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Published Wattpad Books (available stocks in warehouse) by rorree
Published Wattpad Books ( ree
Wattpad books (Pop fic, psicom, lib, self-pubs, pastrybug, red room, black ink, sizzle, mpress, cloak/adult fic, authors bundle, and jonaxx books) PHILIPPINES ONLY.
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High school drama  by tennis4633
High school drama by tennis4633
Clary and Izzy are best friends clary has never met her brothers until she transferred to their school and clary's first impression of jace is quite interesting. Would c...
  • luke
  • jocelyn
  • highschool
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Runaway Man by queendisastxr
Runaway Manby b
Meet Acacia and Lance, the couple who got divorced on their wedding day. Yes, you read it right. They got divorced on their very day. They were once meant to be. Until t...
  • marriage
  • wife
  • love
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Incandescent (15-Chapter Excerpt) by RobinVanAuken
Incandescent (15-Chapter Excerpt)by Robin Van Auken
Anna Johnson is tormented with guilt after her best friend is injured in a house fire the night of her birthday party. Then her father's car catches fire at a traffic li...
  • hot
  • hero
  • arson
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The Tea Cup by RajSaumya
The Tea Cupby Saumya Raj
friendship turns wild
  • sizzle
  • continued
  • freinds
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Liberty Games: The Resurrection by foodislife1234
Liberty Games: The Resurrectionby Cow
The past tributes weren't really dead only seriously injured who will be back, and who is nee.
  • hungergames
  • bloody
  • book
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Short stories/ poems by jaidesimons
Short stories/ poemsby jaide
stupid stuff I write that probably isn't even worth reading
  • sizzle
People, so many of us are lost and trapped in Loves of at best quiet desperation. Do we have any choice? God, only...knows... until we stumble upon, kick this trigger ...
  • sizzle
  • sticks
  • stories
Sizzle Me Later by mace2005
Sizzle Me Laterby mace2005
A tale of...bacon? Between between back-stabbing and heartbreak, this piece of meat just juicier.
  • bacon
  • later
  • sizzle
Flame. by darkness-
#10 Zack
  • sizzle
  • fire
  • tongue
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sister, khali. by STARV0GUE
sister, khaliya
━━ that one girl with blonde hair && a big heart ( for skittles lolzies )
  • sassy
  • sizzle
  • pop
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Pop Fiction (Wattpad) Reviews by ohnoitsjic
Pop Fiction (Wattpad) Reviewsby Jic Leo Avanzado
Personal opinions about Pop Fiction Books that I consider Better Than Food. Rambling thoughts on recent reads. LET'S DO THIS THING!
  • recentreads
  • wattpad
  • 2018
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Love Burns by Pearlday
Love Burnsby Shelly
About Love.
  • comfort
  • hurt
  • burned
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Queen Bitter  by lyrenablue
Queen Bitter by lyrenablue
"Be a bitch in all times when they want to bring you down"
  • bitch
  • love
  • mystery
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The Frizzle Sizzle by TheTofP
The Frizzle Sizzleby TheTofP
I just can't take it anymore! *don't own the show, just the story*
  • new
  • rue
  • wattpad
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