alduin x OC) A Skyrim Fanfiction~ Iva was too small to lift a sword when she was banished from the Rift for a crime she didn't commit, shipped off to Falkreath where sh...
Reborn as a Dragon!? by JaxWolf4
Reborn as a Dragon!?by JaxWolf4
Sora, a guy who was reading up on "That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime", had not been paying attention when he got struck by a moving truck. He was taki...
How to Pickpocket a Pickpocket by LisaMuller5
How to Pickpocket a Pickpocketby Lisa Muller
Skyrim Fanfiction Brynjolf x OC What was supposed to be innocent pickpocketing for Artis, turned out to be her getting in trouble with the Riften guards when her target...
The Art of Making Enemies (Miraak x Reader) by 8_Hello_8
The Art of Making Enemies ( Rose
[#1 in Skyrim Nov. 18] (Miraak x Reader) Enemies. It's a silly concept really. Two people hating each other for something that each person finds wrong in their own mind...
Sil Do Yol by shield-sister
Sil Do Yolby Melloniel
•Skyrim-The Hobbit fanfic• (you don't need to know much at all about Skyrim to read this fanfic) Amaris Sathaal. Thane, Mage, Companion, assassin, thief, Guild Master, D...
Ancano's secret by Poisoncube
Ancano's secretby Poison
( I'm a huge fan of skyrim and I just adore this snarky altmer. ) Female DovahkiinXAncano. (I was also bored and decided to do this since I've been playing skyrim a lot...
Konosuba, the real fight begins. by Jzargo232
Konosuba, the real fight Jzargo232
He's just a regular high school student, and he just wants a peaceful life, but when he dies to circumstances, he is given three choices, be reincarnated as a new person...
[AoT Levi x Dragonborn! Reader] Dovahkiin Is The New Cadet?! [COMPLETED/EDITED] by Espeones
[AoT Levi x Dragonborn! Reader] Espeones
[OLD BOOK | READ WITH CAUTION] (Y/n) (L/n)... Very cocky personality, but that doesn't mean she's isn't fearless and brave in battle... Known as Dovahkiin to many, other...
Breaking Point (My Hero Academia x male bullied battlemage reader) by RandomnessLord
Breaking Point (My Hero Academia RandomnessLord
Numbness ... All I could feel in the black abyss I resided in was numbness ... Then I was asked a question. One of life and death. ... I said yes What happens when someo...
Turning the Tides North by ThtGAMERgirl117
Turning the Tides Northby ThtGAMERgirl117
The Dragonborn has been living a quiet life. After sorting out the business of the World-Eater returning, the Civil War, the College of Winterhold & all of that other st...
Loving Madness (Cicero X Reader) by ShadeSmiles
Loving Madness (Cicero X Reader)by Jessi (a.k.a. Shade)
Who doesn't love this crazy jester? Enjoy. I don't own any of the pictures.
Skyrim One-Shots by TheSarcasticRed
Skyrim One-Shotsby Ms. Inbetween
You know why you're here. (I am trying to update daily, and the one-shots are a minimum of 1000 words) No promise of lemons, but fluff will make multiple appearances. T...
The Dragons Are Back (Miraculous Ladybug X The Elder Scrolls Crossover) by ElderDragon938
The Dragons Are Back (Miraculous Lydia Yeh
Strunsahtiid is the firstborn son of Akatosh and twin brother of Alduin. He is his twin's equal and opposite. Whereas Alduin destroys creation so that the universe may b...
OC OP Skyrim male reader x highschool dxd  by skylab25
OC OP Skyrim male reader x sky lab
this is my very first story so please be gentle with comments. Know I will be adding mods from any Skyrim platform so if you have a mod you wanna see message me about it.
saudade ༄ skyrim oneshots by salmonsoup
saudade ༄ skyrim oneshotsby milla :)
༄ (n.) a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and lost..."the love that remains" {requests open!}...
Skyrim Parent Scenarios {REQUESTS OPEN} by littlemomouse
Skyrim Parent Scenarios { Little Emo Mouse
I couldn't find a single story like this for Skyrim, so I decided I'd be the first to write one! Witness as your beloved virtual NPCs raise you as their own! I will prim...
Dovahkiin x Fem Alduin  by Logadara
Dovahkiin x Fem Alduin by Logadara
The Dragonborn defeated alduin yet the gods had other plans for the dragon taking his soul and twisting it. Forming Alduin into a female dragon in service to the Dragonb...
Walk in the Shadows by Wolfiesta
Walk in the Shadowsby Wolfie
Femke, a Nordic-Bosmeri woman, has come to Riften to start over. She thought she was ready for adventuring in the big, wide world outside of her meager home in the minin...
Skyrim X Readers  by DigitalNeela
Skyrim X Readers by Digital.Neela
Hey now that I have your attention, I'd love to let you know that I'm not doing any requests involving shotas, or any other nasty shit, or lemons (as a pan-romantic that...
Tahrovin (RWBY X Dragonborn Male Reader) by The_Alviras
Tahrovin (RWBY X Dragonborn Male Wonder Twins!
(I did this to spite someone and continue the story in my image) (Y/n) was the most selfish and ignorant student beacon ever had but despite this, he still landed the he...