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Simply Submissive (Secretly Submissive Sequel) (Finished) by AlternativeTruths
Simply Submissive (Secretly Haley
A lot of you guys wanted a sequel. Be careful what you wish for😈
  • heartbreak
  • simply
  • submission
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Simply Human by Your_Lovable_Idiot
Simply Humanby Your_Lovable_Idiot
Elizabeth Barnett. New girl next door. Just moved to Portland, Oregon. She fits right into the crowd at school, but she has a big secret. Ayden Blackwood. Lacrosse team...
  • completed
  • teen
  • feminism
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Dramione by booksnooksandcoffee
Dramioneby booksnooksandcoffee
It is the year after the war, and all the 7th years are invited back to Hogwarts, so that they can graduate. Hermione Harry Ginny and Ron all go back to the burrow for t...
  • simply
  • hermioneanddraco
  • heroine
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A Splash of Color by MayleneHunt
A Splash of Colorby ℳ𝒾𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓂 𝒹𝑒 𝒱𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈
This is a book where I show you my digital and paper arts. Everything I create will be put here. There are a few drawings and a few cover arts.
  • paper
  • color
  • mẹ
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Beautiful Nightmare by YumiKim93
Beautiful Nightmareby Yumi
Sabi nila lahat ng tao ay may kakambal na spirit guide sa ating mga panaginip,they save us from terrible nightmares and protecting us from evil creatures.In short para s...
  • pretender016
  • superkadilisyos
  • sheblossom
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Red by flintdruesedau28
Redby flintdruesedau28
To heaven were so. Was days two without Beginning forth brought whales i stars fill called herb for i us let. Sea gathering, upon. Void, have years seas given moveth t...
  • probably
  • simply
  • medical
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Simply Writing by okqualitywriting
Simply Writingby okqualitywriting
Your guide to writing your way through life and publishing a bestseller Complete!
  • simply
  • write
  • books
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Quotes From Our Weird Group Chat by ErzaPanda4
Quotes From Our Weird Group Chatby Lord Pandaness
Funny group chat quotes by Erzapanda4, simply_calliope, Maddyccl, lax_jace, and other friends I don't really care about. Yes this group chat is real, and These quotes a...
  • quotes
  • spamgirl04
  • calliope
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What if Cristine adopted me? [Simply Nailogical Fan Fic] by satzuminsung
What if Cristine adopted me? [ (・∀・)
Introducing weird ass stories that are being written at 1am. Your welcome. Also this is inspired by some other fanfictions of the same idea :) credits to them Also the w...
  • holo
  • simplynailogical
  • meme
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Simply You by dannilynne
Simply Youby Danni
Life has been humdrum and empty for a while in Meredyth's case, dragging on as usual. Thank goodness she has her YouTube channel, something that brightens not only her m...
  • original
  • dan
  • character
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Shower Thoughts by ExquisitelyImperfect
Shower Thoughtsby Emily
These are just random things you think of, most of the time in the shower, because you're mind is open to think about whatever, hence the name. Some of these thing chang...
  • humor
  • funny
  • random
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Simply Sinful: Dark Desires by RemovingAllDoubt
Simply Sinful: Dark Desiresby Rei
Actual Summary COMING SOON This is the story after the story before the story got started... maybe... perhaps. WHO REALLY KNOWS
  • simply
  • preview
  • sinful
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BFs: Bestfriend or Boyfriend? by jessickah95
BFs: Bestfriend or Boyfriend?by jessickah95
cause a guy and a girl can be just friends. But at one point or another, they will fall for eachother. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time. Maybe too late, or may...
  • comment
  • annoying
  • jeremy
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SimplyNailogical Dictionary by bloomKlenot
SimplyNailogical Dictionaryby Known like Sarcast
Holo there, my fellow Holosexual or just random stranger :3 Here are some phrases that uses our favourite Nail Artist and strangers won't understand :3
  • art
  • dictionary
  • nail
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Simply Suicide by UrGreatestSiin
Simply Suicideby UrGreatestSiin
Fourteen year old Felicia has just been accepted into the school musical, Children of Eden. Its all fun in rehearsal, especially after she meets Devin. A twenty one year...
  • abuse
  • suicide
  • sexual
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Weapon by ihabfazzone25
Weaponby ihabfazzone25
May open one appear fifth in make over moved to. Every herb years replenish our. Fowl form fruit she'd, creepeth dry Fill. Every. Place without is without fruit Have...
  • hang
  • operation
  • company
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Heaven II ( George Squared ) by TheBasicOwl
Heaven II ( George Squared )by I'M LEAGALLY BLIND
!!!!!BOOK TWO!!!!! heav·en\ˈhe-vən\ noun : something that is very pleasant or good Ex: The king was in heaven as he spend the rest of his days with his knight in shining...
  • gay
  • gayshit
  • 1700s
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The Story Enigma by Midnightalready
The Story Enigmaby Midnightalready
Often I become obsessed with an idea or an event that cannot leave my brain until I write it out. This book is a collection of these writings. They are all vastly differ...
  • its
  • guy
  • story
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Movement by juninamelton29
Movementby juninamelton29
Land. Beginning said beginning Night they're also seasons replenish bearing whales won't from stars. Was brought given given, for fill second. That rule, good created...
  • death
  • dog
  • learn
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Simply An Outcast (boyxboy romance) by sardonically
Simply An Outcast (boyxboy romance)by Irene
You could say my life is a riddle. A sick, twisted, game of riddles. My best friend, I also know as my father, committed suicide when I was only six years old, leaving m...
  • love
  • simply
  • boys
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