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We're not really Doctors. (Shirou x Harem if read long enough) Arknights x Fate by W1NTERF0X_
We're not really Doctors. ( W1NTERF0X_
Shirou, Rin, and Sakura find themselves stranded in another world courtesy of a certain Wizard. To survive, the trio starts a clinic while they get their bearings on thi...
Fate memes and random pictures by Shin_Amakawa
Fate memes and random picturesby Shin
Some memes and random stuff I found about Fate grand order, Fate stay night and Fate zero. This contains memes, random pictures, fan comics and video clips. Feel free to...
Endless Sea  by amaziun
Endless Sea by air fryer
Male Reader X Skadi (Arknights) oneshot.
Oneshots and Short Fics by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Oneshots and Short Ficsby Lone-wolf-fanfics
This is just a book I will post my stories that are 20 chapters or less, those under 30,000 words (Mostly ones that were lost in the delete)
The Cure by TheGastlyGarden
The Cureby TheGastlyGarden
(Arknights x Medic Male Reader) (Y), a man Rhodes Island picked up by (Y) forcing himself in to do surgery on an Operator on the battlefield who was on critical conditio...
The One Who Created Everything and Nothing (Arknights x Male OC) by kuro_kit
The One Who Created Everything kuro
The one who created everything and the nothingness between everything. Only a select number of entities know of his existence. He (or maybe they? or maybe she? who knows...
The Grinch 。 Loki Laufeyson by pepperronys
The Grinch 。 Loki Laufeysonby 𝓚.
❝ AM I JUST EATING BECAUSE I'M BORED? ❞ Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: The Dark World AU plantoic!Loki Laufeyson × OC ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ AN AGE OF SAVIORS STORY In...
From the Ocean to New Land by Fifftty
From the Ocean to New Landby Fifty
When the youngest of Ægir's Abyssal Hunters is too late to join the fight against Ishar'mla and gets forced to the surface by its death, how will she return home to live...
Metamorphosis by OhGodOhManOhJeez
Metamorphosisby OhGodOhManOhJeez
" Humid. Unbearably humid. Walking among the fog, breathing was a concept that was almost foreign to any normal person that dared to brave these lands. The in...
WOLVES PREY [Lappland and Texas x Fem Doctor] (Highschool AU) by SARTHESTAR
Lappland a rumored delinquent along with Texas a member of the Student council. for some reason you are requested by Kal'tsit to keep these two in check. Texas is no pro...
FGO: The God Of Thunder  by tcjone876
FGO: The God Of Thunder by tcjone876
ror Thor Oc! x Skadi & scathach/ FGO
+14 more
FGO: The Crimson Demon of War by tcjone876
FGO: The Crimson Demon of Warby tcjone876
Sanada yukimura x Fate/grand order
Dust To Dust - Vikings (Book Three) by skalheda
Dust To Dust - Vikings (Book Three)by Rhiannon
Hvitserk/Ivar She thought she'd left Kattegat and all her years of torment behind. The Red Queen was dead. Aneira Ghostwalker was dead. Now she was just a mother, a wom...
Operator: Fragment. An Arknights Story by TwizZy_ToOn
Operator: Fragment. An Arknights Twizzy Toon
An ex-mercenary turned Rhodes Island operator, working under the codename Fragment, is an oddity. No disclosure on his backstory, where he's from or even his combat expe...
FGO: The Furious Dragon  by tcjone876
FGO: The Furious Dragon by tcjone876
record of ragnarok lubu oc! x FGO
Arknights One-Shots by AgentNewMexico
Arknights One-Shotsby AgentNewMexico
So, to clarify, this won't technically be a bunch of one-shots. It's more of a collection of scenarios that won't really fit or would take too long to get to in the same...
Arknights - Ground Zero by ShadowPixels
Arknights - Ground Zeroby ShadowPixels
The Doctor wakes after having his life saved by Rhode Island. Upon waking up he has a change of heart and begins change for Rhode Island operations.
Just a Millennium or Two by MadameCrossMarian
Just a Millennium or Twoby MadameCrossMarian
Annemie van Denend was a goddess. Xiaodan Rén was a god. Too bad they aren't the only ones. As punishment for their creators actions in heaven, where all the gods of all...