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Drop Dead Gorgeous by ValkyrieJade19
Drop Dead Gorgeousby Bella Pleasant
Valkyrie Cain has been shunted back to the 1600's by time traveller, Herman Grave while on a mission to track down missing mortals. She attends Reinstone Academy for You...
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebook by nowblackarc
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebookby love yourself
This is just a funny story about what would happen if the Skulduggery Pleasant characters got facebook. All the characters belong to Derek Landy (the God of writing) It'...
Skulduggery pleasant fan book by Doctor-nye
Skulduggery pleasant fan bookby Doctor nye
You are not a real fan until you've read this.
Dark Times Indeed              (Valduggery) by DestielandValduggery
Dark Times Indeed ( DestielandValduggery
*Sequel to Suicidal Valkyrie* Valkyrie and skulduggery are finally together. Only one problem stands in Valkyries way. But what if the problem is basically herself?
Traffic [Valduggery, Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction] by eyesocketsandsuits
Traffic [Valduggery, Skulduggery eyesocketsandsuits
"We've saved the world." Skulduggery's head moved a centimeter in her direction. "I'm sorry?" Valkyrie continued to gaze out of the car window, watch...
Suicidal Valkyrie (valduggery) by DestielandValduggery
Suicidal Valkyrie (valduggery)by DestielandValduggery
What if valkyrie shunted from this dimension over to skulduggery...?? *shes still Darquesse and everything else is relatively the same*
Skulduggery Pleasant Short Stories (Skulduggery Pleasant One-shot fanfics) by BookReader3690
Skulduggery Pleasant Short BookReader3690
Just some random short stories about our favourite detective duo and their friends... All characters belong to Derek Landy.
Valduggery  by sparrowskye
Valduggery by sparrowskye
Is it possible for Skul to get Val pregnant???!!
The Sparrow Flies North for the Summer (Valduggery) by book_reader263
The Sparrow Flies North for the Book_reader263
So this is a Valduggery fanfiction, if you decide to read it please be niceXD I wholeheartedly believe in Valduggery, so all of you Fletcherie lovers can maybe for a few...
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by Prysm-Emery
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Prys
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction There has always been a mystery to solve. A mystery that if left the world will end. That's were Skulduggery Pleasant...
Valduggery Goodness by Divervenclaw
Valduggery Goodnessby Account moved
❣ A bundle of stories, quotes, conversations and other stuff, all Valduggery based. ❣
Valduggery One-Shots by spn_stole_my_life
Valduggery One-Shotsby Panic! Everywhere
[No longer updating] A collection of Valduggery One-shots that I originally started writing on an old account. But I'm now uploading them on here because I'm not using t...
THE OC BOOK  by SP_Fanclub
THE OC BOOK by Skulduggery Pleasant
A guide to creating and developing characters/OCs in the Skulduggery Pleasant universe.
Skulduggery Pleasant One Shots by Ali_Cynical
Skulduggery Pleasant One Shotsby Ali Cynical
I will write one one-shot each week, based in the Skulduggery Pleasant world. Send in a request and I will write it. Unless I don't. If no one comments an idea, I will w...
Skulduggery Pleasant - Night of the Little Rose by ChameleonCat12
Skulduggery Pleasant - Night of ChameleonCat
The time of Darquesse has passed. And now arises a new Villain that will push Skulduggery and Valkyrie to their limit. Little Rose. She's on a quest for blood and chaos...
Fight For Us ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by Prysm-Emery
Fight For Us ::: Skulduggery Prys
Skulduggery Pleasant FanFiction Sequel To 'Fight For Me' Life was fairly peaceful after all the clones and being kidnapped for Valkyrie and Skulduggery. Unfortunately t...
One-shot  fan-fic and some short stories of werewolves/vampires/warlocks,ect by EmmaKnight245
One-shot fan-fic and some short Obstinate Illusory
Fan-fic: Skulduggery Pleasent Demon Road trilogy (only on second book at the moment) Harry Potter ...
SP characters in quarintine by BlueberryMuffinBooks
SP characters in quarintineby BlueberryMuffinBooks
what if the Skulduggery Pleasent world had to go into quarintine too
Skulduggery Pleasant: HELP by amateur-at-life
Skulduggery Pleasant: HELPby amateur-at-life
After finding a nearly dead Valkyrie in her own home, stabbed by her reflection and her subconcious, Darquesse, Skulduggery and Valkyrie are on a quest to stop them both...
Midnight Rivers- A SP Fanfiction by EllieMayKiddFanfic
Midnight Rivers- A SP Fanfictionby Rayne Darkchaser
Set after seasons of war, China sorrows has recovered from her coma well. And Rayne Darkchaser is happy that she has recovered. Everything is going well. Until when Skul...