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Skulduggery Pleasant Short Stories (Skulduggery Pleasant One-shot fanfics) by BookReader3690
Skulduggery Pleasant Short BookReader3690
Just some random short stories about our favourite detective duo and their friends... All characters belong to Derek Landy.
Skulduggery Pleasant Shorts by redivysparrow
Skulduggery Pleasant Shortsby sage
Skulduggery Pleasant short stories and oneshots! Some will be from my old FFN, some entirely new! Enjoy!
The untold tales of The Dead Men  by SourSkull2001
The untold tales of The Dead Men by Laura
A series of stories about the thrilling adventures of the Dead men, join them as they undergo deadly missions and slap death in the face. Witness as they punch their way...
Bare Knuckles And Smooth Steps by TheSkeletonsBride
Bare Knuckles And Smooth Stepsby Sarah :3
Skulduggery is teaching Valkyrie new fighting techniques and strategies, and also a little dancing...
Pleasantly Raising Cain by ValkyrieJade19
Pleasantly Raising Cainby Bella Pleasant
A collection of one shots and short stories from the Skulduggery Pleasant series (will be random pairings) OC's included ;)
Until the end. by Pleasant_Cain04
Until the Pleasant_Cain04
This is a Skulduggery Pleasant fan fic. This is set after Resurrection (Valkyrie has ran away and has been missing for 5 years but the ending to Resurrection did not hap...
The Love of a Dead Man  by ValkyrieCain1998
The Love of a Dead Man by Phoebe Pleasant
Old enemies. New enemies. Old friends. New friends. Grudges and plots. What happens when tensions between certain men become unbearable? What happens when they find they...
Incorrect SP Text Messages (ENG) by Piers-Nivans
Incorrect SP Text Messages (ENG)by Piers Nivans
This is the translation of my last "story", featuring some of the most hilarious text messages of the Skulduggery Pleasant characters :D Enjoy! (I translated i...
The Sparrow Flies South for the Winter (Random Book #2) by Reina_de_Naipes
The Sparrow Flies South for the Caelynn Amastacia
*punches nearby Risen* Welcome to Wattpad's Sanctuary! I am Reina de Naipes, an agent who dabbles in writing, and I'll be your guide here. This is my second random b...
Saracen Rue Knows Too Much by Ali_Cynical
Saracen Rue Knows Too Muchby Ali Cynical
Saracen is determined to discover Skulduggery's secret, so enlisting the help of the dead men they create a plot that goes marvellously wrong. This story is fast paced...
Skully P by Nitr0gen_
Skully Pby Sup.
Skulduggery pleasant oneshots, headcanons, and scenarios.
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebook by nowblackarc
Skulduggery Pleasant gets Facebookby love yourself
This is just a funny story about what would happen if the Skulduggery Pleasant characters got facebook. All the characters belong to Derek Landy (the God of writing) It'...
Skulduggery Pleasant by Valkyrie_Cain4
Skulduggery Pleasantby Valkyrie_Cain4
This is my first fanfic. There is some Valduggery. I don't know what else to say. Hope you enjoy it. All credits to the Golden God Derek Landy Ghastly and anton and Es...
Valduggery One-Shots by spn_stole_my_life
Valduggery One-Shotsby Panic! Everywhere
[No longer updating] A collection of Valduggery One-shots that I originally started writing on an old account. But I'm now uploading them on here because I'm not using t...
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction by Prysm-Emery
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Prys
Fight For Me ::: Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction There has always been a mystery to solve. A mystery that if left the world will end. That's were Skulduggery Pleasant...
Beating Heart ~ Sexter by Prysm-Emery
Beating Heart ~ Sexterby Prys
Skulduggery Pleasant Fanfiction ~~~ For years Saracen has loved Dexter. But his power let's him know that Dexter doesn't feel the same way. With some help, will Dexter...
100 Skulduggery Pleasant Head Canons by BlivArmageddon
100 Skulduggery Pleasant Head Bliv x
Here are 100 of some top Skulduggery Pleasant Headcanons spanning over the series that I've found. Contains spoilers for all the books. Enjoy! :D
Fanclub's Festive Fun - Skulduggery Pleasant by SP_Fanclub
Fanclub's Festive Fun - Skulduggery Pleasant
Let's countdown to the new year! Cover art by @Larrikin-
Skulduggery Pleasant - one shots and imagines by Leggy_is_sexy
Skulduggery Pleasant - one shots Alana
This book will about Skulduggery and Valkyrie's relationship. I love them and I'll die being in envy of what they have. So this is me needing an outlet to all the fanta...
Undercover (A Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction) by BookReader3690
Undercover (A Skulduggery BookReader3690
A evil teacher and one of the students at Valkyrie's old school are brainwashing people. Valkyrie and Skulduggery go undercover to stop them. Can Stephanie and Mr. Pleas...