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Introduction by Britania_Nowaski
Introductionby Rita_Manchester
I don't write as much as Lorena, so I suggest you to see her "Introduction". There are more books, I had to post it because of the Collaboration with her. The...
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Nobari by Lorena_Slowaki
Nobariby Lorena J.S
Because she feared to be alone she did what her friends told her. She did everything to make her friend's ex-boyfriend fall in love with her. And she succeeded. But n...
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Tekkai by Lorena_Slowaki
Tekkaiby Lorena J.S
A hero. What is a hero exactly? For the first time in your life, you acted like a hero but you ended losing your life after saving another life. And then, you regretted...
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Introduction by Lorena_Slowaki
Introductionby Lorena J.S
Here is the Introduction of all my books. Some aren't posted yet. It is just for the songs purpose. Or I am just waiting for the artwork to be finished.
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The Money Grubber by Britania_Nowaski
The Money Grubberby Rita_Manchester
(Lorena) "The guy I am in love with hate me. He may be despised my existence for all I know." "What ? How could someone said be like this to you ?" ...
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The God of Death by Lorena_Slowaki
The God of Deathby Lorena J.S
"Do you know who is the worst in the story? It's us. Doctors who killed and destroyed a lot of life without getting punished. I am not a prodigy. I've already kil...
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