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So we meet again : a Skullgirls story (squigly x male reader) by Keyblade122
So we meet again : a Skullgirls Keyblade122
It's been 14 years since they were separated from each other and now they finally have been reunited and together they will face the Skullgirl .......... and their feeli...
-   The Wulf den   -                             Beowulf ( skullgirls ) X Reader by HoneyyMilkyy
- The Wulf ⭐️#1 lazy boi⭐️
Big lewd hours wit beowulf from skull girls UwU.
Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Devil Among Us by Unkilledone455736
Skullgirls 2nd Encore: Devil Unkilledone455736
Done with their Job in the Underworld. Dante And Vergil manage to get out from that Hellish place. However,seperates the two once again..... Note: This story was made fr...
While the skullgirl has been defeated new trouble arises between the previously warring kingdoms, (the chess kingdom in particular), due to the unease of possible war br...
Skullgirls:Asura's Afterlife by Unkilledone455736
Skullgirls:Asura's Afterlifeby Unkilledone455736
After the events of Asura's Wrath. Asura's Decendants are in the Canopy Kingdom where they have to fight disturbances along the way.
New life new fate (Male reader x skullgirls) by Genuinenovelty
New life new fate (Male reader x Genuinenovelty
A young man is diagnosed with heart cancer and has 2 years left to live. He dreams of spending his last days in a city that resembled the 1970s. Well one day his wish ca...
Skullgirls Characters x Reader (YURI LEMONS) by star_exe2020
Skullgirls Characters x Reader ( ★彡 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂 彡★
(the images I use aren't mine, I found them online. Just so you know... 😅) Whelp, I'm just about tired of not seeing any girl on girl reader lemons about Skullgirls, so...
Skullgirls harem x male reader by Bobbertts
Skullgirls harem x male readerby Bob
A guy named (Y/N) finds himself in a strange new world littered with women. What could possibly go wrong?
S.G x JJBA - of plants and shells by baxterjax2
S.G x JJBA - of plants and shellsby baxterjax2
new meridian, a city of wealth, betrayal, and so much more, but its also the city of the Skullgirl, but then there's you a new recruit for the egrets, but you are so muc...
❥ Glamorous  by Airiqa
❥ Glamorous by ❥dahlia
❥ a yandere skullgirls x female reader. to be honest I haven't seen any yandere skullgirls nor alot of females ❥ Disclaimer!! smut is not allowed!! i get uncomfortable...
Blood Written Files: Project Azure by Team_Google_Plus
Blood Written Files: Project Azureby Team Google+
This is a Fan Fiction based off of the Skullgirls series... Created by ND(nd747) These are the files of the feminine psychopath Nu Valentine, way before she went complet...
male reader skullheart x skullgirls by LuisBalbuena404
male reader skullheart x skullgirlsby Luis Balbuena
sorry i havent updated ragna x date of live i was busy so for now i will do a male reader skull heart x skull girls this is my first time doing a different series so pl...
the life of Painwheel by doppelganger09
the life of Painwheelby Edgy Psychic
After finally getting revenge on brain drain for what he did to her painwheel now wanders the world with all an incredibly empty feeling
💜Lena's Randomness💜 by _Leniiii_
💜Lena's Randomness💜by 🌟𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙘𝙠🌟
Just a book containing my life and randomness. Starring best girl!~ (cover image from Pinterest)
Endless Hells by Nurse_and_a_Nun
Endless Hellsby Parasoul main
Multi fandom fics, some a bit shitpost-y and some a bit smutty ✋😎👌