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Life is Fair by MarionERaby
Life is Fairby Marion Raby
Five years ago, Nora divorced her cheating musician husband, Vincent, and she hasn't seen much of her dysfunctional family in exactly a year. She is perfectly happy bein...
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Crush by 45Jiminz
Crushby Jimiz
She has a crush on a guy, a popular guy. Her feelings are eating her from the inside, but he never seems to acknowledge her existence. But when a new person enters her l...
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Vampire & Single by blondewritemore
Vampire & Singleby Lucy Mitchell
Sasha, 23, is a new vampire and struggling to come to terms with life. She never wanted to become a vampire. She was bitten on a date, by a guy called Boris, who she h...
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Single squad! by LatkePotato91
Single squad!by Not Amy
Where we can all be lonely together!!! admined by: @Susan_strong and @LatkePotato91
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Para sa mga Single (Tula #28) by cindie_L
Para sa mga Single (Tula #28)by cindie_L
03-22-2020 1:15pm "Sabi nila, lonely daw ang maging single..." Well... TRUE... para sa mga READY to mingle... na sa kasamaang palad, ay hindi pa natatagpuan an...
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Just being me! by yuh_Lucifer_Boi
Just being me!by Ur local meme-dealer
Random shit at this point -_- This is now a meme account well this book at least u can find many many memes here but u know what there good memes Quality memes? Idk how...
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The Total Divas  by SupernovaGoddess
The Total Divas by Dev
A Total Divas Story... (This is based on Total Divas Season 5) This is about a Strong, Single and Independant Girl from Boston Massachusetts called Penelope. She has...
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Gallery Updates by OfficialMacyKate
Gallery Updatesby 👑
❎Don't be a little bitch
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I'll Never Leave Your Side, Annie by BratayleyFan200
I'll Never Leave Your Side, Annieby Bratayley'sDiary
After Caleb died, Hayley has an accident. Will Annie be the only one??
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Why single people never have their own poems? Single is awesome, tho.
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Living the Single Life by thelibranwolf
Living the Single Lifeby Vannessa Michelline
Experiencing the single life and embracing thyself as single.
Thirst Trap by AthleticAbs
Thirst Trapby James is Reading
Adding a pic that I am calling my "thirst trap" photo hahaha
Single Ladies by stargazingluna
Single Ladiesby L U N A
Just a random spam book.
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Random by Depressed_Yandere
Randomby I wanna go home
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Miss Single by ShadowsofaNightmare
Miss Singleby ShadowsofaNightmare
Now: She's independent. She's single. She's flirty. She isn't looking for a boyfriend, nope. She's looking for fun wherever she can find it. But: There's a hot guy who's...
Single Pringles: Study of the Bible by jcdwriter
Single Pringles: Study of the Bibleby Captain Jasmine ✨
The whole point of being single is learning to focus on God. So, that's what this book is here for! There'll be in-depth studies of books such as Proverbs 31 and Ephesia...
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Please say yes... by alliethomas121702
Please say alliethomas121702
A girl names Aliyah has known her best friend Timmy ever since 1st grade. She really liked him. Her best friends had fouND out and everything between Aliyah and Timmy ha...
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My Public Suicide (Complete Book) by Lord_Grim
My Public Suicide (Complete Book)by Samuel Schneider or Sam
A view on life through the passions and self reflection only a writer can create. Thank you for reading and stars are always welcome.
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