simply sincere • a tronnor au ✔️ by frantafeels
simply sincere • a tronnor au ✔️by c
the one where connor's parents are divorced and troye is connor's stepsisters best friend.
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From Teens To Dreams | Demi Lovato by fxllinline
From Teens To Dreams | Demi Lovatoby — Britt
Ever thought about your dreams? Ever thought about what life can bring to you? Ever thought about talking to someone you normally don't talk to? Ever helped someone who...
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Dramione by booksnooksandcoffee
Dramioneby booksnooksandcoffee
It is the year after the war, and all the 7th years are invited back to Hogwarts, so that they can graduate. Hermione Harry Ginny and Ron all go back to the burrow for t...
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Quotes From Our Weird Group Chat by ErzaPanda4
Quotes From Our Weird Group Chatby Lord Pandaness
Funny group chat quotes by Erzapanda4, simply_calliope, Maddyccl, lax_jace, and other friends I don't really care about. Yes this group chat is real, and These quotes a...
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Remedy by simply-lee
Remedyby lee.
From bad people, worse parents, and a best friend, Ivy's life isn't exactly a walk in the park. She deals with things No one should have to deal with. She's beat up, str...
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Simply Love  (S.R) by marystylinsonmaine
Simply Love (S.R)by marystylinsonmaine
Ed es un joven Galés de 21 años,recien mudado a Manchester,de una familia de clase alta cuyo padre estricto lo obliga a estudiar medicina... Mick es un joven de 20 años...
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Yeemo Memes by That-Repressed-Yeemo
Yeemo Memesby Chemical Rose
Meme's I've found, I've made for fanfics I'm writing , and just memes I've made
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SimplyNailogical Dictionary by bloomKlenot
SimplyNailogical Dictionaryby Known like Sarcast
Holo there, my fellow Holosexual or just random stranger :3 Here are some phrases that uses our favourite Nail Artist and strangers won't understand :3
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Simply Me by TheCheshireCatt
Simply Meby "Saving people. Hunting thing...
This is just a book about me. I'll tell you things that'll either make you hate me or fall in love with me (duh😂). Read at your own risk because I'm pretty weird.
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What if Cristine adopted me? [Simply Nailogical Fan Fic] by satzuminsung
What if Cristine adopted me? [ (・∀・)
Introducing weird ass stories that are being written at 1am. Your welcome. Also this is inspired by some other fanfictions of the same idea :) credits to them Also the w...
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