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Rise like a Pheonix DxD!! by Kakashi_7779
Rise like a Pheonix DxD!!by I don't remember
Its story about a teenager who was given a second chance at living as Riser phenex.
Evil Rising: Highschool DxD by starzcycle
Evil Rising: Highschool DxDby starzcycle
Y/n L/n was powerless. As a member of a noble devil family, that made him an outcast. His family mocked him, spat on him, tormented him, all because he couldn't use magi...
The Strongest (Jiren in DxD) by THUNDERsnek
The Strongest (Jiren in DxD)by Zenith Sosuke
After serving the pride troopers for so long Jiren has....died. After a deadly fight with the Primal Terror to the Gods themselves, Moro he lost and Moro killed him. How...
Attack On Highschool DxD by BanJoestar
Attack On Highschool DxDby BanJoestar
Eren Hyoudou, is Issei's older brother and he finally returns home from the "military" to pay a visit to his family. But their is something inside of him that...
The Demonic Path (High School Dxd x Male oc) by Bl1nd3dByW3bt00n
The Demonic Path (High School Bl1nd3dByW3bt00n
After getting reborn to 500 years from the past, climbing up towards the pinnacle of eternal life, eventually reaching it and succeeding, the chaotic demon himself, Fang...
The Serpent (Kevin Kaslana Oc x Highschool Dxd) by Hiroku6999
The Serpent (Kevin Kaslana Oc x Hunter
Honkai Impact 3rd x Highschool Dxd
Highschool DxD: Chaos Incarnate  by TheSword97
Highschool DxD: Chaos Incarnate by TheSword97
A Highschool DxD x OC story... Nikorasu Ibara, born into a family of devils years after the war ended, now embarks on a journey to reclaim his family name after a group...
sirzechs first child by ShadowAnime4
sirzechs first childby Shadow Anime
when karma was born his mother left him in a orphanage in kyoto where he grew up but after junior high where his class 3-e managed to kill their sensei. with the money k...
Highschool DxD: Neko Alter by DarkEsdeath18
Highschool DxD: Neko Alterby Fabrice Hill
This ia the story of the eldest of the three Toujou Sisters Akiza Toujou and her Adventures and hardships in the highschool DxD World I do not own Highschool DxD or any...
The Next King Of Heroes (FATE male reader x high school dxd) by animecyclonecrazy
The Next King Of Heroes (FATE animecyclone crazy
You are the son of the legendary first hero and King of Heroes Gilgamesh and Arthoria Pendragon the Queen of Knights . They lead the fourth and most powerful faction the...
highschool dxd react to y/n by Ninjacomix
highschool dxd react to y/nby Ninjacomix
if you've read my other stories you know what's going on also you will be isseis little brother by 1 year but you are his polar opposite as you possess a dragon type gea...
waiting to strike by ShadowAnime4
waiting to strikeby Shadow Anime
male pawn of sona sitri x dxd harem I DO NOT OWN HIGH SCHOOL DXD
The Titan King: Male x DxD  by starzcycle
The Titan King: Male x DxD by starzcycle
During the last Great War between Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels, the last Titan shifters mysteriously disappeared from the Underworld. For decades, no one is sure wh...
second knight of rias gremory by ShadowAnime4
second knight of rias gremoryby Shadow Anime
Yn is rias's second knight he has a secret gear whose last user was jack the ripper. read how yn deals with one of the most hated people in kouh academy joined rias's pe...
DXD With a Twist by Dat-Boi-Eraser
DXD With a Twistby Jiren The Grey
When issei was slaughtered by his girlfriend... Instead of Rias appearing, Lucifer appears. You see, the magic circle that Rias gave was mistaken for the one that Lucife...
The Cursed Siblings {Highschool DxD x Itachi Uchiha} by Shirro_zz
The Cursed Siblings {Highschool Shirro_zz
What if Koneko & Kuroka had an elder brother, one who was a prodigy in everything Senjutsu & Genjutsu, one who was born without the famous Nekoshou cat ears and tail, on...
Jaune A. Dxd by Edaj1908
Jaune A. Dxdby Edaj1908
after jaune save cardin from the ursa cardin expose his transcript. everybody hated him he was being bullied by his own friends and team the staff of beacon didn't even...
The Welder of Fafnir, The Golden Dragon King (DXD x Male Reader)  by Gamer1234Amazing
The Welder of Fafnir, The Golden Gamer1234 Amazing
Y/N a normal boy who lived in an orphanage, has a bad past and comes to the town of Kouh. But noone knows that he is the welder of Fafnir. The Golden Dragon King who fel...
Highschool DXD's Perfection by B_nation1
Highschool DXD's Perfectionby BHW
CELL: The following is a non-profit, fan-based parody. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT are all owned by FUNimation, TOEI Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriya...