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☁️🍒sᴋʏ x ɢɪʀʟғʀɪᴇɴᴅ🍒☁️ by TheCluzAnne
☁️🍒sᴋʏ x ɢɪʀʟғʀɪᴇɴᴅ🍒☁️by Kat
Honestly I just make books of things I ship and well I SHIP THIS SO DEAL WITH IT I honestly do not ship "Girlfriend x Boyfriend" I never did and if you ship &q...
The Skyverse ! by ratdinosawr
The Skyverse !by Tom_ig
Trigger Warning // blood/gore in a few chapters (WIP) btw most of the stuff is just from the NuSky + Skyverse mod so yea, but some of the stuff is rewritten to my likin...
The end of a FNF Era (Ultimatrix wielding reader x female fnf harem) by Silver_Sunlight_Two
The end of a FNF Era (Ultimatrix Silver_Sunlight
You've been a friend of BF ever since high school, but some things changed. Can you protect your friend from the Dearest control? Find out now. Quote Time "Where's...
The Beginning of the End FNF Era by Silver_Sunlight_Two
The Beginning of the End FNF Eraby Silver_Sunlight
So this is a pretty short prequel to my most popular book here on Wattpad. (Definitely not the longest.) This will consist of most of the Flashbacks. And I suggest you r...
A New Era by Silver_Sunlight_Two
A New Eraby Silver_Sunlight
Memories? Shattered. Friends? None? Ninjamuffin99 programs Friday Night Funkin'. PhantomArcade made the original game's artwork and animations. The original soundtrack w...
I'll Find You (DISCONTINUED) by whyyyyyyyyyyyy843
I'll Find You (DISCONTINUED)by WeirdPerson
"The corruption is fuckin terrifying, and if it hadn't been for that idiot I married, I wouldn't go poking around it." (OFFICIALLY CANCELLED, IM SO SORRY BUT I...
One-shot's, Headcanon's, and ask My AU (Twisted Friday) by Silver_Sunlight_Two
One-shot's, Headcanon's, and ask Silver_Sunlight
Welcome to the Twisted Friday AU part of my three-part series. Stick around, ask questions and get to be the lucky one-shot idea maker. You can also ask me/Silver Sunlig...
The rise of sky book 2 by Bella91410
The rise of sky book 2by Lovehugs914
Sky was once a very nice simp until she became very evil! this is the rise of sky + spanish verison upcoming
Sky is a villian book 3 by Bella91410
Sky is a villian book 3by Lovehugs914
Sky becomes a evil girl very......
(DISCONTINUED!) School Ain't Funky. - FNF High School AU Chatfic (REBOOTED VER.) by ArthesiaWasMiyu
(DISCONTINUED!) School Ain't Arthesia!
[ CONTAINS CUSSING! SORRY! ] A new school year for Boyfriend, some guy who aspires to become a famous rapper one day. It feels like pain, obviously, but hey, he's not al...
The story of why sky simps for keith (friday night funkin by Bella91410
The story of why sky simps for Lovehugs914
In this story you find out why sky simps for keith ! The warnings r gore and cursing and enjoy the story for the rest
P A I N (FINISHED)by 丂卂ㄚ卂
NOTE:THESE CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME ( ocs that belong to me:rosean,julie,latte,edgar,and thats it)some stuff is from fnf incorrect quotes made by aesthetic_trash42...
Sky cult  by G-G0R3GUTZ
Sky cult by braixen
Ignore thumbnail, I had no image to choose Squish
Please Stay (Sky x FEM reader) by IsabellaBarrett7
Please Stay (Sky x FEM reader)by Dylan_Love
Sky has been heartbroken ever since Boyfriend left and has been lonely in thee void until a girl named Y/N came along and has brightened up her life...she won't let you...
°¤ I want him ¤° by XxCrying_HerpesxX
°¤ I want him ¤°by ☆°• Cry •°☆
This is a book based of the back story of sky in my AU. ⚠️This is NOT a sky × bf book⚠️ I'm getting bored of not knowing what to post and I've been wanting to make this...