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Skull Kid x Reader by ThatOneIt
Skull Kid x Readerby VV
Uh yeah i'm doing another one of these stories ._. don't kill me pls.
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His link by That_Disappointment
His linkby little beanie
I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS so just read and find out.thank you. The cover is NOT mine I found it on google.(I can't draw for the life of me!)
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Fairy Boy {MM Link X Skull Kid} by Erandur
Fairy Boy {MM Link X Skull Kid}by Horny Skyrim Mods
A/N: I know I'm gonna get hate for loving this ship and needing to write about it... But I love this ship, ok? So please, don't trash on my masterpiece. One year That's...
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Yandere Skull kid x reader|complicated love  by lisamarie200
Yandere Skull kid x reader| Lisa
Things were fine once you and Skull kid both were friends with the giants but things changed when the giants left you and skull kid. Skull kid fell into a deep depressio...
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Legend of Zelda: A Shade of Time by halen6
Legend of Zelda: A Shade of Timeby A-Scarred One
It is not my purpose, at this time, to write a novelization of the events of the Hero of Time's era in regards to Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask as I desire to press...
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Oh no an art book by kiiboy_
Oh no an art bookby wowie wee its jimmy newdrug
hi so this is my art book where I'll most likely spam yall with my art, because im an annoying fuck. all art posted in this book belongs to me and was made by me. please...
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ✔️ by Genoglydertm
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Genoglyde
After Link seals Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm, peace returns to Hyrule. But soon Link's old friend Navi goes missing. While wandering through the forest in search of Na...
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Skull Kid's Bullshit by CopperiscuteDTboi
Skull Kid's Bullshitby Stanley Vampire
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Skull Kid x Reader by ThatOneIt
Skull Kid x Readerby VV
Ya lovelies want a part 2 of my other Skull Kid x reader? Then here it is!
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Our Next Journey: Hyrule Warriors Sequel by NoisyMartian
Our Next Journey: Hyrule NoisyMartian
Even after the defeat of Phantom Ganon, Hyrule still isn't completely in the clear. Because what happens when a greedy man in search of power and beauty emerges fresh f...
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Young Love by NoisyMartian
Young Loveby NoisyMartian
As the name implies, it involves a particular couple from the Zelda series - an unpopular ship that I adore way too much and long to spread the word about. I haven't he...
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Game Over (BEN Drowned x Reader) by RedFurryFox
Game Over (BEN Drowned x Reader)by Sans The Skeleton
Ami is a teenage girl who moves to a new house with her mother,she soon discovers an N64 and a Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask cartridge. Ami plays the game and something...
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You and The Legend of Zelda Characters by catgirl39
You and The Legend of Zelda catgirl39
This is a fan fiction and role play type of story about you and some of the characters from the Legend of Zelda. Princess Zelda has invited you to a sleepover party at h...
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The Shade by Luczura
The Shadeby irl Young Link
He let a tear fall, mixing with the red stains all over his body. The boy didn't care about this mess, all he wanted was to be free. He'll never ease his regrets.
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Skull Kid by Turseff
Skull Kidby Turseff
A tale of redemption
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Happy Mask Salesman X Skull Kid (SUPER DUPER HOT) by LemonPon
Happy Mask Salesman X Skull Kid ( LemonPon
This was a joke, but I felt like it needed to be shared with the world
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Zelda And Creepypasta Gone Wild by -_lead-Proxy_-
Zelda And Creepypasta Gone Wildby kitty_proxy
just a little fun with both creepypasta and Zelda. I love both alot.
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My oc facts book thingy by CopperiscuteDTboi
My oc facts book thingyby Stanley Vampire
This is a thing where I put my ocs,people I roleplay as such as:Skull Kid and Nightmare Flareon,and you can ask them stuff so check this out! ^3^
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"The Legend of Zelda: Poetic Justice for All." by Darkness803
"The Legend of Zelda: Poetic Darki The Magical Sexy Story...
...They all have a story... ... That they all can tell... ... Stories that no one ever knew... ...Until now... Stay tuned for updates for all the characters (Requests ar...
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A Conflict In Time by The_Wishes_of_You
A Conflict In Timeby Natsu Kirai
Lost, abandoned, in the midst of the Forest temple. Shes unsure, scared, hopeless, but then it happens, a green figure appears and potrays as her last spark at survival...
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