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Escanor in DXD by SaitamaMUI
Escanor in DXDby SaitamaSensei
Rias has the Red Dragon Emperor on her side but Sona has someone stronger than the Sekiryutei. Meet Escanor Blaze, the mutation pawn of Sona and Serafall. He will show t...
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  • escanor
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Gilgamesh: Sin of Pride by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh: Sin of Prideby Luna Uchiha
What if Escanor was not the sin of pride but someone else? What if a certain king with major pride and arrogance was the sin of pride? Who is this person? It's Gilgamesh...
  • elizabeth
  • gowther
  • king
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The Eighth Sin of Despair -Seven Deadly Sins AU- by Ellie2706
The Eighth Sin of Despair -Seven Ellie
Kimi has lost it all. Her family. Her lover. Her faith. She was never the same after that. After 9 years of taking off her masks, they all come back in minutes. This is...
  • elizabeth
  • animesevensins
  • sinofgluttony
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Violet Serpentstone - The Sin of Temperance [Seven Deadly Sins Story] by Littlecolt
Violet Serpentstone - The Sin of Littlecolt
Back when the Holy War still ravaged the land the Human Clan suffered an immeasurable amount of casualties. They were a fleeting race desperately trying to preserve them...
  • gowther
  • armorgiant
  • gluttony
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Alice In Wonderland (NNT Version) by brxkencreation
Alice In Wonderland (NNT Version)by Katherine Anne
This is a version from Seven Deadly Sins. With Diane as Alice. Although I don't own the anime or story plot, but I'm making it my own and creating a new twist to it. So...
  • anime
  • dragonsinofwrath
  • merlinxescanor
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Nanatsu No Taizai: Camelot HighSchool  by brxkencreation
Nanatsu No Taizai: Camelot Katherine Anne
I don't own this anime/manga, but I do own this story. It was Elizabeth and Diane's second year of highschool, since they transferred twice, but during those years they...
  • melizabeth
  • sinoflust
  • nanastunotaizai
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The Lion's Sin Of Pride by WrathOfTheTitan
The Lion's Sin Of Prideby {Logan/Joss}
In a world filled with quirks, there are those who are unlucky enough to be born powerless. These individuals are label as "quirkless" which means they have no...
  • bnha
  • escanor
  • powerfull
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Forbidden Magic by SomiiChi
Forbidden Magicby Karz
Bell, a girl who wants to learn forbidden magic and use it for her loved one to bring back to life.
  • gowther
  • elaine
  • sinoflust
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The Eight Deadly Sins The Reaper Sin Of Death {Slow Updates} by Darkside_Of_Frosh
The Eight Deadly Sins The Reaper Darkside_of_Frosh
Ok this is just a fanfic but there will NOT be any romance whatsoever so maybe you might but it's not any of the characters of anything so don't be asking 'Can you make...
  • sevendeadlysins
  • king
  • demons
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The Seven Deadly Sins by Borntoslay_allday
The Seven Deadly Sinsby Riley Cho
Just some stuff about the Anime The Seven Deadly Sins!!!
  • otakusforlife
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