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Be My Kitty (Editing) by InGameProdigy
Be My Kitty (Editing)by ✌(0 - 0) ...
Kirito can't get a hold of her Asuna. With Asuna not replying, they all decide to look for her. When they finally find her, they thought all problems were settled. But t...
Glitch in the System (Male Reader x Sword Art Online) by Warzan86
Glitch in the System (Male Lonewolf76
Who is Y/n? Why does he keep appearing in the dungeons or missions that Kirito and his friends explore? Why is it that Y/N can see memories of a girl that talks to him s...
Sword Art Online: The Crystal Swordsman by KillerKieranQ
Sword Art Online: The Crystal Kieran Quinn
[Highest Achieved Medals are: #1 in Sinon, Asuna AND Kirito. #1 in SwordArtOnline, #2 in GGO and #3 in AlfheimOnline.] After the events of SAO, Alfheim Online came to po...
Sword Art Online: Black Specter (GGO Arc Remastered) by NeonKunSama
Sword Art Online: Black Specter ( Neon
Just a remastered of my old book "Sword art online : Angel"
Online Hero: Argonaut (Sword Art Online X Male Reader) by HiroPendragon
Online Hero: Argonaut (Sword Art Hiro Pendragon
Heroes. A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. This is the story of Mikogami Y/N. Y/N always dreamed of being a hero when he was a child and his mo...
Through A Scope (Sinon X Reader) by Small_1
Through A Scope (Sinon X Reader)by Small_1
Your name is Y/N and the year is 2026. You, being the antisocial human you are, only play Single Player games. One day, while walking home with your childhood best frien...
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Art Online X OC) by Sora_Flashing12
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Vgeaks
Sora Yatagami was a young boy who lost everything. His parents were framed by a mistake they never commit. After that none of his friends and other family wants to take...
Sinon x Asuna Fic by TakumiKyo
Sinon x Asuna Ficby Takumi Kyo
What would happen if Sinon fell in love with Asuna instead of Kirito? This story takes place a year after they were released from the death game SAO. (Based of SAO Hollo...
The Neglected Son: Izuku Yagi by AbyssHunterJ
The Neglected Son: Izuku Yagiby Dark FlameMaster
Other kids thought that being a child of the Number One Hero would be great, but no thats not what izuku has gone through. "Neglected" "Bullied" &quo...
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Reader by Obahar_
Sword Art Online Gameverse x Readerby Obahar_
An introverted solo player spends almost every moment of the week grinding in the fields of Aincrad, Y/N find themselves distancing further from the people they're fight...
The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art Online Anime OC/male reader insert)  by zer0420
The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art Zer0420
Nhzual was only 14 when his life got turned upside down. On his way home from Martial arts practice he came across a drunk man trying to force himself on a woman and wit...
The Fire Fist of Danmachi by AshanaEmiyo
The Fire Fist of Danmachiby AshanaEmiyo
A Story of A bored 14 year's old boy who Loved One Piece an Danmachi the same time that he got transported into another world. watch him reach his goal of becoming the s...
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Facts by zer0420
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Factsby Zer0420
This book is made up of different OVA's that take place during the story of the Wolf Swordman. Along with fun facts about Nhzual and different things.
Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction) by Mrjo456
Disrepair Rose (RWBY Fanfiction)by Kivon
Ruby Rose, the cheerful 15 year old girl, turned into something unimaginable. Betrayed by her friends and family, she changed into something that no one will expect. The...
Better Off With Her ( Kirito X Reader ) by exoticsepticeye
Better Off With Her ( Kirito X exoticsepticeye
** Completed ** You were Y/N. You were 16, in highschool. You had a best friend named B/F, and a boyfriend named Kazuto Kirigaya. You both were together for 2 years. It...
SAO Hollow Wolf by zer0420
SAO Hollow Wolfby Zer0420
The third book in the gameverse series, Nhzual and and friends are invited to be beta testers for a brand new VRMMO said to be the predecessor to of Sword Art Online, no...
When You Called Me Over That Day (Kirito x Sinon) by Kisoru
When You Called Me Over That Day ( Kisoru
Kazuto just got DUMPED? Asuna left Kazuto for another man. Kazuto goes to his best friend, Shino, for help. Shino started to feel something she'd never felt before. As...
A Quirk User In Aincrad by Iliketurtles5501
A Quirk User In Aincradby Deleted Channel
My 2nd fanfic I swear I wrote the original one but it's gone I don't know where so I'm rewriting the story. an Izuku x SAO harem story where Izuku was send to the world...
Alicization Twisted by kiri_asuna
Alicization Twistedby Kirisuna
Changed the alicization arc into my own! Kirito X Asuna Open to other ships!