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Shephalo One Shots  by verycashmoney
Shephalo One Shots by bruh moment
Hi. I make oneshots when im bored. U can place requests, i dont care ill prolly do it. I made the cover :) Follow my instagram if you want,,, we can be friends???? Id l...
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.Secrets (skeppy x badboyhalo) by softskep
.Secrets (skeppy x badboyhalo)by bbh fan acc
[COMPLETE] Darryl goes to school with a popular minecraft youtuber by the name of Skeppy. One thing though, he doesn't quite know that yet. No smut ! Possible trigger wa...
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You little muffin... ~ Skephalo Highschool AU by JessichuV
You little muffin... ~ Skephalo JessichuV
Zak, the kid whos popularity followed him to highschool with a secret, popular youtube channel. Darryl, The nerd whos secret channel, badboyhalo, slowly grows. A6d, best...
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Brain Cells by caIIahan
Brain Cellsby kallahan
It's been over a year that Skeppy discovered he liked Badboyhalo, and he hasn't done anything about it yet. The gods are getting tired of him complaining to himself that...
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stop // skephalo by gravefruit
stop // skephaloby « GraveFruit »
TAKING REQUESTS! I plan to make this until I become uninspired. Rate. Kk thx love u bye. Vote plz or I might have to explode
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FAME ( Skephalo fanfic) by Kitx_xtiK
FAME ( Skephalo fanfic)by Kitx
Darryl has always loved singing, and overnight he had blown in popularity and became trending for his old songs. He doesn't want anybody to know about his secret talent...
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Respawn || Tech6d [DISCONTINUED] by 00_Kahel
Respawn || Tech6d [DISCONTINUED]by Kahel
Not everything goes your way. Skeppy only wanted them to meet to troll and cause chaos, But he made a new friendship bloom between Technoblade, who has a hard time with...
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~pinecones everywhere~ by iamonewiththefandom
~pinecones everywhere~by Lindsey
Guys I need help with life. This is keeping me both sane and driving me insane. This is a skephalo one-shot book. No smut. Have fun reading it I guess. And no judgement...
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tabula rasa ✧ skephalo by sourdust
tabula rasa ✧ skephaloby ⁺˳✧༚ sos ⁺˳✧༚
It's been a week since the last time BadBoyHalo has had news from Skeppy. He disappeared into thin air without any warning. It wasn't something he would do and BadBoyH...
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Fate (Skephalo Oneshots) by DeearReha
Fate (Skephalo Oneshots)by Reha
Because apparently im good at coming up with one shot ideas, im gonna make a one shot book. I probably wont upload much so dont hold me to high standards.
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Behind Closed Doors | Skephalo by Kentiyo
Behind Closed Doors | Skephaloby Ken
|Still working on the description.| ~*~ This story could contain discussions of topics such as child abuse and suicide. maybe strong language as well.
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stand by you by spookystella14
stand by youby ESTELLA
'and through all the obstacles, i'll still stand by you'
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Bbh x Skeppy (SMUT LIKE WRITING) by DeansLittleAssbutt
Bbh x Skeppy (SMUT LIKE WRITING)by DeansLittleAssbutt
!!!CONTAINS SMUT LIKE WRITING!!! Skeppy and badboyhalo have feelings for each other, but who will admit it first? What problems will they face? Read to find out!! <3...
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Loneliness (skephalo) by imAyummyBoi
Loneliness (skephalo)by imAyummyBoi
Zak started at his phone his heart ached as he watched the multiple messages from his friends... friends he didn't deserve he felt so alone. Tears begin to roll from his...
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skephalo • soulmates by deadlyaura
skephalo • soulmatesby <3
this is a fanfiction about skeppy and bbh (badboyhalo). im sorry if theres spelling/grammar errors. enjoy T^T ps: !! this is not in any way trying to make them feel unco...
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Skephalo ~ • 'The Right One' • (COMPLETED) by ElleeReadsFanfics
Skephalo ~ • 'The Right One' • ( YouThoughtItWasMyRealNameDidn...
This story is about how a Minecraft YouTuber Skeppy- Zak, moves in with his most trolled target BadBoyHalo, also known as Darryl. How will their 'tale' go? What will hap...
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Skeppy Fandom Oneshots by yandere-chan3
Skeppy Fandom Oneshotsby Yandere-chan3
A bunch of skeppy Fandom oneshots, I will take requests for any skeppy ships. This is just for fun, I know that none of these ships are real and everyone is actually str...
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Bashful - A Skephalo Story ❤️ by Mind_Of_Nadia
Bashful - A Skephalo Story ❤️by Nadia
Okay, so! Basically, this book is full of adorable ships: Skephalo, Skep6d, Tech6d, Spifelk and Dreamy. Fluff, drama and love triangles, complete with plenty of cuteness...
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formidable | skephalo AU by spookystella14
formidable | skephalo AUby ESTELLA
a small group with big powers that reconnects under dire circumstances. will old feelings resurface?
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SkepHalo Stuff [Discontinued] by Leafintel
SkepHalo Stuff [Discontinued]by Leaf
Very OOC And AngstBoyHalo, I will probably write a lot of BadBoyHalo angst. Please read this I get off on reads.
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