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Jenkook Incorrect Quotes II by Redsherry16
Jenkook Incorrect Quotes IIby Kiara Heartphylia
Jennie: I'm single, your single, you know what that means.... Jungkook, blushing: yeah Jennie: we ugly Get a dose of the crack culture Jenkook couple filled with laught...
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That'll never happen.......whoops, too late! by kinkytwister
That'll never V!(+0r!@
So boy and girl meet awkwardly. But there's a catch! Though dancing, hardships and figuring out the meaning of being free, this is a story in which you will love!
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Hamilton Oneshots by Lonely_MochiTea
Hamilton Oneshotsby Vanilla•Mochi
Most of these will be like from skits or memes. Some may be ships though. You can request some ships in the comments! NO X READER OR SMUT! I made some of these little l...
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Story Ideas for You! by Lena-Presents
Story Ideas for You!by Lena
Need inspiration for a story? Look no further. From one-liners to full chapters, here are some ideas I once had that I am now giving to you. All I ask for in return is...
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BNHA/MHA Chatfic  by aquqtix
BNHA/MHA Chatfic by Aquqtix
This is a mess. Don't expect good stuff I will most likely update when I have ideas :') Sorrynotsorry
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Godzilla bloopers and skits by ggg1223456765
Godzilla bloopers and skitsby ggg1223456765
Just something stupid to work on.
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Links Instagram! by -_YukiSnowfall_-
Links Instagram!by Princess
Come chat with link ^^ anyone is welcome :3
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For the love of my brothers. (Osomatsu-san x reader) by TheBlindTopaz
For the love of my brothers. ( CecileNov
Don't you think living with a big brother who's annoying is enough?'s 6 of them with an identical face! (Little sister au)
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Bnha stuff! by -_YukiSnowfall_-
Bnha stuff!by Princess
Random stuff to roleplay :3
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Random Shit by ASmolBlueOreo
Random Shitby Memeing smol
Skit I'm retrying this shit
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🧡Bakudeku💚 by Shadowwwwstorm
🧡Bakudeku💚by Icyhot_Bakuthot
This is a one-shot and crack book for all things Bakudeku Dont like the ship dont read. It's as simple as that 😂👌
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Hamilton Skits by hotpantsmulligan
Hamilton Skitsby Lydia Deetz 🖤
This is kind of like oneshots but, it isn't with ships. Kinda like Vines. You can request. Enjoy!
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Gachalife by SorahanaHaki
Gachalifeby 🍪🖤☕️𝓼𝓴𝔂💫☁️🌙
Just some skits and characters I make! enjoyyy! This book contains little scenes from all the role plays I do with my friends I'll update it when I have time
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A Popular Boy's Day At School by TheBooksNite
A Popular Boy's Day At Schoolby TheBooksNite
If this book gets 100 views or more everybody gets straight shotouts you can make it happen just read every chapter if you want a shout to your channel
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The Butcher Did it by ColinJLee
The Butcher Did itby The Wordsmith
Short Comedy Skit I wrote about what happens when a sane man is questioned beyond his capacity to take it.
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Skits by himenoknm
Skitsby Kathryn
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The Savagest Savage by KelsieTheOtaku
The Savagest Savageby Kelsie
This is a live RP I did with my friend on AA and Fade randomly became a character and it got really funny so I was like "DUDE I SHOULD PUT THIS ON WATTPAD!!!"...
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One Direct Encounter by OliviaMadhavan
One Direct Encounterby Brunia Von Vermillion
Breaking the law happens once. Breaking the law happens twice. But if the criminal is not caught the first two times, it develops into a habit which then becomes an obse...
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The Alien Memory👽 by SakinaNasir5253
The Alien Memory👽by Sakina Nasir
"I bet you didn't even have your first kiss, Van," Elena remarked and smirked, a knowing expression on her face. "Let's go, El," Kate urged, eyeing...
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Imagines {Diggy Simmons Edition} by Smiley_KitKat
Imagines {Diggy Simmons Edition}by Sergent Sprinkles
Y/N and Diggy Simmons Short Love Stories. Remember to vote and comment. Issue 1~ Confessions Issue 2~ New Edition Issue 3~ Knight In Shining Armor Issue 4~ Shor...
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