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My Responsibility Became Love by Muskanganguli22
My Responsibility Became Loveby Muskan Ganguli
Arnav Singh Raizada is a name everyone wants to be...But he don't want to be himself because he has everything but he is orphan... Arnav Singh Raizada lost his family in...
Khushi Ki Khushi by suryakavi0912
Khushi Ki Khushiby Kavita Wadnerkar
My Arnavji who once claimed me as his world has even forgotten my existence in his life.... Once he had eyes only for me but now those same eyes don't spare even a glanc...
The Red Wolf by sweetchoclate9
The Red Wolfby rose
Red wolves are the most strong, powerful and dominant wolves. They are the superior wolves. Decades ago they have all been hunted down and killed for the deaths they com...
Tiger's White Lotus by khp777
Tiger's White Lotusby ♡ 하시-fics ♡
Cold love? Hate love? It's strange how a cold love or hate love can be highlighted in a sibling story. It does, He is a cold brother. She is a soft sister ...
My One And Only by shewhowrites_6
My One And Onlyby She who Writes
~She was there just for dream of becoming a lawyer and return back to her city, But as one thing led to other, she end up sitting on the stage as a bride, with the perso...
The Sister of Rey (KYLO REN ROMANCE) by AJwrites01
The Sister of Rey (KYLO REN AJ
Rey and Rhy, two sisters abandoned on the miserable planet of Jakku by their parents. They both have long, dark hair and dark brown eyes. But the similarities between th...
ADHA ISHQ💕💫 by Ammushiii967
ADHA ISHQ💕💫by Ammu💕
preeta is karan's biggest fan she has thousands of his photos in her room lets see the love story between and cricketer and his fangirl On going #1 on bff love #1 on kar...
The Daughter of A Thug by Queen_Bree_2020
The Daughter of A Thugby Bree
No description. Read to find out.
Victoria's Sister by WhitlockHalesGf
Victoria's Sisterby WhitlockHalesGf
Oriana is Victoria's little sister, she and her sister have their differences but in all they make a great duo. Victoria on her journey going after Bella with Laurent an...
Love with rivals by urmi1711
Love with rivalsby Urmi
In this story you can saw love between two business rivals Nigam brothers and Kaur sisters. Main lead: Abhinavi and Sidneet
Mr. Silent by Lekha_Log
Mr. Silentby RJ's Caretaker
Taehyng, a silent wierd guy encounters a girl with absolute opposite character of him. will they unite? OR Is there something between them already!?
Obsessed by ManasveeMeena
Obsessedby Story Lover
I just want a job , even i don't know you why are you doing this to me "i said with fear in my eyes" shhh! princess i will not do anything to you you can live...
2014 TMNT x Big sister!Reader     by Taffy-Lover634
2014 TMNT x Big sister!Reader by Rubie
Y/n was April O'Neils big sister, well that's what she liked to call herself. Really she was adopted and didn't look anythings like April, but she still loved her. After...
{"SKIN and BLISTER"} All of us are Dead x OCs by zraeeeeeeara
{"SKIN and BLISTER"} All of us 丂ㄩ卩᥇𝓲𝓽ᥴꫝ!👋
WARNING: This story contains the mention of blood, gore, bad words that may be sensitive to some veiwers. Their school turns into ground zero for a Zombie virus outbreak...
Please Keep Me... by TheofficialSav
Please Keep TheofficialSav
Callie (16) and her little sister Taylor (12) are in an awful situation.... All they need is love. But once they find it, can they accept it? Is Callie to scared to let...
Fate of Love (KKB) by Valentino_violet
Fate of Love (KKB)by Valentino_violet
3 kids of our abhigya wants to unite their parents and get justice for what happens in their parents and their life because of their evil buji... . . . this story is con...
Her Eyes Is A Curse (COMPLETED) by mistresscasteriel
Her Eyes Is A Curse (COMPLETED)by Mistress Casteriel
he didn't want those eyes to meet again, because when his eyes met those eyes he didn't want to lose sight of those girl who have a curse eyes- Her eyes is a curse. STAR...
Ichigo's Twin Sister  by white_17_rabbit
Ichigo's Twin Sister by White Rabbit
Miyuki is Ichigo's Twin little sister. They are always going to be there for each other, they will always love each other but what happens when one day ... Started: 1.0...
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Complete FF by ArishaDrikshit
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Arisha'sWriter
New concept: Drishti father has work on kotha. Where they work girls selling. He is drunk man. Drishti father force her work on dance bar getting money. Because of Divy...