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Broken Hearts Heal Together by animalloverr_13
Broken Hearts Heal Togetherby animalloverr_13
16 year old Remus Lupin is a suicidal, abused teen with mental health problems who gets hospitalized after a nearly fatal accident caused by his eating disorder. Sirius...
Secrets (wolfstar) by stories4usnow
Secrets (wolfstar)by stories4usnow
I don't hate you Padfoot I really don't hate you Moony
Pinky Promise || Wolfstar by defective-talos
Pinky Promise || Wolfstarby defective-talos
[Written with @Huffinglepuff! (check out her instagram!)] Remus Lupin was an observant professor. He knew how it felt to be ignored, so he gave special care to pay atten...
Real. √ by Happy26Xx
Real. √by MARI
Sirius Black comes up with a plan to stop a group of girls from crushing on him. And it involves a certain Remus Lupin. Short chapters. Cover art isn't mine. Characters...
The 16 Step Plan To Become Sirius Lupin by ouchronthatwasmyFoOt
The 16 Step Plan To Become Maya
"Just because he fancies blokes doesn't mean he fancies this bloke!" ~~✩☽~~ wolfstar with a sprinkle of jily ~~✩☽~~ disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own th...
Raised by Wolfstar by siriuslydunn
Raised by Wolfstarby Brandy Dunn
AU where Sirius doesn't go to Azkaban, Peter gets caught. Remus and Sirius realize they're in love and raise Harry. ALL CHARACTERS AND SUCH BELONG TO THE MOST WONDERFUL...
Forever And Always Wolfstar Fluffy One Shots by SiriuslyLupinn
Forever And Always Wolfstar SiriuslyLupinn
Here are my fluffy wolfstar one shots. Some of them are really sucky, this was my first attempt at fan fiction at all. The one shots I am writing now are a lot better...
Collection of Wolfstar  by -dramaticpadfoot
Collection of Wolfstar by 🦋🖤 Kassie 🖤🦋
Just some Wolfstar... Requests are open, if you want to read something specific.
HIM // wolfstar by halfravenhalfclaw
HIM // wolfstarby Resa
~COMPLETED~ (please, please read Authors Note! It's super important!) ~ Remus fell in love with the new guy in school the moment he saw him the first time. Love at first...
Blossoms and Biros | Wolfstar soulmates au by Jwrotesomething
Blossoms and Biros | Wolfstar JT
Everyone has a soulmate, so why is it so hard for SIrius to find his? He knows someones out there for him when the ink bleeds through his skin but as everyone around him...
Love, Moony by sad_vintage_books
Love, Moonyby sad_vintage_books
An unknown number texts Remus Lupin, and he does the one thing he never expected he would; he fell for them. Less than a month before Sirius Black is supposed to return...
Bittersweet (Wolfstar) by stardustmoony
Bittersweet (Wolfstar)by 🧿lily🧿
bittersweet - (adj.) something being bitter and sweet simultaneously Small, timid Remus Lupin has never so much as thought of someone with malice. He is pure and innocen...
Harry's wolf by ajash10
Harry's wolfby ajash10
Angsty teen stuff. Harry misses his lover and decides enough is enough, he leaves headquarters and no one knows where he's gone, the search is on but does Harry really w...
I'm not her anymore // trans remus au // wolfstar by AlpacaDragon
I'm not her anymore // trans some random enby
what if everyone's favourite werewolf was a trans boy (and dating Sirius Black) umm, shouldn't be too angsty (I think, I haven't decided yet) but it's set in the 70s (wh...
Wolfstar Oneshots by wolfstaroranges
Wolfstar Oneshotsby wolfstaroranges
random wolfstar oneshots i've written when i feel like it. these are not my characters, all rights belong to j.k. rowling the cover art does not belong to me either, i...
Fawn | James Potter x Reader by siena523
Fawn | James Potter x Readerby Siena.523
Being Remus Lupin's twin is not always a walk in the park. Sure you two get along like two peas in a pod, but when you've got three other boys to deal with, things can g...
wolfstar one shots by shxnnxnchxmbxrs
wolfstar one shotsby S H A N N O N ☀️
remus lupin x sirius black collection of one shots gayyyyyyyy
wolfstar one shots !! by remus_is_daddy
wolfstar one shots !!by remus_is_daddy
some wolfstar one shots for you guys some contain smut so this is a warning! i'm hoping on adding to this weekly hopefully but yeah :)
How It Could've Been ~ Wolfstar  by lilyswift5
How It Could've Been ~ Wolfstar by Ayden
After Lily and James death, Harry is put into Sirius' care. Upon receiving the news of the death of his best friend and that he'll now be a parent to a one year old he a...
What it cost by Maraudersarea
What it costby Maraudersarea
No one told Sirius how hard it is to heal 12 year old wounds. but Sirius doesn't give up or at least he tries. (Cover credit: Upthehillart )