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Diary of the Nerd by NerdyReviews
Diary of the Nerdby ⚜KAVIN⚜
Nick has a life which is a little funny, but gets even funnier when he is stuck in the same class as his enemy, Soloman. Watch the real life Tom and Jerry in this book!
Stuck in the hole by NerdyReviews
Stuck in the holeby ⚜KAVIN⚜
When Ben and Jess get stuck in a blackhole, they only could count on one person. Sam
How to be Singaporean by _Afterlune_
How to be Singaporeanby Potterhead
I'm Singaporean and I miss travelling so much. And because of this COVID-19 pandemic, I can't travel to other countries. And then, I just thought about writing this book...
The Life and Laments of a Singaporean Girl (aka me) by veritycadenza
The Life and Laments of a Truth
Is it just me, or are half of the Wattpad users from America? (At least the people in the stories are) Let me bring you to the opposite side of the world: the little r...
Nothing in Particular by calistacyq
Nothing in Particularby ☆ 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃𝙰 ☆
I noticed that a lot of Wattpad users are from America and Europe?? At least, most stories I read are based in America or Europe. I hardly see any Asians. This is me liv...
Things to consider while choosing maids! by MaidServiceSingapore
Things to consider while Domestic Maid Agency In Singa...
Working timetable of each individual isn't according to the prerequisites of the person. Every time you need to hurry to office keeping in mind the end goal to finish yo...
Fifty Poetry for Delightful Families by JamesYao4
Fifty Poetry for Delightful Hai Qing (Tory Heagan) Yao
To savour on the multiple realities of Life, and to enjoy being delightful, is profoundly above these works of poetry, and that germanely matches my intention. Enjoy...
Fifty Poetry For A Replenished Soul by JamesYao4
Fifty Poetry For A Replenished Soulby Hai Qing (Tory Heagan) Yao
Quality rest is all about reaching inclusivity by wholesomeness. Stability brings about joy, which is the intention of this book. Enjoy🙂
Sugee-Biscuity Poetry for Happy Friends  by JamesYao4
Sugee-Biscuity Poetry for Happy Hai Qing (Tory Heagan) Yao
Youth revisited, or be it always the first journey, brings about felicity. Relax, read the book with sugee biscuits, and enjoy. 🙂
just friends by belianne
just friendsby -
'this, my heart, i give you. take care of it, for i only have one.' mandy and nathan have been best friends since forever, but what happens when they begi...
To Name The Dark by all_hail
To Name The Darkby ☆all_hail☆
In our world, a girl called Thea wakes in a blank white cell. She remembers everything, but she distracts herself from the awful truth in the hope that it will disappear...
Our Typical Life In Singapore by AJVAEERLEIYN
Our Typical Life In Singaporeby
Please don't send hate to us if we take too long to update !! This is our first book so feel free to tell us what u would like us to add and we will consider it!! Tysm...
A Halloween Curse by NerdyReviews
A Halloween Curseby ⚜KAVIN⚜
After escaping from their mother hideout, Eva and Ivy get ready for Halloween! When Eva rushes to a shop called Masks-N-More, she doesn't know what awaits for her. But I...
The Coffee Boy and Tea Girl by nixrts
The Coffee Boy and Tea Girlby Insy; nicrt(s)
They're two different people and yet are just as similar. One likes coffee; the other likes tea. Only the best cup can be made by the other person.
How to Ruin a Date by calistacyq
How to Ruin a Dateby ☆ 𝙲𝙰𝙻𝙸𝚂𝚃𝙰 ☆
[HIATUS] When Erin Lee meets her longtime crush through a blind date she is set on ruining, things are sure to get awry. From people with unhealthy habits to those with...
The Businessman And The Sultana by rashibelum
The Businessman And The Sultanaby Rash Montez
Lee has got everything in his life planned out. Except for this girl, that is.
Yukiko ( My Favorite Story) by theheartinme
Yukiko ( My Favorite Story)by Cela
I really love this story. - simple yet touching. ^^ I don't know if someone already uploaded this or even the real author did. By the way, this is NOT my own composition...
vicissitudes by natzugz
vicissitudesby Dennis Tan
Hey everyone. So i decided that instead of separating my shorts into different stories, i'd place them all into one long compilation. Just... for fun.