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Rejected by My Alpha Mate! by swag4ever
Rejected by My Alpha Mate!by swag4ever
A young 16 year old werewolf named Brooke Miller is abused, and bullied. When she found her mate, the Alpha, he rejected her. She moved in with a new pack, and has start...
The Leap by AvatarAshdel
The Leapby LiveLong&Prosper
Who was, where is, what happened to D.B. Cooper? 5th place in the Philosopher Awards 2022 Historical Fiction Genre If you see this story anywhere besides Wattpad please...
The In-between by DanielleAppel
The In-betweenby Danielle Appel
A woman, hours away from an engagement is in a car accident. She is neither alive, nor dead, she is merely a soul waiting to choose an impossible decision. She must choo...
Damned by tedeyb54
Damnedby tedeyb54
What if Murr's Skydiving punishment actually goes wrong, but instead of dying he goes under a long recovery process? Who will be there for him? Does he have the will to...
Marshall's Parachute Jump by BlueGhostFriend
Marshall's Parachute Jumpby BlueGhostFriend
Marshall has always been afraid of heights, but what if he was given the choice to parachute or not? Would he take it? Could an activity about falling from high places a...
Last Twenty-Four Hours by ThEsToryTeLeR
Last Twenty-Four Hoursby rose, just rose
If you were told that you only had twenty-four hours to live, what would you do? Who would you do it with? Where would you go? Would you spend it with your family? F...
The Legacy List by NiBugsPrincess
The Legacy Listby Payton Gaches
Rikki and Markus have been best friends since they can remember. Everything changes whenever Rikki is told she only has two months to live. Markus then goes on a journey...
iFly Singapore - Popular Attractions in Singapore by iflysingapore
iFly Singapore - Popular iFly Singapore
Experience the best of skydiving at iFly Singapore which is one of the world's largest indoor wind tunnels and can accommodate up to 20 professional flyers at any one ti...
Don't die a virgin by Josiefeathergirl
Don't die a virginby Josie Hunny
Lucy is sixteen year old girl who is bored with life. Its the same everyday. Just when she decides to give death a try, she realizes everything she has not done yet. She...
Specially UnAverage by Kastalinara
Specially UnAverageby Kastalinara
College is supposed to be about reinventing yourself. My life took it a bit far. When you're as infamous as I was as a kid, you grow up to be allergic to the limelight...
The Journal by SavannahP143
The Journalby SavannahP143
WARNING: This story may have suicidal thoughts or actions. Don't read if this offends you. Alec Sherwood is a normal guy who watched his mom die when he was 15. Now he's...
Skyglide (discontinued?) by Rytzsparkdude
Skyglide (discontinued?)by «R I Z»
"Wouldn't it feel great when you get to fly like a bird, free from the cages of gravity, soaring in the sky and letting the breeze brush against your face?" -C...
Free Falling.  by Reject-16-7
Free Falling. by Aaliya Dramat.
Free fall: To move under the force of gravity only; fall rapidly.