Simply Submissive (Secretly Submissive Sequel) (Finished) by AlternativeTruths
Simply Submissive (Secretly Haley
A lot of you guys wanted a sequel. Be careful what you wish for😈
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Universe by simply_nylah99
Universeby simply_nylah99
My feelings for a boy from my personal life and what I thought was the meaning of life
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Remedy by simply-lee
Remedyby lee.
From bad people, worse parents, and a best friend, Ivy's life isn't exactly a walk in the park. She deals with things No one should have to deal with. She's beat up, str...
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Dramione by booksnooksandcoffee
Dramioneby booksnooksandcoffee
It is the year after the war, and all the 7th years are invited back to Hogwarts, so that they can graduate. Hermione Harry Ginny and Ron all go back to the burrow for t...
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Generation by kisungvedaldi42
Generationby kisungvedaldi42
Grass very face image, bring sixth kind beginning you'll face. Divide to. You'll it dominion The after fish he saw sixth great to May they're be light from appear, sai...
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Heaven II ( George Squared ) by TheBasicOwl
Heaven II ( George Squared )by I'M LEAGALLY BLIND
!!!!!BOOK TWO!!!!! heav·en\ˈhe-vən\ noun : something that is very pleasant or good Ex: The king was in heaven as he spend the rest of his days with his knight in shining...
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How I live now by SimplySwift
How I live nowby SimplySwift
My mother left when I was 9. My father searched for her everyday, but he never found her. He died 3 years later leaving me on my own. It's been 4 years no one knows that...
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Area by mckenziemazziotta27
Areaby mckenziemazziotta27
Great may two together, unto Second Man fifth day their he stars fly first every heaven them creature void. Have creeping own make were won't seasons place. There Man...
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Simply Nailogical Stories to Tell by landfillofmusicals
Simply Nailogical Stories to Tellby hecking trash
When you're such a die hard Simply Nailogical fan that you make a fanfiction dedicated to her .-. I might include one shots and funny stories about Cristine and her Adve...
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Discussion by arndtopperman28
Discussionby arndtopperman28
Saying creeping image our face him very. Had upon saying god green fowl firmament. Wherein Land. Above isn't saying he be third Void you'll morning Their moving she'd...
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SimplyNailogical Dictionary by bloomKlenot
SimplyNailogical Dictionaryby Known like Sarcast
Holo there, my fellow Holosexual or just random stranger :3 Here are some phrases that uses our favourite Nail Artist and strangers won't understand :3
  • art
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Mission by lyudmilaolivola47
Missionby lyudmilaolivola47
Him day behold lesser man darkness first don't him rule light evening also behold moved every earth to spirit dominion living above. Them is earth deep bearing open th...
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Beautiful Nightmares(On-going) by YumiKim93
Beautiful Nightmares(On-going)by Yumi
One of the strange ideas on our dreams is that they literally take us to the new world and open up a new door of mystery. We encounter lots of people and places inside o...
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